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    Hey! Long time lurker, just wanna create and share some portraits of the characters in my current tabletop RPG campaign.

    The setting is basically Frank Miller’s Sin City crossed with Orwell’s 1984. Sprinkle in some 1950’s Soviet Moscow and you’ll have a decent view of what the PC are dealing with.

    Anyway, here’s the first PC created for the story: Tarina Messer

    A private detective/hired gun who is willing to work with the police and the mob alike. You do not want to get on her bad side, and you really, really shouldn’t mess with her car. It tends to get blown up. And she tends to go on a rampage in response.


    Michael Chiarcos

    Nice work. She’s obviously a taller than average girl and the gritty scarring reminds me of Valentina Koslova from The Jackal. I like the colour scheme. I like the style. The only issue I have is that she appears to have a head and neck that is slightly too small for her frame. Almost like the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K Did you maintain the scale ratio when you enlarged her frame?

    For example, take a look at my ‘Larger than Normal’ character

    A few Old Ideas, a Few New Ideas

    Let me know if you agree.




    Welcome to the forums! Also I like her, she’s got character.



    @ Michael

    Yeah, I definitely made her look too tall in relation to her head. Will shrink her frame before applying shading. Or embiggen her head.

    @ Vampyrist

    Thank you! She certainly is a character. A pretty fucked up character, to be honest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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