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    I came to the Hero Machine website today and when it loaded all of my previous saves are missing. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I have no desire to recreate the 100+/- lost ones. Many thanks.



    it could be you cleared your browser’s history! personally, i don’t save on the program itself but i did save the text file and the image file into my personal hard drive…



    This may or may not help


    I would suggest always saving a copy of the text file ( Click on the save button, then on the text tab and copy the text there into your favorite text editing/word processor program and save it ) This will allow you to reload the character at anytime you wish by pasting the that text back into the program. ( Click Load, the text tab and paste into that box )



    yeah that is probably what did it. flash update. well now comes the daunting task of recreating the files from my screen shots and then saving the text files. thanks for the help.



    Ouch. I’m sorry. That happened to me a few months ago.



    Happens to me about once a week…luckily, I wised up after about the second time it happened, and I now make sure I save everything on text if I want to keep it longer than a single session.



    I appreciate this post. Explains alot…



    ALWAYS save text files!! FLASH updates are the arch-enemies of HEROMACHINE! Burned me once……still hurts.



    I’ve got like 4 text files saved…. the rest are just gone. Its got me not even wanting to play anymore. I’m slowly getting over it. Thanks for the advice!



    So this is my last positive comment for a while but this also not so positive.

    I see too a lot of dude don’t know how working the flash. I use hm3 like 3 years and never lost any save. Never. I update operation system, reinstall operation system.

    I see save your stuff for text, so this is a *expletive* [language, thank you from a moderator]
    who have time to save one hunder txt or rtf files. There is a more easier and practical way.


    and after the search


    Use a total or any other this type of program. Goes for your documentum folder and search the little word for “heromachine” not a hard objective. You find your hm stuffs. I always copy for an security save folder after when i finish a picture. If you have any problem you easily copy back your characters and this not that big like the txt files.

    Hope this help to solve this mistery of the “save everything for text” effect.




    thank you mr. positive, you can be helpful without being rude you know, some people may not have been doing this as long as you and may do things differently/ use a different operating system, lots of different things. Please take that into consideration before being rude.

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