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    New team now.


    Name: Kate Quinn
    Alias: Red Kite
    Affiliations: The Raptors
    Powers: Super-Reflexes, Super-Senses, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Retractable Talons On Hands and Feet
    Bio: An aspiring track star, Kate Quinn’s sporting career was ruined when she failed a drugs test. She later found out that her trainer had been spiking her drinks with an experimental performance enhancing drug. However, when she confronted him, she discovered the drugs side-effects. When she became stressed and angry, her finger and toe nails grew into raptor talons, freaking her out and making her run away. She later discovered the drugs other side-effects, her reflexes, senses and endurance had been boosted to super-human levels. She used her abilities to expose her ex-trainer’s illegal activities, restoring her reputation. However, she turned her back on the world of athletics, instead helping to form the bird-themed superhero team, The Raptors, inspired by the exploits of Justice Guard members Gold Hawk and Queen Eagle.




    Name: Dakarai Tshuma
    Alias: Bateleur
    Affiliations: The Raptors
    Powers: Enhanced Strength, Acrobatic Skill, High Resistance To Injury
    Bio: The son of Zimbabwean immigrants, Dakarai was always a hard-working child, doing anything he could to help his family. He was a brilliant student at school, participating in numerous sports (football/ soccer, gymnastics and athletics) and had aspirations to becoming a doctor. However, his father was killed in a hit and run incident just before his 15th birthday. Dakarai’s personality changed, he became more violent and disobedient, getting into fights at school and letting his grades slip. Eventually he dropped out of school and began participating in an underground fighting ring. He rose up the ranks quickly, but he wanted more. He took an experimental drug from a trainer, which enhanced his strength, injury resistance and his natural acrobatic ability. His fights became big draws, until he was kicked out for the drugs. He went after the trainer, only to discover the trainer had numerous gang links, and his actions were beginning to put his family in danger. He teamed up with Kate Quinn and took down the trainer. This episode made Dakarai realise how his actions had been affecting his mother, and he pledged to change his ways.When Quinn formed The Raptors, Dakarai donned a costume based on the national bird of Zimbabwe, The Bateleur, and dedicated himself to helping others, instead of using them as an outlet for his rage.




    Name: Maria McCoy
    Alias: Blue Jay
    Affiliations: The Raptors
    Powers: Self-Made Gliding Suit, High Fighting Skills
    Bio: Born in Toronto, Canada, Maria was always a very inventive person. Her father was a janitor at the Toronto Blue Jays baseball stadium, and Maria would often help him fix things that went wrong around the stadium. In her teens she began to get into extreme sports, seeking bigger and bigger thrills. By her early twenties she began putting her creative skills to use creating herself a special suit, which allows her to glide between buildings and catch air currents. One day, whilst out gliding, she saw a woman being mugged and swooped in to help. This event triggered something in her mind, telling her that she had found the ultimate thrill. She redesigned her suit to mimic her fathers beloved baseball team and began fighting crime in her home city. When Red Kite approached her to join her team of bird themed heroes, Maria leaped at the chance, training herself in numerous forms of combat so she would be of even greater use in the world of crime fighting.




    Name: Walker Cho
    Alias: Condor
    Affiliations: The Raptors
    Powers: Peak Physical Conditioning, High Impact Resistant Bodysuit
    Bio: A half-Chinese Emerson native, Walker joined the police force as soon as he could. However, he discovered, much to his horror, that the police force was in the pocket of the cities criminal elite and he spent most of his time locking up drunks to keep him away from mob related cases. Disgusted at his superiors corruption, Walker left the police force. Inspired by Swan-Song, another ex-officer, he decided to clean up the city his way. He ‘borrowed’ a prototype riot squad bodysuit and began fighting crime as the predatory Condor. He was approached by Red Kite to join the Raptors soon after.




    Name: Buddy Barrett
    Alias: Owl
    Affiliations: The Raptors
    Powers: High Intelligence, Innate Capability
    Bio: One of a pair of twins who were celebrated as child geniuses, Buddy and his brother Harry both had the ability to understand anything having only seen it or heard it discussed once. Whilst Buddy integrated into society, making many friends and being given the nickname ‘Owl’ because of his cleverness, Harry became quite withdrawn and saw himself as better than others. Harry was bullied frequently and eventually cracked. He declared war on the rest of the human race and became the Supervillain- Mindmaster. When Buddy discovered his brothers plan, he decided to prevent his brother from carrying out his plan, becoming the superhero- Owl. His battles against his brother soon caught the attention of Red Kite, who invited Buddy to join her Raptors team.



