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    Nix Nefarium- Badass zombie survivor, leader of a elitist hierarchy, who hunts down people, and judges them as evil, and murders them.

    Wish- a clay golem who constantly roams the desert, trying to find a mountain, so she may look upon the world in peace.

    Aertles Seascape- A Lawful Evil level 20 treant cavalier who is the military leader of a giant empire led by a death lich.

    Ado- A giant charactrice, and is the mount for AertleSeascape.

    Aquar Ellier- A level 7 Inquisitor traveling around the world to spread influence in the world and great a government, under his law.

    Adgue the owl lord- A owl lord…. idk.. I got bored.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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