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    First, let me rave about how awesome HeroMachine3 is and how wonderful it is that the creators allow us to use it online for free.  Thank you!!  You are a life saver for this artistically deficient person.  Thanks to you, I can come approximate the visions in my mind and make my school projects rock!

    So, I created 3 characters last night and started a 4th.  Overnight I thought about some tweaks I wanted to make to my characters, starting with trying to create the 4th from a template in hopes of the templates including predefined Asian  characters.  I launched the tool this morning and thought I saw my characters presented for loading, but I only glanced as I was focusing on the template options.  After checking out the templates, I changed my mind and decided to go back to my customized characters, but they were gone.

    I think loading the templates may have overwritten my %appdata% data.  Whatever the case, lesson learned.  From now on, I will back up my %appdata% data and save my characters as text.  Fortunately, I did export them as png files last night, but I am loathe to recreate them in order to modify them.

    At all odds, the point of this post is to point out that there may be a data overwrite issue (or maybe it’s intentional), and to share the best practices recommendation to backup the HeroMachine data in %appdata% regularly, and to save characters to text as well as exporting them.

    Tech Info
    Browser:  Mozilla Firefox 53.0.2
    Clear History Settings:  Browsing & Download, Active logins, Form & search, Cookies, Cache
    OS:  Win 7 HP – 64bit

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