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    @Scatman said:

    The Evil Intelligence is awesome,all quite frankly look kickin’He reminds of I believe a headlessgeneral character of the the same name.He even looks alot like him.I think your psychic,or are YOU an Evil Itelligence?

    Or maybe it’s a redesign of a headlessgeneral redesign of one of my older characters.



    Love Gold Cross! Amazing armour, loving the shoulders!



    I kind of love Doctor Dome. The colours are wonderful.


    Doctor Dome is awesome. Love that arm cannon!



    Ahh that’s what it was!Dude I am so diggin’ your stuff!keep it up man!Wink



    Thanks guys



    I like how you drew inspiration from the redesign contest and made them your own. Fantastic work!!



    It wouldn’t have worked so well if I didn’t have so many great redesigns to work from. But thanks for the complements.

    Final solo shot of the series now.

    Name: Frank Walters
    Alias: Flying Ace
    Affiliations: Team Supreme (Original Version, Defunct)
    Powers: Immortality, Super-Healing, Super-Strength
    Profile: A British pilot, shot down over Nazi Germany during the Second World War, he was captured and taken to the laboratory of Wolfgang Von Litz, better known as Doctor Dome. Litz was trying to create an army of super soldiers for the Reich, which was losing the war, but he did not expect Walters to survive the process. To his surprise however, Walters did survive, and was given a set of powers perfect for what the Reich was looking for, immortality, super-healing and super-strength. However, Walters made a break for freedom as soon as the experiment finished, smashing Litz’s face into the equipment, scaring him for life. Walters escaped back to Britain and was soon recruited by the original American as a member of the original Team Supreme, to fight Nazi super-soldiers across Europe after the D-Day landings. When the allies won the war, Team Supreme stayed together, fighting crime in this brave new world. However, time and their enemies started to take the team, until only Walters remained, immortal, watching everyone he had ever known wither and die. His only comfort was his daughter, but she was kidnapped by his old enemy, Litz. He assembled a new Team Supreme, made up of a new generation of heroes, to rescue her. He battled his old enemy and rescued his daughter, who he discovered had the same powers as himself. He now watches over the new team, helping them when needed, funding their exploits.


    (Team shot to come soon).



    Here’s the team shot (of the team, not the villains or old members)


    That means it’s also critique time as well. What works, what can I improve, who’s your favourite, e.t.c.



    Name: Auran Skal
    Alias: Sky Maiden, Amy Skye
    Affiliations: The Costrilian Invasion Fleet (Deserted), The New Protectors (Previsionary Member)
    Powers: Enhanced Strength/ Speed & Senses, Flight, Alien Technology (Chameleonic Disguiser, Micromiser)
    Profile: A commander in an alien invasion fleet that came to Earth to conquer, Auran Skal was part of the advanced scouting party, the first to set foot on the planet. Spending a number of years undercover in human society and as an informant within the superhuman society as Sky Maiden, Auran became fond of humanity and even fell in love with Protectors member Prodigy. However, the Costrilian high command moved up their plans, after a counter attack by their mortal enemies, the Surilins. Admiral Ped Luc ordered Auran to wipe out Earths superheroes and retreat from the planet to prepare for the invasion. However, Auran refused and aided the humans in repelling the invasion. Now stuck on Earth, unable to leave the planet in fear of death by either her own people or the Surilins, Auran has now made a new life on Earth, keeping her heroic identity as Sky Maiden.




    Name: The Destroyer
    Powers: Currently Unknown
    Profile: Some ten years into the future, an unknown event causes the world to rupture, cracks in time and space start to appear as a result of this cataclysm. Its effects are felt at all points in time, threatening to drag the universe into a singularity. To prevent this from happening, an unprecedented alliance is formed between all species in the universe, human, Surilin, Costrilain, Azgul e.t.c. This task force travel through one of the cracks to Metro City, ten years into the future. There they meet the few surviving humans, who tell them that the cataclysm was caused by a being known only as The Destroyer, who suddenly appeared causing the fabric of time to crumble. Earth’s heroes tried to stop it, but they were reduced to atoms by even approaching it. It now lives at the top of the ruined Tower of Titans. The team send Gabriel and Ace to investigate the tower, but Ace can’t get near it, her power to heal starts to be overridden, so Gabriel sends her back. Gabriel manages to penetrate the energy field and discovers the disturbing truth, The Destroyer is none other than The Titan.



    Auran’s alien face is impressive.



    Thanks. I was inspired by the Skrulls but I didn’t want it to look to similar.

    Anyway, new stuff.

    Name: John Doe (Real Name Unknown)
    Alias: Memorial Man
    Powers: Immortal, Intangibility, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invisibility
    Profile: A mysterious travelling spirit, said to be a cursed man forced to walk the Earth after his death an unknown time ago, the Memorial Man watches the timelines of Earth, ensuring that important events happen as they should. In extreme cases, he is forced to intervene, to ensure that time is not distorted. In these cases, it is impossible to resist his influence or fight back,, as Memorial Man is indestructible and cannot be harmed. He does not serve good or evil, he will fight for either depending on how the timeline is meant to play out.




    Name: Jane Doe (Real Name Unknown)
    Alias: The Mistress
    Powers: Immortal, Intangibility, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invisibility
    Profile: The second of the three immortal spirits who watch over time and events on Earth, The Mistress is the most active of the three, suggesting to the living what actions to take through subconscious telepathy. This approach often puts her at odds with her fellows who are non-interventionist in such matters, unless there is call for interference. Like her fellows she is immortal and indestructible, as well as sharing their curse, they are like ghosts with tangible bodies, they cannot feel, taste nor be touched by another. It is also very rare that they are seen, they spend most of their time invisible to mortals, only appearing when they wish to, but their actions are often clearly visible, if you know where to look.




    Name: Unknown
    Alias: The Traveller
    Powers: Immortal, Intangibility, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Time Travel, Time Control
    Profile: When travelling the time lines, The Traveller was forced to sacrifice himself to prevent the Destroyers return, an event that would cause the destruction of time its self. Trapping the Destroyers past self, the Titan, in a time field, he destroyed the only thing that could unlock the time field, his Time Turner, causing its effects on him to immediately end, ageing him exponentially, reducing his body to dust. However, one of the omniscient Elder took pity on this lonely hermit, binding his essence with that of the Time Turner and refashioning him into one of the time guardians, three immortal spirits that guard the laws of causality on Earth. The Traveller is now almost god-like in power, far greater than his fellow guardians, with the ability to travel in time, thanks to the Time Turner that is now part of his very being.


Viewing 15 posts - 376 through 390 (of 2,063 total)

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