Here’s a new one: All my HM3 saves came back!

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    Ok so old news, a while back I lost all my HM3 saves, read some forum posts, figured I was out of luck.

    Started over a bit, made some new saves, then chrome did some cleanup and all my saves came back!

    That’s cool, but I’d like to take this opportunity to learn more about where the SOLs are saved and how to maybe bring back other folks characters. I have reason to believe that both versions of Hmcharacters.sol are on my computer somewhere, if we know what the other version gets renamed to, we could save a lot of people a lot of drama

    Edit: Ok I found and restored both the new and the old version. I was wrong, neither got renamed.

    The Original (which my machine reverted to) was stored at:

    The Other One was stored at

    Apparently my loss of data was a result from something in my computer switching from “roaming” to “local” or from “macromedia flash” to “shockwave flash”

    Neither is in the location the old blog post said it would be. I think it assumes Windows XP

    I am running Windows 7 and my browser is Chrome

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