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    i’m new to the forums but i’ve been working with heromachine for some time now. as of late i’ve been kind-of creating my own superhero universe, using my friends as base models for some characters, and coming up with others from scratch. i’ll be posting any creations relevant to my universe here, with character descriptions and backstories. here are the basic rules to this universe:

    1. metahuman abilities manifest in a similar way to mutant abilities from the marvel universe. at some point after the individual hits puberty, either at random or during a stressful event, some humans will randomly exhibit superhuman abilities.

    2. between one specific occurance in the mid-1980’s and the last year or so, metahumans have been in hiding. i will eventually explain what gave the metahumans their abilities.

    3. the people in this universe have a very realistic view of things, IE: if someone discovers they have metahuman abilities, he/she isn’t going to sit around whining about it being a curse.

    also, once i get a cast of characters introduced, i have some bigger story arcs thought up. “young blood” is set to be the first one. i guess that’s it, once i finish up some stories for my characters i’ll get to posting them!



    Welcome to The Forums, hope you stick around and enjoy the place. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


    Dionne Jinn

    Wellcome! Good to see new people heading our way. Hope you enjoy.



    Welocmoe to the forums, it is aways nice to see new faces, hope you enjoy the forums and I’m looking forward to seeing what you post.



    name: ravager
    real name: jason hartman
    age: 18
    occupation: student/vigilante
    alignment: hero
    powers: no known metahuman abilities
    jason hartman is ravager, a vigilante operating in rail city, oftentimes referred to as an urban legend for his stealth tactics and vicious physical style. he grew up in the rail city orphanage. smaller than most of the other boys in the facility, jason had to defend himself from the bigger, stronger boys, and took up hand-to-hand combat, practicing precision strikes and learning the body’s natural pressure points. jason was eventually expelled from the orphanage by its owner and headmaster, who had grown tired of seeing jason send fellow residents to the orphanage’s infirmary. jason took up residence with two old friends of his, jordie darrien(who would later be known as melee) and damon jarrett(who would later be known as psionis), who had worked around several different laws to live together and away from parents, although they were both 17. this enabled jason to attend rail city high school. shortly after, jason took up practicing his combat with a bo staff, and, looking for opponents, took to fighting thugs in the street, gang members specifically. never truly being(knowingly) exposed to the criminal element before this, jason slowly grew more and more bitter and angry, seeing the kinds of things these men did for money and power, and started taking his late-night brawling more seriously, eventually gunning for specific crews and gaining the attention of several gang leaders. some of these leaders had set jason up and attempted to execute him, only to be stopped shortly before jason passed out from the severe beating he recieved. he woke up several hours later in a dark room, all of his wounds healed, with a large, imposing man standing across from him. the man told jason that people like him were in short supply, and proceeded to tell jason about metahumans, and how his generation is going to be the next generation of metahumans once their powers manifest. the last thing he told jason before releasing him was “everything is fit together precisely for a reason. i’m pulling strings behind the scenes to ensure that nothing gets out of hand”, after which he threw jason a dark blue bodysuit and let him go. the bodysuit was fireproof, insulated, able to withstand mass amounts of force and pressure, and allowed jason total freedom of movement. jason would add a hood and cape and facemask to this, and begin using it as a costume. it was at this point that jason took the name ravager, based on a character role from a video game he had been fond of. his first action under his “ravager” identity was wiping out the gangs he had previously taken on. ravager slowly dismantled several local street gangs, earning himself a reputation, and attracting police attention for vigilante activities. ravager set up a base of operations in an abandoned cathedral to keep his roommates from being wise to his actions, and began taking on his vigilante crusade almost full-time, learning free-running and parkour to navigate his way through rail city more efficiently, and began making use of stealth tactics, and skills such as picking locks and general sabotage. over the next few weeks, ravager would enlist the aid of young prodigy todd horton, AKA calico, to gather intelligence on various gangs and noteworthy people, meet metahuman natalie helsel, AKA spark, and his roommates, jordie and damon, would both have powers manifest, and would take on their own heroic identities, causing ravager to reveal himself to them. ==continued in “young blood”==ravager.PNG



