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    Hey everyone! New to the forums and about a week into using HM. Wanted to share my wrestler creations in case anyone ever needed them. Some info: I play a role playing wrestling game called Wild World Wrestling. My federation plays online and we needed headshots for play tokens and also to make our website look real spiffy.

    I’m not sure if everyone here is a ‘purist’ or not, but I do use Photoshop for backgrounds, blur, burn, and dodge for skin highlights, as well as the occasional filter for special effects. Here are some of my creations.

    This is my favorite character so far. Ricky “Convict” Cunningham, once sentenced to life without parole for killing a man with his bare hands at a Costco “Black Friday” sale, was released due to state budget cutbacks and has now found an outlet for his rage within the federation. (He just beat a lot of people up last night aided by the hottest dice you’ve ever seen. Good times.) Photoshop used for skin highlights and shadows plus the background.

    This is Phobia. He’s rumored to be the ghost of a former wrestler and loyal good guy. His head seems a little small for 6’8″, but I imagine he just has his head down. Photoshop used for lighting and background.

    This guy is unnamed and unused, but I like the masked look so I made him. Again, Photoshop used for lighting and background.

    This is Daniel Wright, “The Canadian Sensation.” Specifically, he’s from Newfoundland and carries a lacrosse stick to matches. This is my second attempt a 3/4 view using the tutorial I found here on HM. Thanks for that. Photoshop for lighting and background.

    Like Daniel Wright, this guy was created for another player who claimed to have no artistic ability and asked us for help. This is the 8-bit Luchador, an aerialist obsessed with Nintendo games. His character is a nice guy and I wanted to give him something more fitting to the character. I started with an anime-style, using Photoshop for highlights and background. Then I ran it through a filter to give it that classic look.


    This is actually the first wrestler I made with HM. Shaemus McGuinness is a 4’9″ Irish-American aerialist known as “The Flying Leprechaun.” After years of pain killer and performance enhancing drug abuse, McGuinness now truly believes he is the gimmick he used to find so offensive.

    That’s what I have for now.



    Cool utilization of PS and i like the faces. Did i see Rocky there? :)



    @prswirve said:

    Cool utilization of PS and i like the faces. Did i see Rocky there?

    Thanks. HM is great for me because I’m really bad at drawing, but decent with PS for coloring and shading.

    The Stalone look was unintentional at first, but about 75% of the way through, I decided to embrace it.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, Melvin! Great profiles. As far as Photoshop, they are your creations, so whatever you want to do with them is up to you. However, thank you for the courtesy of letting everyone know that you touched them up with another program. If you decide to enter your characters in a HeroMachine contest, yes, they need to be 100% HeroMachine. Enjoy!



    Welcome to the forums. I agree with Atomic Punk, thank for the heads up about the PS work. It is nice to know because a lot of people break down the characters to see how you did it, this helps people learn more about HM.



    Some more creations:
    Gabriel Williams, aka “That 70’s Freak,” an athletic maneuver specialist with a major focus on boogieing the night away. Blur, shading and background done with Photoshop.
    Apocalypse is a humongous power wrestler and an all-around evil dude. Blur, shading and background done with Photoshop.
    The King of the freak show circuit, King Clawhammer is… well he wears a crab outfit. Photoshop for blur, shading, background, and plastic wrap filter.
    Fantasy wrestling wouldn’t be complete without a hockey mask wearing psychopath. Mark Mayhem is a former mixed martial arts star in exile, with a healthy dose of violent crazy. A full battery of Photoshop including filters, transparent layers, background, etc.
    An unnamed and unused wrestler. Tons of Photoshop.
    Zane Parker, a crazy aerialist and tag team expert. He’s not a good guy or a bad guy, he just looks funny. You know by now I use lots of Photoshop.



    Another round of wrestlers to add. Again, all backgrounds and many effects and touch ups are done using PS.
    Abyssal Warrior: An NPC wrestler who wants to become the messenger of the apocalypse.
    Christopher Whelt: A boxer turned mixed martial artist turned professional wrestler from London.
    Oznah: A disgraced ninja in exile.
    Four random wrestlers.


    Alexander Killborne, “Zen”: A young wrestler obsessed with Eastern philosophy. Has an incredible advantage of knowing what his opponents will do next… or at least force them to do something risky because they fear he’ll know what they’re going to do next.
    Maria Moxy: A talented (and sometimes vicious) manager and business woman, Moxy is an expert in contract negotiations and distractions.

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