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    Well here’s my first creation. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

    The Shadow Hunters.

    LeonHiest– a living ancient, who is a son of a Western and Eastern deity. Awaken recently after long slumber due to mysterious reasons. Now currently living as a big time collector of armor and weaponry, especially if it’s cursed or divine (center).
    Moral: Realistic, egocentric, and is surprisingly kind to anyone who’s not an enemy. Though cold hearted and brutal when it comes to enemies. (Anti-hero?)
    Skalmöld– Valkrie of Swords (left). She’s trying to find certain Norse Weapons that became corrupted along with her sisters. Followed the first cursed weapon at a collector’s conference where it unleashed chaos.
    Moral: Good/Divine. Stereotypically bad with technology, even though her sisters are surprisingly tech savvy. Have a goddess level of tolerance and patience. However if angered, she unleash virtually unstoppable destruction and mayhem, which can truly remind both friend and foes that she is a Norse goddess. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-surprised.gif
    Shadow WhisperРMaster Archer/Shadow Mage and billionaire, and collector of artifacts. Femme Fatal (right). Met with Leon and Skalm̦ld at collectors conference. She supplies all the technological and most of the financial support for the team. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif
    Moral: Greedy but have kind heart. Have no problem expressing sadistic side when it comes to enemies.
    Talis – from a line of average superhero, a supergirl who acquired some ancient Eastern powers to reach her dream to be one of the greatest (top right). Currently stalking Leon to be her mentor.
    Moral: Young and lively, but can be obnoxious and persistent. Aggressive personality and a kind heart.




    Nice characters and concepts. Looking forward to more.



    Good start. Welcome to the forums.
    Please read the forum rules and have fun posting.


    Herr D

    Ah. So which are LH’s parents? You’ve started right out with all the elements in place, nothing neglected. Smile



    @Herr D said:

    Ah. So which are LH’s parents? You’ve started right out with all the elements in place, nothing neglected. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif

    Thanks people. I still haven’t decided if LH’s parents are going to be based on actual theologies or a new creation inspired by them.

    Here is Talis’ (Terry Lockheart) childhood.
    Terry came from your average superhero family. From father’s side are the flying type, and mother’s side are the super-strength type. However, the best members can reach B ranks and that is rare. Watching her parent’s whom she idolized go through the decay and became the laughing stock of the neighborhood and hero community as she grew up, she swore she would show everyone the Lockhearts will become one of the top tier hero families.






    Nice! I like that touch of Talis watching TV.



    Intresting – intresting. I always think a good story telling picture is six time better than any fancy coloring ones. Nice work. Keep on going and welcome to the forum.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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