    name: spark
    real name: natalie helsel
    age: 17
    occupation: student
    alingment: hero
    powers: control over electric energy
    natalie helsel is a metahuman who manifested the ability to control electrical currents when she was caught in the crossfire between police and the villain twister on her walk home from school one day. twister was trying to escape the police through the city when he noticed her a few blocks from her school, so he lifted her into the air with a cyclone and pulled her to him, and held her as a human shield to the police. as twister held her hostage, she tried to struggle to no avail, until he abducted her during his escape. after several minutes, well past twister losing the officers chasing him, she felt a strong tingling feeling surge through her body and heard twister scream and beg her to “stop”, until he fell to the ground unconscious, with smoke coming off his electrocuted body. she took the name spark and quickly took to learning to control her powers, fully accepting of her metahuman abilities. she understands the risks of anyone finding out about her powers, so she hasn’t told anyone, although some people are suspicious of her actions. her first meeting with ravager involved a communication error, causing spark to attack ravager, assuming him to be an enemy. ravager escaped her, but not without taking several blows, partially because of his unwillingness to strike her. ravager had gotten close enough at one point to get a good look at her eyes and notice her stretched earlobes, and recognized her as a fellow student from his school. the only blow ravager had dealt to her was in her cheek with the end of his staff, disorienting her long enough to make his escape. unbeknownst to her, ravager kept track of her actions over the next several weeks to scout for a weakness, confirming his beliefs that he knew who she was, and discovering that she wasn’t an up-and-coming villain, but a headstrong young hero, not unlike himself. when twister re-emerged after his self-described “embarassing defeat at the hands of a teenage girl”, spark was his target. wearing a new shock-proof insulated suit, twister set a trap for spark, paying off several thugs to rob a convenience store and hold all of its occupants hostage. when spark arrived and made short work of the hired guns, twister created a powerful cyclone to rip the roof off the building, and dropped in from the sky to challenge spark. she recognized him as the villain who had set off her abilities at first several months prior, and immediately charged a powerful bolt of electricity towards him. it hit, but only knocked him back a few feet, and did no damage. twister taunted and goaded her into a one-on-one fist fight, and started to brutallize spark, with intentions of killing her. unbeknownst to either of them, ravager watched on at a distance through binoculars, believing spark to have the situation under control, until twister’s emergence. bruised and bloodied and in a nearly unconscious state, spark put up as much of an effort as she could, to almost no avail. twister gripped her by her neck with both hands and held her above him, slowly strangling the life out of her, taunting her and ready to deal the final blow. ravager dropped in behind twister, causing twister to drop spark and turn around. ravager glared intently at twister, and made his intentions to save spark and beat twister relentlessly very clear. twister fired up a cyclone to blow ravager away, but ravager was able to resist its force, and managed to throw his staff like a javelin at twister, knocking his helmet off. spark, using her last bit of strength, thrust her hands onto twister’s face, and sent every bit of electrical current in her body through him, rendering him comatose, and then fell, exhausted. the last thing she remembered before passing out was ravager rushing to her side. she awoke several hours later on a bed in the abandoned cathedral that ravager uses as a base of operations, barely able to move, not knowing where she was. ravager returned in time to see her trying to get up, and explained to her what exactly had happened, and informed her that twister had been taken into maximum security and wouldn’t be back out any time soon. he lowered his hood and removed his mouthguard, revealing his identity to her to gain her trust, and took her to the cathedral’s roof to tell her his story. now knowing eachother’s real names and motives, the two parted ways, knowing full well they would be seeing eachother, and perhaps working together, in the future. ==continued in “young blood”==spark.PNG



    Very nice work.


    The Atomic Punk

    Welcome to the Forums (naturally)!

    I’m liking the stories and characters thus far. In particular, I like Spark’s costume. Purple and black is a very under-rated color combination.



    name: peacekeeper
    real name: marcus derringer
    age: 65
    occupation: head of rail city’s department of metahuman affairs
    alignment: government, take that as you will.
    powers: manipulation of air currents(flight), super strength, super durability
    peacekeeper – marcus derringer is a 65-year-old metahuman, former superhero, and current head of rail city’s classified department of metahuman affairs. his powers manifested on his 18th birthday, giving him super strength, super durability, and the ability of flight. due to his incredibly durable skin, the aging process is nearly halved, making him appear to be in his mid-thirties. marcus began his career shortly after the manifestation of his abilities, his purpose being to keep his home city in a state of peace, hence his taken name. he retired from crimefighting at some point in the mid-80’s after his final battle with his former archnemesis, osiris, whose plot to raise rail city’s dead for his mindless army(and eventually raise the dead from all over the world to do his bidding) killed hundreds of rail city’s citizens. in a fit of rage, peacekeeper had set osiris’ base to self-destruct, and in what he intended to be his final act of bravery, did battle with osiris until the countdown ran out, seemingly blowing both of them sky-high. peacekeeper survived, however, and osiris’ body was never recovered. peacekeeper resurfaced under his real identity in 2010 as a figurehead rail city official, and secretly began motioning for the formation of the department of metahuman affairs. he was placed in charge of the department upon it’s formation, and has worked tirelessly to keep any super villains contained and keep the new, young generation of heroes from screwing things up for themselves. while he does not trust the new generation, he does believe they may someday be a vital asset to rail city.==continued in “young blood”==

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