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    Luis Mendoza

    Grettings my name is Luis from Caracas, Venezuela im using the hero creator 2 since 2 years ago,mostly to create the characters of my own starwars fan fictions, is a very useful tool for the less drawning talented people like me… also i made some mods in Ps to reach my vision of the character.


    I made two fics one about a Squadron of starfighters in the Alliance post ROTJ an another a Specops force in the New republic… im already working in the first one characters, please feel free to make the critics and obsevations im eager to learn from all of you




    Luis Mendoza

    First i will introduce the Tofen Raiders pilots the elite strafighter squadron of the planet Valahari (first appered in The Clone Wars comics from Dark Horse) preserving the heritage of Tofen Vane, who died fighting the Republic and has a epic dogfight Anakin Skywalker…

    The Commander of the Tofen Raiders, also know as the 11th Royal Starfighter Squadron, is the daughter of Tofen Vane and heiress of the Throne of Valahari, the Princess Solstice Ileana Vane


    Luis Mendoza

    The second in command is Lt. Norris “Bones” Jax a farmer who become pilot, against all odds  in the closed and elitist valahari society



    Luis Mendoza

    The Count Gabriel Barzaminek… a Cyborg, in the past a young explorer and adventurer suffer a catastrophic accident who let him barely alive, his family spends almost all the fortune to keep the young man alive and made of him more machine than a human being




    Hey Luis

    i like fanfiction of any sort, and characters from yours seems to be quite interesting and original. would be nice to see and read story behind other characters

    as for any sort of criticism or observation… hmm… if it’s possible, try to use a little brighter shade of grey (or black, not sure how to say it). Ileana Vane helmet and other two guys chest clothes are so dark i have to watch really carefully to see details. On first view, these pieces llooks for me like black shape.

    However, maybe only i see it like that (or maybe its something with my monitor), so you don’t have to do it, it’s only my personal, maybe wrong, suggestion



    Welcome to the forums.

    Please make sure you read the forum rules. I don’t have a problem with you posting characters that are from your own fiction, but please make sure you don’t do any characters that are copyrighted ok.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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