    I like the raptors. Especially a Red Kite. Good conceit for a team :)



    Thanks Anarchangel.

    Now for the group shot. Villains to come.





    Name: Harry Barrett
    Alias: Mindmaster
    Arch-Enemy: Owl, The Raptors
    Powers: High Intelligence, Innate Capability
    Bio: The twin brother of Buddy Barrett a.k.a Owl, Harry was always more insular than his brother. Whilst his brother became popular with others, Harry was seen as the weird kid. Despite his brothers best efforts Harry was bullied all through his school years. Eventually he snapped, deciding to use his incredible intelligence to punish humanity, especially his brother, who he blames for his isolation. When Buddy joined The Raptors, Harry set his sights on them. After a failed attempt to destroy them on his own, he gathered together the teams main enemies under his leadership, with the combined aim of clipping the Raptors wings.



    Raptors are looking good my favorite is Condor love the wing shoulder pads



    Thanks son4.


    Name: Mitsuki
    Alias: Kage
    Arch-Enemy: Condor, The Raptors
    Powers: Martial Arts Master, Swordsmanship, High Agility/ Strength & Endurance.
    Bio: A highly trained Japanese assassin, loaned to Emersons crime bosses by the Japanese mob in exchange for drug trafficking. She has often been pitted against Condor and, despite her fearsome reputation, she has never managed to defeat him. Her failure to remove Condor from the Emerson crime-fighting picture has become a huge black mark on her honour in her eyes, and she now sees him as her personal demon, who she must overcome at all costs. She allied herself with Mindmaster as she sees it as a good opportunity to finally kill her foe.




    Name: Clint Quade
    Alias: Major League
    Arch-Enemy: Blue Jay, The Raptors
    Powers: Perfect Aim, Enhanced Strength, Super Reflexes
    Bio: An aspiring Baseball player from Montreal, Canada. However, he was dropped from the team after a string of bad performances. Desperate to get back on the team, he got hold of some of the experimental performance enhancing drug that gave Red Kite and Bateleur their abilities. He found that his aim was improved to near perfection, as were his reflexes. He managed to get back on the team, but, as with the two heroes, he was found out. Disgraced and angry, he discovered Blue Jays exploits and decided to gain fame and fortune by becoming a superhero. However, his exploits were pretty much ignored. Bitter, he decided to remove his main competition. He had many battles against Blue Jay and was eventually approached by Mindmaster, who invited him to join his Raptor-Hunter team. Even with his dislike of Blue Jay, he is not sure whether he is comfortable with his alliance with the Raptor-Hunters.



    Great characters, JR!



    Thanks Moog




    Name: Bia
    Alias: Black Lion
    Arch-Enemy: Bateleur, The Raptors
    Powers: Enhanced Strength/ Speed & Senses, Lion Claws & Teeth
    Bio: Not much is known about this rage fuelled warrior from the plains of Africa except that he gained his strength from an ancient, now outlawed, tribal ritual and that he now hunts Bateleur. He is a sadistic killer, capturing his prey and taking them to his special ‘Game Reserve’ warehouse, where he ritualistically hunts and tortures his victims. The battle between him and Bateleur became personal when Bia killed Bateleurs mother. Bia gladly teamed up with Mindmaster and the other super villains, as it gave him even more opportunities to inflict pain.




    Name: Graham Bolton
    Alias: Crusher
    Arch-Enemy: Red Kite, Bateleur, The Raptors
    Powers: Super-Strength, Semi-Invulnerability
    Bio: A mob drug dealer who sold numerous drugs for the mobs profits. His speciality was performance enhancing drugs, he would often sell them to athletes, but he would sometimes help the mob fix athletics events. His training in sports and coaching help him gain the trust of certain athletes and become their coach. He would then spike their water bottles with the performance enhancing drugs in order to help them win money for the mob, who would bet on the enhanced athletes. However, he was found out when some of the athletes started to show side-effects from the drugs and two of these athletes, Kate Quinn and Dakarai Tshuma, tracked him down to attempt to bring him to justice. Scared, he took his remaining stash of drugs in an attempt to avoid being caught with them. He was imprisoned for drug-dealing, but whilst in prison he began to show the side-effects of the drug, growing in size and strength massively. He was able to break out of prison, and joined up with Mindmasters team to get revenge on the two heroes who captured him.

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