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    Hi, i come from Germany and since a while i use HeroMachine to create the Characters from my fantasy story.
    I create a fantasy story since 15 years and now she get better and better.

    My characters doesnt get special background and such things, i only make the look of the character sure.

    A lot times i edit created Pictures with Paint to make them better. Here are the first characters.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    First one is Charles Keros. Half human, half elve. He is one of the kings of the fantasyworld from me.
    I use paint to bring more scars on. The destroyed eye and the burn wound, too.

    The next one is Biira-Gorn, a guy with Wrestling Style from a race i invented myself. He is 2,31 meters big.
    The fur is maked with chinhair. The tiger stripes are maked with Paint. This was hard work. I wanted to give him a Elvis-Haircut, but with HeroMachine it wasnt possible.

    The last one is black female power. Namiél. A elvian lady with crystal eyes.
    On her right shoulder is a tattoo (a green phoenix). For here i doenst needed paint. You want to know how i make those eyes? I use empty eyes and make a small circle with insignias. The circle is the iris. Biira-Gorn the same, but his catlike eyes are maked with two belts for every eye.

    I hope you like them. I used several hours time to make them as good i can do. When you like them, i think i show off my other characters. Thanks.



    Hello there in the forum.

    Great start keep going.



    Thanks. I think i need a while, but i think i will bring more pictures and make the contests, too.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen nach HeroMachine! I like Charles’ armor. If he has a story, I would like to read it (in English oder Deutsch).



    Well, he isn’t the protagonist, so it should be no problem to tell his story. I write it in both languages.

    Charles Keros is the King of Targos. He was one of the three scholars of the legendary King and Sharii-Warrior Jacob B. Teach.
    He maybe looks like an enemy, but he isn’t.
    When he was young, he was thinkin’ about beauty. He get the mind, that beauty is overrated. I doesn’t matter how he looks, it only matters what he does. So he fight and fight and fight and get a incredible strong aura of Shadora (Magic Energy), the biggest on the world. He walked back to Targos, where he was borned and his parents and siblings was slaughtered by the soldiers of the corrupt King. He attacked this Kingdom alone. And single-handedly he defeated the whole army. While this happen his left eye and ear was cutted, if he hasnt his right ear, the people maybe would doesnt seen that he has elvian blood. His left Faceside was burned. And he got a lot of scars and lost the most of his hair (thats why he shaved it).
    Now he looks like a human devil, but he his a strong and juster King.

    Now in german:

    Charles Keros ist der König von Targos. Er war einer der drei Schüler des legendären Königs und Sharii-Kriegers Jacob B. Teach. Auch wenn er wie ein Bösewicht aussehen mag, so ist er es nicht.
    Als er jung war, dachte er über Schönheit nach. Er kam zur Meinung, dass Schönheit überbewertet sei. Es wäre egal wie er ausschaut, wichtig sei nur wie er handelt. Also kämpfte er immer, immer und immer wieder und bekam eine Aura aus Shadora (magische Energie), welche die stärkste auf der Welt wurde.
    Er ging zurück nach Targos, seiner Heimat, wo seine Eltern und Geschwister von den Soldaten des korrupten Königs ermordet wurden. Er griff das Königreich an, alleine. Im Alleingang vernichtete er die gesamte Armee wurde aber schwer verwundet. Sein linkes Auge und linkes Ohr wurden zerstört. Hätte er sein rechtes Ohr nicht, würd man wohl nicht erkennen dass er elfisches Blut in sich trägt. Seine linke Gesichtshälfte hat eine Brandwunde und er hat viele Narben, ausserdem verlor er sein meistes Haar und rasierte sich danach komplett kahl.
    Nun sieht er aus wie ein menschlicher Teufel, aber ist ein gerechter und starker König.

    Oh yeah, the clothes are in the colours of the flag from Targos. The black bird is the symbol of the country (and is on the flag, too). In my story every king uses the colours of his country.



    Welcome to the forums.

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