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    Eronoic Armor: Fight by the sides of the high elves and the mothers, for they will guide you to a safe path of peacefulness. Many of you wonder why does it glow pink? Because it shines with the mothers power. With this kind of power, you will no longer feel darkness inside of you and your armor would speak to you on what you should do. You must gain the high elves honor to take this armor.

    Sword Of The Highest Elves: Face your foes but show them mercy. Feel the power of the enchanted mothers as you walk in their path of peacefulness. Become the most peaceful creature in existence with this kind of sword.



    Behold… THE STORM KING!!!

    This Armor will let you call down tsunamis, summon storms, and the best part is you can use any storm except for sandstorm. You can also call the great colossus from the whirlpool of doom and destroy anybody that oppose you and your will. With this kind of armor you don’t need weapons, for you can use your abilities to form the most powerful storms of existence. Act like a storm, talk like a storm, BECOME A STORM!!!!



    Incredible lighting on the Storm King image! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!



    Yes great pictures. I want that sword. That thing is sweet.



    thanks guysSmile



    The sword is neat, but I really want the Storm King Armour Laugh



    Storm King’s Sword

    If you want to show more of your wrath go ahead, use the sword



    Bad. Ass.



    I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this thread yet. You’ve got some great stuff going on here. Keep it up. 😊



    Great lighting with the Storm King! I like how you gave everything that slightly blue tint.



    thx everybodySmile



    These are sweet! Sure, there are only two so far, but it already has the feel of RPG classes. But, the Eronoic armor does remind me a lot of Chaos stuff from AQWorlds.


    Herr D

    I’d like to use Storm King armor to wash my car. That’s what I do now. In a heavy downpour, you don’t NEED a hose . . . but I can’t schedule the storms to my likiing. The blue is my favorite color anyway. I want to see your plant mage.




    This Armor can resist up to 170% of nature damage and also it can resist from nature spells.

    Here are the powers of The Caller Of Mother Nature:

    • Leaves Of Daggers: Leaves can fly through out the sky and hit your opponent causing 60% of nature damage and the effect that the opponent will have is bloody stun which causes him/her/it to bleed and be stunned at the same time while you’re attacking.
    • Aurora Shield: This is a magical shield that protects you from any type of magic spells by 100%. At the same time it will absorb 50% of the enemy’s spells
    • Mighty Wind: This power will summon 3 small tornadoes to weaken your enemy. If your lucky you might  kill your opponent, but be cautious for it can hurt you as well.
    • Awaken The Minotaur: This can summon the Minotaur. The Minotaur can resist fire and nature damage. He has 90% defense against your opponents.
    • Face Of Mother Nature: You will summon the face of mother nature which will blast enemies all around you but this can take your life if your in low health

    Story: Long time ago when these 3 men had destroyed the tower of magic with rage and anger. The tower of magic imploded so bad that the aftermath of that implosion caused to change some elves appearances and their spirits. With this aftermath you have 4 different elves: frost elf ,high elf, dark elf, and pure elf. So pure elves have a spirit of being pure and connected with nature meaning they’re basically druids. High elves have the spirit being royal. Some of the dark elves have the spirit of being evil and dark, but the rest of the dark elves have the spirit of being wise and making tribes all over the land of Cidaila (that’s all the elves homeland). Frost elves are more isolated and they have the spirit of silent in their frozen land. If they are warm they would choke to death because the separations been so long, that they’ve never came out of the frozen wasteland.

    Anyways, the caller of the mothers are basically pure elves, but these types of pure elves play a role in keeping their people calm. They would tell about people’s destiny and what are they going to be in the future but they must be truthful and positive or Mother Nature will haunt the callers until they tell the truth.



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    Dude, some serious shading skills you’ve got there. Dunno how I missed all of these first time round. Love the Eronoic Armour and Caller Of The Mother looks just as good. Keep up the good work man.

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