Has anyone ever had their word processing software refuse to work?

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    Herr D

    To avoid my own memory problems, this may be the only place I can ctrl-v and not be off-topic. This may also mean I cannot save hm3 text files anymore unless I put all rough drafts in my own thread? Rough day. At least my migraine is finally gone.

    Johnny: Male Mind Breaker Felinoid. Johnny has striped yellow fur and black eyes. He wields a kitchen knife and an Uzi submachine gun. Johnny suffers from tremors.
    Johny: Male Gelatinous Hawkoid. Johny is short, with blue feathers and green eyes. He wears PVC chain armor and wields a golf club and an electric nail gun. He is arrogant and stoic.
    Lyne: Female Shapeshifter Hawkoid. Lyne is short, with blue feathers and dark red eyes. She wields a spiked glove and shuriken. Lyne is fascinated by guns and explosives.
    Amis: Male Gravity Controller Demon. Amis is slender, with gray skin and sharp, pointed teeth. He carries a snowboard shield and an alien laser pistol. Amis compulsively lies about others.
    Jose: Male Entropic Giant. Jose is tall and athletic, with fair skin and narrow brown eyes. He wears salvaged power armor and wields a sharpened steel beam and an alien blaster rifle. Jose is fascinated by secret societies and conspiracies.
    July: Female Shapeshifter Demon. July has gray scales and sharp, pointed teeth. She wields a framing hammer. July is fascinated by physics and chemistry.
    Dora: Female Alien Octopoid. Dora is short, with long tentacle arms. She carries a car door shield and a dead flashlight. Dora suffers from amnesia.
    Keithy: Male Gravity Controller Giant. Keithy is tall and lithe, with short auburn hair and amber eyes. He wears mutant scale armor and carries an oven door shield and a sawed-off shotgun. Keithy compulsively plays with a pewter ring.
    Bara: Female Empath Simian. Bara is slender, with auburn fur and dark purple eyes. She wears replica samurai armor and carries a road sign (Yield) shield and a pipe wrench. She is cautious and haughty.
    Ariah: Female Plaguebearer Simian. Ariah is short and stout, with black fur and gray eyes. She wears a leather duster and wields a pipe wrench and an M242 25mm autocannon. Ariah compulsively clenches her fist.

    Copyright © 2009-2012 drow

    Some content used under the te



    Actually, this did happen to me once, on my old computer. It has not happened on this one.

    Also, I don’t know what OS you’re using, but I’ve been saving my text saves to Notepad on Windows (i.e. .txt files), rather than MS-Word .doc files.



    Google Docs is also another alternative, though, like Myro, I do use Notepad for my saves. I hope you can find a way to save your characters.


    Herr D

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I might be sweating it out till an old fan of mine blows through town tomorrow and gives us his usual free tech advice consult. But if that doesn’t happen I may be trying g-d or etc. My current cp uses something called ‘works’ which doesn’t have the works, but usually has enough.



    Try looking for Wordpad. It’s been installed on every MS machine since the beginning of time (well, Win95).


    Herr D

    Woohoo! Of all things, word proc software malfunction and heavy lag time was a DYING WIRELESS MOUSE BATTERY! I hadn’t thought of that. We may be back to regularly abnormal now.



    @Herr D said:

    We may be back to regularly abnormal now.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why this forum exists. Laugh




    I’d render it in HM3, if I were you…






    Is that “mouse to mouse”?

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