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    I haven’t held a contest before but an idea came across my mind that I thought could be fun.

    For this challenge, your job is to create a team-up image of a character(or characters) of yours and a character of mine I will be posting. The image could be a fight between the characters or a team-up of the characters against someone else or just the characters hanging out. Or whatever else you can think of the charaters doing together, as long as the image features my character and a character(s) of your own. Your character can be a previously made character of yours or one made special for this contest. For my character in the image fell free to use my design or your own interpretation of my character.

    I hope to get some good participation for this, and if I do I will keep the contest going with more and more of my characters. I know multi-character images can be time consuming so each contest will last two weeks.

    At the end of each contest I will pick a winner. As a prize I will create a team-up image of of one of the winners characters and a character of mine of the winner’s choosing.

    And I think that’s about it. Happy competing Smile


    Oh yeah, my hero.

    I think first I’ll go with Flash.


    Flash is your average street level hero. Martial arts expert, uses gadgets, smart and resourceful, with one minor power, she is able to emit light from any part of skin. The light can be anything from a low glow to see in the night to a bright blinding light. If you choose to do your own interpretation of her I only ask that she remain African-American and her colors be predominantly black and blue.



    Here’s my entry. I teamed FLASH with her new partner, MOB! Mob can control his shadows and become a one man “mob”. He relies on Flash to help him create his shadow mob with her light emitting powers. Together they are a formidable team.




    Yeah! I was starting to wonder if anyone would enter.

    Now let’s see some more! Smile



    @headlessgeneral said:

    Yeah! I was starting to wonder if anyone would enter.

    Now let’s see some more! http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif

    An Idea can be slapped together and end up a flop, Some Ideas need time to marinate!



    Not the greatest ever but here it is






    Man, I even forgot about this. Guess I should judge since it’s been more than three weeks. I only got three entries but they were three good ones. Vectorman‘s entry was fun and I love his Overkill character. And I love the colors. So vibrant. I like Keric‘s more armored take on Flash and the contrast between her and the more “savage” Tarzan-san. I would’t want to be whoever they have trapped in that alley. But, I’m going to have to give the win to ams. I absolutely LOVE the concept of Mob and how he works with Flash. So, ams, let me know which of your characters you would like to see me team up with which of my characters and I will get to working on that.

    Although I only got three entries I am going to run this contest again. New character of mine to team-up to come later today.

    Thanks ams, Vectorman, and Keric for entering. Hope you enjoyed it Smile


    Ok. Next character.

    The Last Guardian


    The Last Guardian is the last surviving member of an intergalactic police force who fled to our galaxy when his was destroyed. Like all Guardians he carries a invincible shield and has a ring that can manipulate energy and acts as a type of personal mini computer that can be used to analyse/navigate/communicate/translate and more. One thing his ring CAN’T do is create energy constructs, it is NOT a Green Lantern ring.

    I want these contest to start/end on Sundays so I am going to let this on run until Feb 9th. That’s a over two weeks so let’s see some entries. And have fun! Smile






    Glad you liked MOB and thanks for the win. I’ll have to get back to you with a prize idea. Is there anyone you would like to take a crack at? Check my deviantart page for a quick review. http://smitty309.deviantart.com/
    Have to see if I have any time for the last guardian. I do have some ideas….




    Are they on a date? On a prostitution sting? Dancing with the meta stars? I leave the backstory to you, All I know is Redhood and The Last Guardian have teamed up to dance!Team-up-.PNG



    The Last Guardian and his latest catch:




    When The Last Guardian arrives on Earth, he soon crosses paths with Detective Bennett, a hard nose, veteran law enforcer. Bennett was never a believer of any extra terrestrial theories until one fell in his lap. Now together, they use each other talents. In Bennett’s case, to fight crime and solve his cases and for The Guardian, to keep himself secret from the rest of the world until he figures what had happen to his world and who is responsible. Little do they know that “the who” is on Earth to hunt The Last Guardian and finish the job……

    Quirky story, but I see this as a “buddy cop” movie story line with the down to earth cop and the outer worldly protector. Cheers!

    <span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-image-uploads/ams/2014/02/DETECTIVE-BENNETT-and-THE-LAST-GUARDIAN.png</span>



    Wow…this contest is taking long to decide……:)

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