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    Thanks Guys



    I too like Samantha,I really have to point out your awesome technique in tattoos.I need to work on them.Great job as always my freind!



    Thanks Scat



    Yeap i agree with the other Sam looks great.



    Thanks H



    Another new one.



    Name: C218
    Alias: Carla
    Species: Cyborg
    Home Planet: Andro Industries Production Planet
    Bio: A cyborg originally designed by Andro Industries as a pleasure ‘droid for soldiers away from home. However, she broke her programing and deserted. She joined Captain Raad’s crew as the technical officer and he has taken her under his wing and helped her come to terms with her past. Much of her synth-skin has been lost in battles, but she refuses to replace it, saying it makes her feel more individual.



    The design is impressive, but I really love the look on her face



    Thanks Weilyn.

    Next up:



    Name: Morag
    Alias: Morag The Space Gorilla
    Species: Gorilla
    Home Planet: Earth
    Bio: An ex-lab animal with hyper intelligence, Morag negotiated his way out of the lab and into Captain Raad’s Star Voyager. He is now the chief mechanic aboard and works on fixing the ship, as well as Carla and Wrench. Even though he is the most intelligent member of the crew, he is still a gorilla, and as such is happy to be paid in bananas.





    Name: Tarak Nar Kanakk
    Species: Nephropidae
    Home Planet: Krustaca
    Bio: A crustacean with a kind heart and a hard shell. Tarak was sentenced to death by his war-like race for helping prisoners of war escape. However he escaped and now lives in exile, serving as the medical officer on the Star Voyager Lazarus. He is very patient and gentle, unlike the rest of his species, but he has a brutal strength that can destroy large chunks of the equipment in his medical bay if he loses his temper.





    Name: Vala Namwa
    Species: Mermoid
    Home Planet: Oceana
    Bio: The ships cook and resident alien mermaid, Vala was brought up in the richest part of her planet. Her father made his money building Star Voyagers and tried to fast track his daughter to the top of the business. However, Vala, who had spent much time amongst the crews of her fathers’ ships, refused, saying she knew many people who deserved the job more than her. When her father rebuked her, she ran away. She joined the Lazarus as a cook to spite her father, as he viewed the cooks as the lowest job on a voyager. It also helped that the Lazarus was a Voyager run by her fathers’ rivals’ company.



    I like this one…the whole design works really well.



    Thanks Livewyre.

    Penultimate Person.



    Name: Paul Hana
    Alias: Wrench
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Saturn Moon Titan
    Bio: A tech nerd from the Titan colony of the human space colonization, Wrench came by his nickname in his teens, when he built and raced his own zero-g hover pods. He used his winnings to buy upgrades, until one race he crashed horribly, losing his arms and legs. He designed cybernetic replacements and used his remaining winning to commission Andro Industries to build them. He then got a job working as a service engineer for Andro Industries, before being hired by Captain Raad to aid Morag on the Lazarus, as well as to keep an eye on Carla.



    Final one.



    Name: Maluma
    Species: Kinanti- Human Hybrid
    Home Planet: Konoa
    Bio: A rare inter species hybrid, Maluma is the offspring of a Kinanti space farer and a human nurse. As kinanti are a hermaphrodite species Maluma has traits of both sexes, however she prefers to identify as female. She is itentifiable as a human hybrid by her fingers and toes, of which she has more than a normal kinanti (4 compared to 2 on each hand/foot and a lack of a prehensile thumb on each foot) as well as her legs, which are human in structure. She travels with the crew of the Star Voyager Lazarus as the ships weapons technician and security, her main job being making sure that they are protected from space pirates.

    Species Fact File- Kinanti
    The Kinanti are a sentient, civilized species of bipedal mammals from the planet Intoas V in the Intoas system. They are descended from tree dwelling cat-like beings (such as Konati) and, like their ancestors, are omnivores, but the main bulk of their diet consists of hunted meat. They are ruled over by the Hirr (Leader), who is usually a rare white furred Kinanti. Common fur colours are grey, black, brown (dark and light) and blonde, although colours such as red or ginger can also occur. The Kinanti are supremely adapted to tree dwelling life. They are around 6- 6.6 feet tall and have very muscular bodies. They can lift around 2 tons, nearly 8 times the average Kinanti body weight. They have two fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each with a retractable claw, and on their feet they have two forward facing toes and one opposable backwards-facing toe, so they can grip branches whilst standing upright. They have exceptional sight, hearing and smell, so they can hunt their prey in the canopies of their native forests. They are also built to survive immense impacts, such as falling from the tops of trees, due to a layer of endoskeleton underneath their skin, which protects their internal organs from impact damage. The Kinanti can survive forces of up to 30g, with a blackout limit of 20g. This is mainly due to the gravity on Intoas V, which is twice that of Earth. This makes them extremely tough and resilient.



    These are fantastic ! Especially Livewyre.



    @ExtremelyEPIC said:

    These are fantastic ! Especially Livewyre.

    Thanks, but I don’t have a character called Livewyre, I think you might mean Wrench. I usually put my characters names with the bios under the images.

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