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    I apologize if I repeat a lot that some of you may know, if so then dont continue reading. So im assuming most here that are interested in the game have heard all about it, im actually getting pretty excited the more I read about it. It sounds like Skyrim but on steroids but fallout style.
    Being able to create your own settlement reminds me of making your own house and having to protect it from creatures and raiders is a great part, making houses for people to move in and making bots and turrets to protect it while your gone. This I think will be one of my favorite parts as I hated in NV you had all these houses and beds to stay in but couldnt customize at all. The settlement customization is big! You can add lights, generators, turrets, flamethrowers, tripwires and everything, guard posts and it all can be controled through a terminal so you can switch them on and off when you please.

    Then looking at pictures it looks like customization and mods are gonna be a HUGE part in this. No only can you customize your home and settlement but youve got weapons, adding scopes, barrels, stocks and various others depending on style of weapon. But you also get a custom suite of power armor to play with, allowing you to change both arms, legs helmet and torso. Im assuming you can aquire all different types of power armor pieces and add them on. BUT the part that really gets me is seeing a picture of being able to fly! It seems like jet packs are added to power armor allowing you limited flight, I think this is awesome as maybe you got a troublesome deathclaw you need to escape, fly away! Maybe you need to get up on a building, fly! Or maybe a surprise attack from the air is needed, fly! A great new addition.

    Im updating about weapon modification as a video I watched stated there are 50 base weapons with around 700 modifications.

    All of this ontop of the good graphics, addition of voice for your character, a dog that doesnt die and a new mechanics system giving a critical hit gauge and button, and a new HUD is what ill call it. Compass seems similar but theres a small body showing limb condition, new AP and ammo gauge on the right side with another that says CORE, not sure what that is and HP and Rads gauge on the left.

    Some of this I feel is a great upgrade and addition, the new HUD as im putting it is gonna take getting used to as playing with Fallout 3 and NV for years having the same old style. But I think the added weapons and flight might make some of the backstory in previous Fallout games off in a way. Why wasnt there a laser musket or sniper in any other region of the world until now? Why hasnt the brotherhood or enclave been able to use a jet pack?
    Im assuming this will be revealed in the story hopefully and not just thrown in to be accepted, beacuse I dont get why the Captital wasteland brotherhood couldnt of had that tech when they had Sentinel Prime. NV I could understand as they were pretty broken.

    The new look of Yao Guai, deathclaws scarily realistic (especially the Yao Guai) I like the… brotherhood blimp? It looks like they have a much larger presence in this region, plus the amount of vertibirds they use. Not sure if its going to be a part but there is artwork of your character and dog in a flying vertibird shooting a minigun with another flying behind you.
    If that is a possibility then this is gonna make combat WAY different!

    Ill conclude my talk as im sure iv spoken enough to either bore most or excite the rest haha. If your as excited as I am this is gonna be a difficult wait until November 10th, too bad its a tuesday, I feel ill be having some late nights with this one. Oh and last bit, Bobbeheads are making a return! I suggest watching the base building gameplay video as it shows most of what iv talked about here!


    Please anyone chime in with your thoughts on it, thanks for reading! Heres a link to the Fallout Wiki that has all the pics and videos.


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