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    Selena, Queen of the Lunar Warrior Tribe



    Dino I have to say I have been really lovin’ this series of characters you’ve been belting out lately!But I have to give a bit of critisizn(only because I am missing it)pose variety.I love your pose template i just miss some of the other poses .Anyway just an honest observation.But Damn they really have been top notch!


    I hate to disappoint you Scatman, but my entry for Blue Blazer’s redesign contest still uses the same old pose. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif But you’re right. I should try to mix it up a little more.






    Selena is awesome!



    Cool, very nice job.




    This is the leader of a superhero team I’m working on.

    Real Name: John Bishop
    Known Alias: Mind Master, Agent 024
    Abilities/Skills: Telepathy, experienced hand-to-hand combatant, expert marksman, tactician
    Even though he didn’t have any superhuman abilities, John Bishop was one of I.DE.A.’s most successful agents. He made many enemies over the years. One of those was the genius, but absolutely insane, neuro-scientist Dr. Atticus Cerveaux.
    On what was to be a routine surveillance mission, Bishop was captured and tortured by the diabolical madman. Cerveaux used a lot of experimental devices in his quest for vengeance. One of those unlocked a dormant part of Bishop’s mind, allowing him to read other people’s thoughts. Using these newfound skills he was able to overcome Cerveaux.
    However, I.D.E.A. is one of the most secretive agencies in the world and they weren’t too happy to have a mind reader running around their facilities. Bishop was discharged on some technicalities.
    Not one to sit idly by when there was work to be done, Bishop became the masked adventurer Mind Master.
    When the Vaecor Dominion invaded earth, Bishop assembled a team to meet the threat head on. The team would become the legendary Infinity League.



    I for sure would’nt mess round’ with that guy in a dark alley!mean character and cool backstory!


    Thanks Scatman. I’m working on the second member of the team, DynaSteel. A superhero with lightning and magnetism based powers. But I’m having trouble with the color scheme. Any thoughts?




    I feel maybe gold and red or gold black and red,That’s just me.Great pose might have to steal that…?yes maybe?Laugh


    Thanks, I’ll try one of those. The pose is actually based on your Dark Swarm. So I stole that from you Wink



    haha!I didn’t even see it!And I stole it from ams!funny!poses by ams to be exact.We are all connected!


    And here he is. In his very shiny armor. I’ve also renamed him. He’s now called DynaZone

    Real Name: Leon Lassiter
    Known Aliases: DynaZone, Zero
    Abilities/Skills: expert hacker, electrokinesis, magnetic field manipulation
    Leon Lassiter was the hacker only known as ‘Zero’. He made himself guilty of every computer crime known to man. However, he bit of more than he could chew when he stole millions of dollars from a company that, unkown to Lassiter, was controlled by the Russian mob.
    Soon Lassiter found himself on the run from the ruthless mobsters, hell-bent on getting their money back. In his desperation he turned to a power-broker, shady scientists who alter the genetic make-up of their customers for exorbitant sums of money.
    He gained the power to generate huge amounts of electricity. This brought him on the I.D.E.A’s radar. They approached Lassiter and offered him in job. In return they would make his little problem with the mob go away.
    For a few years everything went well. He gained a better understanding of his powers and discovered that he could also manipulate magnetic fields. Coupled with his hacking skills, this made him a very accomplished field agent. However, Lassiter became increasingly suspicious of I.D.E.A’s operations. When they ousted one of their top agents on seemingly inconsequential grounds, he started an investigation.
    Sadly, his actions were discovered and he was forced to once again go on the run. When the Dominion invaded he was approached by Bishop to join the Infinity League.
    In the aftermath of the final battle, the league had gained a lot of popularity and support from both the government and the common people, forcing I.D.E.A to give up their manhunt for the time being.


    Back story:
    Real Name: Marie Duprez
    Known Aliases: B-Sting, Black Bee
    Abilities/Skills: flight, enhanced agility and speed, superstrength, enhanced senses, accelerated healing
    French native Marie Duprez was a sickly child. Allergic to almost everything, she was forced to live her life inside an immaculately clean room. The worst allergy she had, was one for bee stings.
    At fourteen she was selected to be part of a clinical trial that would increase her immune system. Miraculously, her allergies disappeared completely. The family moved to the United States because Marie would still have to be treated on a monthly basis to sustain the effect of the formula.
    Two years later, Marie was living like a normal teenager. But her life changed drastically when she came home after one of her monthly treatments and got stung by a bee. With so much of the formula in her system, Marie had a severe reaction. Her body was altered at a genetic level, incorporating DNA of the bee that stung. She grew wings and gained abilities commonly associated with bees. She was examined by her doctors, but the process was irreversible.
    The creators of the formula thought they had struck gold. A fast and complication free process to create superhuman abilities would certainly make them a lot of money. But for those aspirations to come through, they needed to examine Marie more closely. A process which involved a lot invasive procedures and that was something her parents simply wouldn’t consent.
    Not to be discouraged by something as insignificant as parental love, the doctors tried to kidnap Marie one day after school. In the ensuing fight, Marie’s best friend was caught in the crossfire and died.
    Vowing to never again let anyone suffer at the hands of greedy men, Marie began her one-girl war against crime.
    Her high school graduation was rudely interrupted by the invading forces of the Dominion. Heeding the telepathic call of Bishop, Marie snuck out and joined the Infinity League.

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