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    I see the ability to choose sleeveless and sleeved variations of dresses, along with the ability to remove the bottom. What I want is to have the full top without the full bottom.

    Here’s a simple (and sloppy) example of what I would like.

    Any ideas? Using a single body piece for this is definitely not helping. Individual pieces for the “toned” body parts don’t seem to be available either.



    Hello, Street, yes, for the toned body,  a toned tummy, and arms can be added to a standard body to make a toned body.

    I have also taken the full dress, and use a circle to cut it down, this is called masking, and you can find the masking button (I circled it in red) under the transform tab (I circled the tabs in green)

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    I’m well aware of masking, but I can’t seem to replicate what you’re doing. Either the circle is put on the dress or it disappears. This third possibility doesn’t want to work for me.



    @Streetwise- Are you masking the dress to the circle or the circle to the dress? It sounds like you’re doing the later. The way masking works is that the item you currently have selected is the item that will be masked onto the item you click with the masking tool. If you have an insignia selected and you click on a top with the masking tool you’re going to mask that insignia to that top (it’s how you get patterns on clothing items). However, if you do it the other way round (have the top selected and click on the insignia with the masking tool) the top should only show within that insignia, as in keric’s demonstration. That’s the only thing I can think of that might be going wrong. The top might be disappearing because you have the insignia layered above the top, in which case just move the insignia to the back most layer (or set the alpha to 0% in the colour tab on all three colours), or the insignia is positioned in a place that the top isn’t (e.g. the top is in its default position and the insignia is off past the left arm or something like that). I haven’t heard of any masking bugs that cause items to disappear when masked so those are the only things I know of that would be causing that problem.

    Hope this helps.

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