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    World: Postmerica

    The word zoetelaar comes from the Dutch for camp follower, peddler, scavenger, or merchant. In Postmerica zoetelaars are amongst the most horribly mutated. They are often crippled and blind and suffer from massive deformities. They explore the ruins of cities to find guns, gas, and food caches as well as interesting trinkets. They use these to barter in villages and follow armies supplying their needs. However, due to their appearance they are frequently targeted by the uninfected in brutal and sadistic ways.

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    Mr. Vaudeville


    Cool design, neat backstory. I look forward already to hearing more about Postmerica. 😉


    Thanks, man! Much appreciated. We may be living in Postmerica already 😉



    Zoetelaar is in some way horrifying for me. Almost doesn’t look like human anymore, and that’s great.
    Clothes and gigantic backpack fits really well into backstory.
    Also, great work on these deformations.


    Thanks, Lull-carae. I’m partial to deformities.


    Programmed to incinerate boy bands


    Not sure why I cannot upload or attach.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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