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    So I’m new to this hero machine thing but i think i like it. But I’m wondering how all you guys get such dynamic poses, i can only seem to do straight forward poses like these. Any ideas?









    Welcome Drewzer001. Firstly I can’t see your images, did you post links or add them as attachments.  Secondly posing is mostly trial and error, most of the time it will look bad, but it helps to have reference pictures. I like to use reference pictures because you can see the pose and where each body part needs to be and how big each needs to be.  The one thing I will say is don’t limit yourself to only the body parts and items your given – you can use heads for so many things, like thighs and shoulders. Personally I would look in the custom items archive section at other people’s poses and get some inspiration and I’m sure there are some posing tutorials too. Finally don’t despair if your final outcome doesn’t look how you pictured, start adding clothes and you will be able to cover up gaps and imperfections.  And if you don’t know how to already, learn how to mask as it is a life saver when posing as you can’t always just re-position and rotate  the given items.

    Oh and look up JR’s character building tutorials, they should be on the main blog page, they are really helpful and I learned a lot.

    Happy Machining!



    Welcome to the forums.

    As Skoul said, your images aren’t showing up, not through any fault of your own, it’s a glitch the forums are having that we’re trying to get sorted out. In the mean time I would suggest uploading your pictures to another picture hosting site (such as DeviantArt or Photobucket) and then posting the links to the pictures in the insert image box on the top bar of the reply box, that way usually works from my experience.

    As for poses and stuff like that, it is all practice. There are a few tutorials around in the forums Tips, Tricks, How-To’s and Guides section and a number of custom poses for you to take a look at in the Custom Item Archive if you so wish. Personally, I prefer to work on the character, rather than try and make an awesome pose, because I’m not that great at posing either.

    Anyway, please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already, and if you have any questions just ask, the community is very friendly and helpful and you should get an answer from someone.



    Welcome, Drewzer001! A little bit of advice for posting to forums: Try and try again with doing attachments, or if you have your pictures already uploaded somewhere else, link them here. As for poses, pretty much what Skoul said. Something I always do is model the pose myself while looking in a mirror, though that often limits me when I’m trying to do a male pose.



    Thanks for the advice folks! Also i posted them on deviant art, here are the links. Hopefully they work.






    I know this isn’t what you’re after, but I have to say, poses or no poses those pictures are excellent!  They have so much detail and Anna’s expression goes so well with her pose.  (I struggle with faces in HM myself.)

    If you’re new to this then you’ve learnt how to get the best out of it very fast.  You’ll probably get the hang of posing characters equally fast with a bit of trial and error.  There are threads with examples of unusual poses in various places on this forum – there are some in “How Do I?” (within the Art Gallery section), and in other parts of the Art Gallery section too.  I found that trying to copy those, and then dressing them differently to make my own figures, helped me a lot.

    Edit:  Oh, and I’ve just found this thread:  http://www.heromachine.com/forums/topic/articulated-man-by-sean-david-ross/ That not only has some good examples, but also explains in detail how he arrived at them.


    Herr D

    It sounds like you also wanted to know how we come to the ideas of posing. There are a lot of published comics out there, and action movies, etc. Speaking for myself, I decide on the content of the picture before I start, so I know why the characters are posed at all. I know what each character is doing, saying, thinking, and where in each action they are. So if something is blowing up, only the clueless, suicidal, showoff, insane, or invulnerable is standing casually. Besides canned poses you can use or copy from Google searches, it helps if you’ve actually been IN the pose. My little ones have a laughfest when I’m testing out poses or half-posing and bending around to look at myself. Just don’t injure yourself.

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