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    This is a brand new contest. I really hope that people will participate in this contest. Every week, a post that is made by me and, if I think anyone else will be a serious administrator, will describe a character. An example, and first contest, will be given at the end of this. The forum rules apply, but each person needs to understand that there will be alot of similar elements in each submission. I am openly looking for “administrators” for this contest to help with judging.

    One thing need to be made clear is I will not ask for any kind of copyright characters. I will simply give, for the most part, general descriptions, mostly just the occupation, gender and his activities. I won’t describe what they’re wearing, but if they have a deficiency, I’ll tell about that. There isn’t any reason to put them in the situation they are described in, i.e. I may say they’re sitting at a bar, but that doesn’t mean you have to show them sitting at a bar. None will be completely human and there will be supernatural elements to them in some way.

    With that, this contest will begin.


    There’s a man. He’s sitting on a park bench reading the paper. He loves to read the paper in moments like these. He’s calm for now, his headphones in his ears listening to his classical rock songs. After a while, after another man enters the park and sits beside him, he sits up and reaches into his pocket, setting the paper down. “Hey buddy, you got a light?” he asked, pulling a cigarette from his pocket. The other man leaned over to light it for him, but the cigarette suddenly shifted to a set of handcuffs, wrapping it around the wrist. He picked the man up and cuffed him behind his back. “Who are you?” the second man asked. The first man smirked a bit and spoke again. “I’m a bounty hunter.”


    In this, you can make the hunter or the hunted, or both. Your choice. Let it begin. I want you to picture what these two could have looked like and then give it to me. You’re more than welcome to put whatever you’d like in this photo.

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