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    What is it Section 0? It’s a secret organization that protects the entire multiverse from the destruction: it was founded in 2090 from a group of scientists. After 200 years, now they must prevent a “black level reality failure”: which it means find the method for activate the artifact, the only thing that could save everything.

    Here the first character:
    Name: Judith Hudnall
    Born: 2256/12/01, Noctis City, Mars
    Current Job: Boss of the Section 0
    Short bio: Judith Hudnall was born in Noctis City. When she born, she aquired the power to cast energy bolts: we presume, after some exams on her DNA, that the origin of her power came from the “artifact incident” on Mars in 2256 (please see the 256/a1 report.) . After 10 years as researcher, now she is the boss of the section 0.

    [IN CONSTRUCTION], by the way: i am writing some ideas on SCP Sandbox. If you want i can put the link in this post.



    Nice work, welcome to the forums. Please that time to read the forum rules and have a great time using HM.


    The Atomic Punk

    And a good start with backstory. What grabs my attention is the blue gun and blue armband against the red and yellow energy contrasting against the grey shirt and jacket. Though she is missing a mid-section / pants. I like the concept and execution of the design overall. The contrast and color-scheme work well together. They add to her story.



    @LuciferSam_86 said: “level black reality failure”

    That doesn’t sound very pleasant at all…

    Cool design and backstory! I agree with Atomic Punk, perhaps you should consider adding trousers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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