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    I haven’t been here for a while now since I got my job at UPS, but on to the character.


    There is a woman that has traveled through out the lands of Esmerath  from days to nights, slaying many foes and monsters in her sight as she rages like volcano stirred into a fire storm causing even more chaos. Behold… The Juggernaut!!!

    Age: 35

    Race: Arconinan (Race is known for their brute strength but not as much as Orcs).

    Weapons Of Choice: Two handed Swords and Raging

    Two handed Swords: Gives her a chance to kill her foes during combat obviously.

    Rage: Which is a curse given from an unknown fire that spoke to her that makes her take half damage, but do full damage to her opponents. She also increases her agility and Dexterity.  Meaning she chop your head off in seconds.

    Story: Long time ago, She was a kid that loved nature and spend time with her family. She loved hiking, fishing, and hunting. Her father taught her how to hunt at the age of 12. Her mother taught her how to have a backbone when she was being bullied by boys from other lands of Esmerath. Her parents were killed from bandits and warlords when she was 14. She stared at the fires and the rest of the aftermath as she got back from school. The parents owed the warlords a lot of gold  from a shipment that got robbed 3 months ago because they were in charge of the shipments that were suppose to go to the bandit chief named  Lurog Akbor, but they didn’t have enough gold, so the bandit chief ordered his men to have them killed. As her parents were killed, she sat there and stared  at the fire, grabbing the family sword, and thinking in anger. The fire rose and talked to her, encouraging her to grab her vengeance, but really it was a curse that every time she would get angry, she would weaken her enemies and cause them to have a heart attack (literally). She went up to the bandit camp killing as much bandits as possible. She scared the others to death while chasing Lurog Akbor. Lurog Akbor was also scared of her anger but he was weaken. She came up close and claimed his head as prize, but cutting the rest of his body pieces by pieces as she was still raging in full power. 20 years later, She has her own home, sitting near the campfire, and staring at the first bandit chief she killed as she preserved his head mounted on the wall. By starring at that head, she’s encouraged to kill monsters, giants, and other foes.

    The Juggernaut: ” You think you can kill me with that sword… You will die in 6 seconds if you were to face me.”


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