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    Cool character! The only thing is that I think you may be uploading them too big. But good job!



    So, finally posting the last member of the 3 Stooges, hope you enjoy! Lot’s of story to post, so it’ll be at the bottom. Also, I’ll post the extra versions of Daisy right after this (if my internet doesn’t get weird).


    Her name was Scarlett, however her new name is Daisy, and she is the one person has Smiley has anything remotely close to a “relationship” with. She’s essentially another version of him; inspired by villains in comics and film, with a twisted sense of humor and theatricality, and completely void of all real emotions (i.e. a psychopath like him). The only real reason the two of them seem to be emoting at all is the fact that in making themselves “crazy” they’ve developed a sort of character they play. They aren’t really in love with each other, they are really finding humor in anything, they’ve just gotten really into the ‘character’ they’re playing, and as such can be both emotionless and have a sense of humor and “romance”. Though I’ll note the humor ‘feels’ real, while the love is more like a game they play with each other. At the end of the day they would both likely just leave the other behind if it came down to it (although; I’m no sure if they would go so far as to really betray one another, so maybe in some small way at least they feel it’s better to preserve the only other person anything like them).

    Daisy, like Scythe and Smiley, has totally abandoned her original name (okay, Scythe maybe not so much). She takes her title from the red daisy on her hat (given to her as part of her Smiley themed costume). She met Smiley at a shady night club where Smiley was looking for new goons. Well, technically she met him out back. She found herself out side in lot behind the building. There was an attempted mugging, but she turned the tables, gleefully killing her attackers. Smiley (who had watched the incident) saw an opportunity and made an offer.

    She didn’t need much convincing to join his gang and, in no time at all, became a significant member of the group, going above and beyond expectations as far as brutality, efficiency, and… “Work ethic” (i.e. the sadistic love of death and blood). Smiley quickly took a liking to her and as the she would continually proves herself to be as crazy as he was, they started a “relationship” (I can’t stress enough the quotes on that). Soon after that she was made the official #2, and Scythe was pushed down to #3 (much to his displeasure and insult). Smiley quickly dubbed the trio “The 3 Stooges” (a reference, of course, to Larry, Moe and Curly) and with that began something of a job change for the gang. Smiley made a name for the group robbing banks, and in the process full filling something of a personal fantasy; resurrecting the classy ‘gangster’ image (as opposed to a ‘gangsta’).

    From there “The 3 Stooges” (and always changing team of goons) performed a series of robberies and murders (both for there own pleasure and for hire by various criminal organizations), but in a sense they had left their “roots” (simply killing) for a more theatrical lifestyle. These things (and the events of the “Rough Day” story arc) are what led Scythe to try and kill Smiley and take over the group. It was a failed attempt, and it could be said the Smiley definitely “got back to his roots”.

    With the disruption of the “gang” and the death of Scythe, Smiley and Daisy went there separate ways. Though they did stay in contact (and often got together for various crimes) they didn’t really get back together until Smiley reformed the 3 Stooges with a new member…



    Here’s a few alternatives for Daisy…

    Overcoat :


    “Rough Day” :




    And one more for Daisy (I know it’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s sort of supposed to be; I think this one sort of says something about her personality).

    “Pinup” :




    And now, I’m leaving.

    Peace Out!



    She looks like she is dressed for a party. Great job.



    thank you sir, Smile.


    I like your Daisies! Especially the overcoated one.



    Thank General!



    Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted anything in while, I’ve been busy with Minecraft. Anyways, I was working on a project in Minecraft and I ended up making this thing for a painting. It’s my Minecraft skin not all pixel-ly. The name: King Nemo McToad (though there are no actual connections to fogs or toads.)




    Was toying around with how you could make a furry character/fursona with HM3. This is what I came up with as an experiment.
    If you know furry stuff at all, leave a comments on possible improvements and such. (keep it mind I made this in like 10 minutes sooo… yeah.)




    Well, purely from a design perspective, the wings are too high. They look like they meet the body at the base of his skull rather than at the shoulders, so maybe move them down a bit. Apart from that, I’ve got nothing else really. Not a huge fan of the red feathers and tail stripes when they aren’t seen anywhere else on the body (excluding the hair, which could have been dyed), but that’s up to you, design preference and all.



    THNX. I noticed that bit with the wings as soon as I posted it, and I was just like “blaggghhhh, R U kidding me?” but it was to late, so wat-evs. The rest is pretty much just noodling around. I’m thinking of posting a couple other of these furry-esque creations just for the heck of it.



    Here are a couple more experimental furries.






    So, the other day I noticed all the new mouth that were up and I thought “This is great! Screw my math homework I’ve got to mess with these,” So I got head and then I though “well, my experiment would look odd without a body, better add one… hmmm might as well adjust while I’m at it…” Then I put the face on and thought “It would be hard to really get feel for the face if it’s stark white… better color it… green is nice…” Point is what started as a random experiment quickly evolved into full blown character with a whole little concept and everything. Anyways, I just finished the two versions and thought, well she’s kinda cute, I’ll post her.

    I really don’t think the first version is that in appropriate, but I don’t wanna take to big a risk, so I’ll just a few variations and if the others get removed I’ll still have the “censored” version up.

    So I’ll put them up in a separate post.

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