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    There isn’t a lot of things to look here,which i have these pictures of my heroes,I’ll do my starter 5 heroes.
    Original Name : Dean Hedlund
    Nickname : Green Vigilante
    Backstory : Abandoned on birth,Dean Hedlund was raised on the chapel,Believing that his parents are dead,he worked hard and grew strong,Became a Billionaire,and promised to kill the ones who killed his parents.
    Abilities : Weapon Expert – Dean’s an Expert when handling guns,making guns lighter and gives him accuracy.
    Rage – Dean remembers the death of his parents,sending him to an uncontrollable berzerk giving him Strength.
    Stealth – Using a device,Dean blends to the light making him invisible,then he will stab the enemy for insta-kill.
    Main Enemy : The Crimeking

    Original Name : Archeonix Adamson
    Nickname : Elemental Master
    Backstory : Born with the powers of the element,Archeonix Adamnson was always the target of cults which believed that if the sacrifice Archeonix they will become Gods,unbeknownst to him,he was the descendant of Wise the Warlock,which also gives him incredible abilities.
    Abilities : Elemental Powers
    (LEAF) Fury Swipes – Leaves become sharp,which Archoenix shoots from his hands,which will leave critical wounds.
    (FIRE) Armor Burn – Archoenix burns the enemy’s armor melting it and leaves the enemy with major burns.
    (ICE AND WATER) FREEZE – Archeonix controls water then freezing it,then he will shoot sharp ice pieces which will freeze anything
    (EARTH AND ROCK) EARTH OF AGES – Makes Archeonix hard as stone,Immune to anything.
    (THUNDER)Thunderbolt – Archeonix strikes thunder using his fingers,paralyzing his enemies and disabling them for a while.
    (BALANCE) ABANDON – Archeonix sucks away the life of imbalanced evil enemies,while giving life to balanced allies.
    Psychic Powers
    SHIELD – covers Archeonix from any attacks by a psychic shield.
    WEAPON – at the will of mind Archeonix then makes weapons then strikes them at his enemies.
    MIND – Archeonix is able to summon things at the will of mind,even kill or revive a certain person.
    Passive Skills
    Intelligence – Archeonix is a smart mage,making him know,spot or translate a certain thing easily.
    Main Enemy :Lord Ricki

    Original Name :Christian Adamson
    Nickname : Demon Slayer
    Backstory : Christian is Archeonix older brother,unbeknownst to him,he was born with holy powers and have hardened up from years of demon killing,he then was told that his parents was killed by Lord Ricki then he swore revenge and has become Archeonix companion,while Christian is thinking if he will tell Archeonix about it or not.
    Abilities : Heal – heals an ally out of any curses or any negative effects.
    Light Shield – Shields Christian and his companions with a ray of light,which nothing can oblerate.
    Burn – even though Christian is a Demon Slayer,he also has an offensive skill,which will burn the enemy.
    PRAY – in the darkest times,light shall arise,Christian prays to the light to save them all,killing all enemies at their distance and reviving all his companions.
    Main Enemy : Lord Ricki
    Christian (below)


    Archangel (below)


    Original Name : Rb Huffman
    Nickname : Stealth Ranger or Ranger
    Backstory : Born with marksman skills,Rb became an Expert Archer on the age of 9,hitting enemies from the miles with the greatest ease,the ability to enchant arrows and rain arrows,he became the a great archer,but when his Girlfriend died,he vowed revenge,not knowing what awaits him.
    Abilities : Marksmanship – Rb is able to make his arrows to target and follow his enemies.
    Agility – with Rb’s agility he is able to outrun a cheeta for a while when he sprints.
    Snipe – When the enemy is far away,Rb just needs to snipe then shoot for a perfect hit.
    Enchant – Rb is able to enchant his arrows to match the weakness of his enemies.
    Main Enemy : Mosslord


    i made this all on HM 3 on like,2 hours and 30 minutes,this HeroMachine has really change since it was i last used it (it should have been heromachine freestlye or HM 2.5) I am very sorry if some of these you don’t like,i’m just new to the HM 3,I’m currently working on the villains currently now,any suggestions are welcome,thanks.




    Nice work, welcome to the forums. If you haven’t already, please read the forum rules and have fun.



    Thanks sir,i have already read the faq and the forum rules.



    Cool characters! Welcome to the forum!






    Great start! How did you create Archangel? Is that HM3?



    Mr.Prswirve,i created the archangel on http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/602348 as i could not find any archangel companion,i used it,so if you’re reading this Jeff, if you could,make up some more companions like a skeleton warrior or an angel.



    Yep,These guys are the villians,the gods are next.
    Original Name : James Dawson
    Nickname : The Crimeking
    Backstory : Consumed by Power,James Dawson kills anything,anybody on his way to get more power,because of this,he mutated himself by accidentally spilling his experiment on his drinking water,giving him Increased Strength and Intelligence with the price of mutated zombiefied body,which he then able to control it,does chaos.
    Abilities : Intelligence – James is able to calculate,translate anything fastly
    Bribe – The Crimeking does anything to remove his targets,even money.
    Super Strength – With Crimeking’s Increased Strength he can move mountains.
    James (Normal) (below)
    James (Mutated) (below)
    Original Name : ???
    Nickname :Lord Ricki,Tyrant,The Slave Lord,Doomlord
    Backstory : The Descendant of End The God,with no name,as his slaves call him Lord Ricki,as a tyrant he controls chaos and dark magic,he controls chaos like any other Archwizard.
    Abilities : Raise-Lord Ricki is able to raise anything,dead or living,which then he makes treants,dread dragons,zombies and undead.
    Dark Magic
    Blizzarda – Rains Sharp Ices.
    Poison – Poisons an enemy
    Firaga – Burns an Area
    Thuderaga – Strikes enemies with thunder
    Chaos Magics
    Rain of Fire-Rains Fireballs with chaotic flames
    Earthquake-Shakes the ground for a while destroying any mechanical and building enemies on the area
    Infernal-Summons a Demon-like creature,Demon,Demonic Golem,Demonic Treant and anything demonic.
    Lord Ricki (below)
    Original Name : ???
    Nickname : Mosslord,The Earth’s Father,The Demonic Golem
    Backstory : Made by Lord Ricki,Mosslord was supposed to be the first demonic golem and should be General of The Demonic Golems,but he betrayed because he was tired of orders,unbeknownst to him,The Ranger attacked him without warning,for him he just fights for what he thinks is right.
    Abilities : Rock of Ages-Mosslord can be rock hard,withstanding all attacks for a while
    Earthbound-Mosslord is bounded to the earth,making him control the earth.
    Minions-Mosslord makes golem companions to company him for a while
    Mosslord (below)



    Welcome to the forums.

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