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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Hi, Nighthawk. Loving these character concepts, and the costume designs themselves are great! Keep it up.



    Hi Guys. Im struggling for new ideas at the moment so please can you post any ideas for a character for me to create and I will pick the best/ most interesting idea. Please post either a name of a hero or a type of hero you would like to see created. Cheers, Hawk.




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    Some good stuff here. I don’t have any specific ideas but back when I was creating a lot of different characters, I would think about other heroes that they could be paired with or re-imagine ones from comics. Also coming up with back stories for your characters can lead to more creations. You could also create villains for your heroes and vice versa. Since you like poses, find a pose you like and create it in HM, then maybe an idea will come to you.



    I second CantDraw’s suggestions and I’ll add that I like to look through the items and imagine how they could be used to represent something completely different or combined to create something new and build a character around that idea.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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