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    Zack Nowlin

    Hey HeroMachine! I’ve been a part of HeroMachine since early August but never have felt proud enough of any of my creations to post them here. I’m told they all look good and cool and such but they are completely shadowed in comparison to the usually posted creations and I’ve just never been confident enough to show off my work until now. I hope you enjoy my creations and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve. I’m still super into the basics and my creativity is starting to hit a road-block but this is something I’m enjoying.

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    Michael Chiarcos


    I like your work. You’ve blended several styles pretty well. My favorites are the Dwarf and the Warlock. The only thing I have a problem with the Warlock is that his underlined chin looks like a smile. It’s too black on black on black.

    All the others are well proportioned and all the components line up with the body. The colour scheme works fairly well but they are just too busy. I understand being prepared but you could have put the kitchen sink on the back of one of them and it might not have been noticeable. lol

    I’m including a link to my own work here. You might want to try using some transforms for fade and warp. You can get some very interesting results.

    A few Old Ideas, a Few New Ideas



    Herr D

    Yes, Zack, your chars do appear ‘overstocked.’ I’ve actually recommended to a GM that he solve some of his problems with overprepared characters as requiring an extra action to enter melee–dropping stuff, unshouldering a pack, etc.

    As to that ‘smile?’ I’d suggest a dark gray chin alteration and a similar gray shadow on the neck and chest of the head.



    Good stuff.

    As far as your creativity road block, try looking through the items to see if any of them look to you like something other than what they’re intended to be. Maybe a glove looks like a toaster or a rifle looks like a building tower – that sort of thing. Then build a character or costume or landscape around that idea.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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