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    Name: Serena Jackson
    Alias: Solar Flare
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Teacher
    Affiliation: superhero (NH)
    Abilities: Fire, light, solar, and ultra violet radiation manipulation, gains more power from the sun.
    Bio: One ofthe most powerful heroes within the Network, Serena has immense solar based powers, capable of hurling fireballs, projecting blinding flashes as bright as the sun, and although used rarely, she can project all forms of solar radiation including Ultra Violet, literally cooking her enemies to death! Her powers greatly increase when it is sunny and on occasion her attacks can reach temperatures close to that of the Sun itself! She prefers not to use her powers other than in self defense and has strong morals and life values, being a school teacher and all.




    Name: Alexandr Romanov
    Alias: Red Scare
    Age: 53
    Occupation: Ex-KGB Mafia Boss
    Affiliation: Supervillain
    Abilities: None
    Weapons: AK-47, Power armoured suit with dual chainguns and missile launchers
    Bio: Ex-KGB Alexandr is the powerful leader of his Red Army crime syndicate, a die hard Soviet fanatic, he blames the West for the colapse of the Union, and plans a return of the old days. With a vast sect of followers and considerable wealth, his experimental powersuit sports considerable firepower, making him not only a formidable criminal mastermind but a dangerous enemy for the Heroes. He is tenacious, ruthless, and totally dedicated to his vision of a new Soviet Empire, with him at the top.




    I know this is a mega bump but, oh well. Ive reuploaded all my characters and tweaked them a little, and added their civilian clothes.

    Heres a new character, my namesake:

    Name: unknown
    Alias: Virtue
    Age: unknown
    Occupation: supreme being
    Affiliation: officially neutral, but favours the good side.
    Abilities: interdimentional travel, teleportation, all forms of energy manipulation, telepathy, telekenisis etc.
    Weapons: Magical whip
    Bio: Virtue (real name unpronounceable) is a “god” from an ancient race of beings who look over the universe and protect it from any major catastrophe. He is mortal, but ages so slowly he could be considered immortal in human eyes, however he can be killed like any other being. Although millions of years old, he is considered young by the Great Elders and is still training to be an Elder and someday a Great Elder himself. Unlike his forefathers however he takes interest in specific planets and races (which most Elders deem insignificant, as only the universe itself is their duty to protect), Earth being his favourite, he sees the trials of the lesser beings interesting and harbors affection for humans. Although not officially affiliated with the Network, he tries to help the heroes out as much as he can, mentoring and giving advice. On the rare occasions he goes into battle, his trusty whip can deliver pretty much anything he commands, any form of energy or psyonic wave is at his disposal. With a dry, sarcastic wit, his antics with the “lesser beings” do not sit well with the Great Elders, but his mission to prove that the little people do matter in the big scheme of things has not gone unnoticed…




    Awesome pose! Good job on this!



    Name: Cynthia Electrodark (Higgins)
    Alias: Synth
    Age: 24
    Occupation: DJ, music producer
    Affiliation: Villain
    Abilities: Sound manipulation, electrostatic manipulation
    Weapons: custom built gauntlets and shoulder armour.
    Bio: Unhappy with her surname, Cynthia changed her name by Deed Poll to Electrodark, she DJs in local underground nightclubs. the Self-confessed “Industrial Queen” is selfish, cocky and arrogant and she believes shes the best DJ in town. A small time crook she utilizes her sound-based weapons and can focus huge waves of sound energy at her target, and also charge an electrostatic field (using high frequencies) that can protect her against other energy based attacks.




    I really like Virtue’s design, and Synth is awesome too. The colour scheme makes me think of The Matrix a little bit.



    @Jackal said:

    I really like Virtue’s design, and Synth is awesome too. The colour scheme makes me think of The Matrix a little bit.


    synth is directly inspired by a music genre called industrial, where people dress like that! its called the cybergoth culture, everything shes wearing you could probably pick up in a shop called Cyberdog lol, also, there was an influence from Tron as well :)



    heres a new character, her outfit is pretty much completely custom using the background shapes, it was hard work with multiple maskings going on!

    Name: Elle Muzaki
    Alias: Scarlet Ronin
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Model, Dancer
    Affiliation: Hero (NH affiliate)
    Abilities: Expert martial arts, infiltration
    Weapons: Custom katana blade
    Bio: The beautiful and deadly Scarlet Ronin is a hired assassin, tracker, infiltrator and spy. Although not directly part of the Network of Heroes she is to go-to girl for any info regarding enemy threats. A quarter Japanese her uncle taught her in the ways of the samurai at an early age as self defense. She is by trade a model, burlesque dancer and pinup girl, using her beauty to her advantage she gets close to crime bosses, villains and general scum and if needs be, with one deadly swing of her ancient katana blade silences them.




    Great job, sweet pose.



    thanks, im not happy with the feet though, they dont look right but its the best i could do


    I like her. And I know what you mean about the feet. We have no feet viewed from the outside so all we are left to do is flip the foot and it never turns out looking right. Hopefully someday we will get more feet angles.
    Anyway, she looks great!



    Other objects can be used to make the feet look right, it just take some time missing around with things. One thing I will say is that I have a thing about paying attention to the little detail, the shading on the feet does not line up with the legs, a few small insignia put in the right places can make it look a lot better.



    thanks for the critique guys :)

    Heres another addition to the all-powerful god race, this time an evil god.

    Name: unknown
    Alias: Xaares
    Age: unknown
    Occupation: supreme being
    Affiliation: pure evil
    Abilities: interdimentional travel, teleportation, all forms of energy manipulation, telepathy, telekenisis etc.
    Weapons: n/a
    Bio: Xaares is a millennia old god and former Great Elder, unsatisfied by the way his kindred ran the universe, he abandoned and betrayed his brothers, believing the universe to be a playground for the gods. He is the embodiment of pure evil and chaos, and likes to throw planets and solar systems into disarray, his favourite methods being formations of black holes, collapsing space/time and freezing planets and suns to absolute zero. He stops at nothing than to throw planets out of orbit and smashing suns and galaxies together just for pure enjoyment. it takes a great deal of time and energy for the Great Elders to stem his flow of destruction, luckily, he hasn’t found Earth yet.




    another baddie for you all:

    Name: Jack Scallano
    Alias: Carrion
    Age: 40
    Occupation: Inventor/researcher
    Affiliation: Villain
    Abilities: flight via mechanical wings, immune to disease, disease carrier, immune to pain, super healing factor.
    Bio: Nutjob Jack Scallano is about as insane as they come. A child prodigy, he aced science classes and became obsessed with the research of disease, viruses and bacteria, and animal carriers, specifically scavenger species such as vultures and hyenas. He wanted to understand how they were able to carry so many deadly diseases without being affected. He began dissecting vulture corpses and injecting their blood into his, bit by bit he became stronger and more immune to some of the worlds deadliest plagues, he constructed huge mechanical wings in his filthy lab where he feels he needs to spread his research. “Carrion” is an extremely dangerous individual, swarms of infected flies follow him around and his scarred decaying body is filled with insect larvae, maggots, and parasites carrying viruses, made worse by his huge wings which when flapped can create dirt storms thriving with deadly life.



    Herr D

    A recombinant mutant cyborg harpy. Pretty good combo.

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