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    Hello fellow machiners, I’ve attempted this twice before, and neither one garnered much success, but I think I’ve been going about it all wrong. Instead of trying to create something like this, I would rather have the discussion with the community and see if this is something we all would like to do or could become something that echoes the sentiment.

    As the title indicates I was wondering about a public domain for the Heromachine Community. Basically like the custom items(something I’ve really dropped the ball on) and poses section, maybe even merge this and them?

    *I have no idea how the organization would be handled? A single thread? Multiples? A new section?
    *What would this PD be called (I would suggest the Factory because we’re all machiners) but what do you think it should be called?
    *What would be shared? Characters? Races? Stories? Settings?
    *What rights would the author of the original content retain? What can others do with your resources? Can they live in the city/setting you provided? only in the slums? are they outcasts that are unwelcome within your utopia? Can they join your characters team? If other members agree could they replace you as leader? forced to change the team name after you take it back with a (fictional)lawsuit concerning your trademark? Can they make a character of your custom race? Can they fill a prime leadership role? or simply rule over their own tribe? What about an alternate reality version of your character? Any restrictions they must adhere to, such as retaining a particular item? gender? race? religion? relationship? Can they induct and use this alt. in their own universe as they see fit? must credit be given to the original author of character concept? Can others use your characters in stories of their own creation? must they ask permission and keep you update on your characters exploits?

    I would however lay one ground rule if such a thing was to occur, and that is once posted the content can’t be removed, unless a majority agreement of all using said content in which some mass destruction could be created to give purpose to the gapping hole left by its’ removal.

    So what do you think? suggestions?



    Sorry guy, never saw this till now, I like your idea, having people give access to their work is always a help especially when your stuck. Iv seen many creations that im quite fond of and even asked a couple of my fellow machiners to have access to their ideas.

    I do think that the custom creations area has died as of late and could use life again. Perhaps a new section to post characters that others can draw from.



    Forgive me for being stupid, but I’m still not quite sure what you mean by public domain. Are you referring to a universe in which all the machiners can contribute to? HeroMachines very own superhero universe, where we could suggest heroes for a superhero team and villains for a villain team, which would all be voted In or out by other machiners. An area where we could contribute to a communal storyline and even branched storylines.  A place where the characters would be free to be interpreted and recreated by other machiners. A  community led universe ? If so that sounds like a fun idea to me. I would have one suggestion and that is that I think it would be better if anything posted to the domain remained in the domain and is not allowed to be used in anyone’s individual universes, so as to prevent the theft of ideas.



    @CKNap, like with your Golem character I like to sometimes try my hand when a character catches my eye. Yeah that is a very handy section but has been neglected as of late.

    I was thinking public domain as in public domain but with creator defined restrictions. With the potential of leading to an overarching universe, or maybe multiverse would be more accurate where my universe could be one reality, CKNaps another, and yours yet another, etc., etc., etc., which could give you tie-ins/crossovers, alt. reality versions of characters, races, events, whatever. Your idea of a prime universe for a starting point would probably be a necessity and a good starting/jumping point.

    We definitely want to avoid stealing ideas from anyone and copyrighted/trademarked content. We also want to avoid leaving gaps by deciding to remove content. That’s definitely a point of discussion that needs to be focused on.

    But as I said, I’ve tried this before…
    Black Pegasus (latest)
    I think I’ve jumped in without the community though and thus it has went nowhere, so basically what we’re doing here is just spitballing ideas as to what do you want this to be? and how should it work?



    Thanks GuyGenesis, I understand wat you are getting at now, and after looking at Black Pegasus I think it is definitely something I would like to be a part of. Fort it to work properly I think it would either need to be a separate section of the art gallery or of the forums itself. I also think if it came to fruition then to avoid the unavoidable string of questions flooding the first thread, you would need to set up a help thread for questions and queries.

    if there was one major community fed storyline then would all the other storylines have to be branches of the major or could they be separate universes that would ultimately converge? And then would you get branches of branches?

    I think this is a great idea and I really hope you can get more support!



    …if there was one major community fed storyline then would all the other storylines have to be branches of the major or could they be separate universes that would ultimately converge? And then would you get branches of branches?…

    My opinion, as long as the storylines didn’t have major impacts on the universe as a whole they could be of an individuals own make within prime universe or they could branch off into another universe be it your own or an almost identical one to the prime. And yes. The possibilities
    (*insert dr. evil laugh)

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