Linea's Hair Shading Tutorial

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    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I shade hair, so, I’m going to go ahead and do a tutorial about it.


    First, we’ll start out with a hairstyle, of course. For this tutorial, I’ve decided to use a very simple hairstyle, one that’s already ready to go. For the base colors, I’ll use dark cyan for the main part and darker cyan for the lines.


    Now, we’re going to use the circle in Patterns-Standard (third item on second page) to start shading. I usually leave the line color at 100% alpha at first colored the opposite of the hair color (for here, yellow), primary color at 0% alpha, and the width (x-axis) at 1%. For the y-axis, it usually depends on the shape of the hair. As for what color the secondary color is, it is RGB cyan (up in the corner where all the neon colors are).


    Eventually, by using multiple gradients, and moving them little by little, while also changing the y-axis as needed, you’ll get this:


    Only one last thing to do now! All you need to do is reduce the alpha setting for the line color on each gradient to zero, and you will get something like this when you’re done:


    Hope you guys like the tutorial!

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