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    I’m currently making a character with an exotic bird theme, and I’d like to give her rainbow-colored wings. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?


    Herr D

    Somewhat. DiCicatriz has a few things like that and he or JR made a tutorial of it, I think. Somewhere in Background/ Shapes are some gradient rectangles. Mask a few of those to multiple transparent copies of the same wings. You might lay out the rectangles and color them before you start masking and re-layering.



    Ok, here’s how I do it. Other people may have different ways, but this is the way I find easiest. This tutorial was made because someone asked about colour-blending on clothing, but it works on any item you want as long as you can get the sizing right.

    1.Pick out the item you like, then go to backgrounds- shapes and on the last page should be a gradient rectangle (there is also one on the last page of the patterns list). Make the outline of the rectangle invisible and colour to preference
    2.Size your first rectangle to cover the amount of the dress you want it to (bearing in mind we will be adding more of these rectangles as we go along, so you may end up coming back and resizing them later). Then bring the rectangle to the front and mask it to the item.
    3. Make sure you have multiple selection activated on both items you are using (in this case background and female tops- dresses) and make multiple copies of the item you are masking to. Then using the gradient rectangles create the colour blend. Move each rectangle so they line up with the one below (you will usually have to make the bottom rectangle the top layer so as to make the blend as neat as possible).
    4. Repeat step 3 until you have covered the item. You can then make adjustments, such as moving the rectangles or resizing them to make the blend fit better. For this dress I added the collar by adding the separate top of that dress and making the main dress colour transparent.



    As an alternate way you can make an out of 7 individual items and color each one a different color.(i.e. the flower)


    ryan reeves

    Still learning some few ideas, and every projects done, I make sure to have it reprinted in digital copies for my references.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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