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    I’m trying to figure out what the anti/evil/twisted versions of my races will be! Is anyone up for reading a block of text detailing what they are?

    My world is modern, but in the olde times they’re were four main gods. Each had control of a season and one of five races. Humans had no god! The games gonna start without anyone having powers and then they gain them later. I have about 9 ideas for super hero origins each coming from a main power source but having different reasons why it’s there. It’s a bit complicated but simple if someone really wants me to talk about it!

    The four races and kinda based on two axis, light and dark/body and mind. Body and Mind were Primals and Beastkith. Primals were humanoid versions of non-horned mammals. They’re strong and powerful.
    Beastkith and humanoid versions of Horned Mammals. They’re reliant on their minds for power, with telekinesis and such
    The light and Dark were Dragons and Shadowgaunts.

    Dragons were well humanoid Dragon peeps with fire breath and pyrokinesis. They were bright and often shiny scaled people with a weakness to being in total darkness
    The Shadowgaunts are shadow creatures. They’re substantial and not made of shadows though, you can touch and feel them. There skin looks pitch black and much like a living shadow with wisps of darkness coming off them.
    They have red lights for eyes, kinda like the go to anime red eye thing.
    They feed off people’s emotions, sometimes they feed of the bad sometimes the good depends on the shadowgaunt.

    So the four brothers that came from the realm of gods, named the Brothers Jack, ruled the seasons and the races and it was good.

    The four brothers were cool with everything but the humans killed them cause they were all uppity and stuff. One brothers survived, the chief deity of the Beastkith. The corpses of these god-like beings were too much to just have die so they took different forms. From each sprung 90 creatures of pure hate and malice, each a twisted form of what the gods were and what they’re race was.
    Now I have absolutely no idea what those twisted forms would be and it’s been a week.
    so…any help would be super-appreciated!


    The Atomic Punk

    Which god controlled which season? That would help determine their form.

    If I follow correctly:
    Humans have no god
    Shadowgaunts had a god
    Dragons had a god
    Non-horned Beastkith have (or had?) a god
    Horned Beastkith have (or had?) a god

    If only one god of the Beastkith survived, which one?

    I already picture the 90 creatures as varying from corporal to phantasmal depending on their role. More of a dispersal of the original gods’ personalities and powers. If their is an anime flavor, your world sounds something along the lines of “Bleach” with Hollows, Shinigamis, Arrancars, Zanpakutō, TōjÅ«, etc. (“Bleach” is the only anime that I have ever watched on a regular basis.)


    Herr D

    um–try this one.
    first wave and most populous (because of rabbits): Twist of primals would be furry sweaty things that, uh, involuntarily implant their young in victims with or without mating acts (audience consideration) from spring.
    Twist of dragonkind for summer: lots of ways to go here–smoking out an entire village might be bad enough. Area effect of ‘no combustion’ would be really hard for medieval villages to thrive . . . no cooking, forging, warming, smoking meats.
    Twist of Beastkith for fall: again, lots of ways to go, all hunted animals around start working as a team against hunters? Stampedes?
    Twist of Shadowgaunts: cavedwellers who glow so bright they blind people. Or strobe for stun effect. Reward for capture? your very own low-tech DISCOTECH!


    The Atomic Punk

    Hmmm… I have to say honestly that I’m not following. The 90 creatures are not individual entities; rather, a new species that is a malevolent manifestation of a slain god?

    Spring: Non-horned Beastkiths breed and multiply through hosts. That could be something like a Ridley Scott Alien, a changeling, or a doppleganger. This also has the potential for a “Redeemer” born to heal the wounds between the Beastkiths and humans.

    Summer: Dragonkind would bring drought and wildfires. Or, they are like newts, which absorb fire. Since humans have no god, they could not perform a rain dance or pray for rain! They can only wait for night when Dragonkind are weak to dispatch their tormentors. I could see Dragonkind employeeing other races or creatures to protect their slumber.

    Fall: Horned Beastkiths rally the animals. This seems more of a summer campaign when animals are not fattening up for the coming winter. I could see more of laying traps and ambushes for hunters. This would be a bad time to hunt Dragonkind as there are wild animals lurking in the night, waiting… stalking…

    Winter: Shadowgaunts sound like will-o-wisps or foxfire. Guardians of the Dragonkind while the Beaskiths hibernate.

    In a modern setting, Spring would be social vamps and identity theft. Summer would be volatile economic and political situations spurned by the Dragonkind manipulating behind the scenes. Fall would be promises of easy money or power… a bête-noire. Winter would be the lure of shelter and security… dependence with no escape from poverty (underclass, serfdom, slavery).

    Though the players in this socio-economic-political drama might have shiny scales, glowing red eyes, or even bison heads, their method is subterfuge with the occasional skirmish, covert operation, or sabotage. Patiently moving the pieces like a game of chess with humans countering and sometimes going on the offensive. There is potential to be open war. Perhaps leading to an apocalypse. At that point, I would say that you have a Shadowrun campaign.

    Just kicking around ideas. If I am way off, please don’t hesitate to say so.

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