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    When building a female character, I don’t see the catalog for the female left hands. Options for standard and zombies, but no female hands.

    Actually, looking further into the matter, there are lots of catalogs that don’t have female counterparts. It doesn’t look like it’s possible to build many female characters at all, with the exception of their heads, bodies, faces, and hair.




    The Atomic Punk

    Correct, there are presently no Items for LeftHand > Female. Easiest way is to flip or rotate a RightHand or re-size a Male Hand (80% – 90% works well).

    Jeff Hebert, HeroMachine’s creator, admits to not being able to draw female anatomy so well. The omission was also a shortcut to speed the release of Version 3. Perhaps in an upcoming release, Jeff will add the Items.



    Jeff plans on converting all the items for males into female equivalents but it is likely to be a slow process. At present flipping or re-sizing items as Atomic punk has stated above is the way to go to make female characters such as this one:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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