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    Enter the Mystic-(Part 1)= Magic and Understanding
    Magic is supposed to be fiction correct? Wrong! All great magicians in history were real. There was no illusion, no tricks, and just pure magic. Where did this power of magic come from you may ask? Each Great magician’s had to hold onto a certain object so as to store all their power in. Even after their deaths all their powers would remain inside of these objects until someone would unlock them, someone with power hidden, untouched inside them. Luck is more fiction then magic, it was not luck that brought Travis Simpson into the situation he now is in.

    In recent years a discovery of some old artefacts was discovered in both America and England. While the artefacts origins were unknown there was some speculation that they once belonged to Harry Houdini. These accusation’s, of course, were pushed aside and the bracers that were discovered were shipped off. On the opposite side of the world in Leeds in England a similar discovery was made with a similar accusation. A discovery in an old building was made of an amulet. It was old, but not as old as the bracers, and had an M on the front of it. As both were on the way to separate museum’s it seemed that both trucks were to go through the Metropolis of SpiralCity on the way to their destinations. However both trucks struck tragedy as the local gang’s set up road blocks and small explosive’s to get whatever the truck was carrying. Both were forced to crash into one another and soon the cargo was pulled out and anything that could be sold or used was taken. Unfortunately the drivers did not survive. The artefacts themselves were thrown away as the thief’s thought they were just junk. What good are some old bracelets and a dirty necklace? Is what they thought. As the crowd gathered a young reporter was distracted from his work by something glistening in the ground. Always going for the facts Travis Simpson wanted to see what this was. Pocketing the amulets and bracers he decided he would research these items. Later that night he researched the objects but as he examined them he decided he would put them on. As the bracers were put on a flash of light shot out of the bracers and out of the medallion. When he opened his eyes he saw two men an old man in a gown and a man in a suit holding a pocket watch. “So someone has finally unlocked our power Harry” said the old man. “What an interesting development Merlin” said Harry. Who are you guys? Travis said. “We are the owners of those objects you are wearing and wish to congratulate you on unlocking our power” said Merlin. “I am Harry Houdini and those bracers your wearing once belonged to me and they will grant you the power to escape from anything in the mortal world. It will always show you the way out of any predicament.” “I am Merlin the Magician of King Arthurs Court and that was my amulet. It will allow you to levitate, conjure up weapons made of energy and various other powers but I’ll leave you to find out.” I can’t believe this is happening said Travis as he stared at the two men. “Allow me to let you go to the realm and I hope you use your powers for good” Merlin Said. As the world faded Travis woke up looked at the bracers. Thinking hard about levitating he believed he hadn’t done anything that it was a dream. Until he turned around and saw his books, chairs and TV were floating in the air. With this he knew he had found something special and had to become a hero.



    Enter the Mystic (Part 2) – The Amulet of Merlin in Practice
    Learning his powers was hard work to do. All Travis could do for the time being was lift items off the ground and make them float. Concentrating on holding something in his hands he closed his eyes and imagined hard. He thought of something simple to test it. He imagined a baseball bat in his hands and it being light as a feather. All of a sudden his hands were weighed down by a glowing bat that light but at the same time looked powerful. He began swinging it around the place. Then he realised using his powers here, in his small apartment, would be worthless. He had to go out in the streets and test these powers out. Off he went out into the streets to discover just how strong he was now. He grabbed his coat and the ski mask he got when he was on vacation last year in the Swiss Alps. He felt like some kind of superman or something and with this thought he left his apartment and went out into the streets.

    This was Spiralcity it was known for three things: Crime, smuggling and drugs. The as the street lights illuminated, the bums were wasted and the junkies were shooting up. Why did he live in this town? It was more than the fact he was raised here, Hell half the people leave at 16 to go to Mecaopalis or one of those better cities in the country. Spiralcity was a huge city that was basically a hell hole. The mayor was a drunk and a dope head, half the cops were corrupt and those who aren’t don’t stay that way for long or alive, the only decent people in this town are the ones you find in the most troubled areas. No he didn’t stay because of some pipe dream of making it a better place, the only reason…no person… he stayed for was his daughter. As a young man Travis found love in the eyes of Kitty Branson and, as teen’s eventually do, they spent the night together. They were underage but in love can ya blame them? This resulted in Candace being born and Kitty dying shortly after the birthing process. He didn’t have the funds to support his daughter and neither his parents or Kitty’s wanted anything to do with the child. He had to put her in an orphanage so she could be brought up right. Almost every day Travis would try to visit her, but juggling work and deadline’s made it hard to do so. As he walked around the corner of the store he saw some woman screaming for help while a man chased her with a knife. “Showtime” Travis said and ran down the alleyway and into history.

    “Hey dirtbag”Travis said as he approached the mugger. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”Travis said trying to sound like a hero. “Listen here bud I’m gonna deal with her first and then I’ll get you Mr. Tough guy if you don’t leave right now!” the thug said while he shoved a needle into her arm. “Why don’t you just leave the girl alone and surrender right now?” Travis said as he concentrated on the trash can lid. “Levitate damn it ” he thought as the thug stepped closer. All of a sudden the can flew up and was thrown towards the mugger. “THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!” The mugger said and suddenly in a fit of fear ran towards Travis screaming. As he ran toward Travis fear suddenly gripped our hero. All of a sudden Travis was protected by some sort of aura. “The hell is this?!” the mugger said in fear and all of sudden magic was streaming from Travis’s body. “My turn” Travis said as he let the magic flow. The thug was lifted into the air and was thrown against the wall of trash cans and covered in garbage. Travis dialled 911 and ordered an ambulance and the cops. Then he ran from the ally and hoped they would be there in time before some pervert came along and thought she was easy prey. Before he had the chance to leave the alley two thugs came around the corner and smiled as Travis stood his ground. “Look at the freak thinking he’s Batman” said the big one. “Ya look at the tool” Said the small one with the gun. “I am the one who’s going to make sure you never hurt that girl.” Travis said as the gun in the small man’s hand was loaded. “Well prepare to die Mr. Tough guy. Let’s see if you can withstand a bullet!!!” the small one said. Concentrating on the gun, it began to melt in his hands. The thug screamed like a little girl and Travis started laughing. “What the hell just happened?”Said the biggest thug. “Do I look like I know you idiot, my damn hand!!? STOP LAUGHING! KILL HIM BUDDY!” the small thug screamed as he held his hand tight as the metal burned him. Concentrating on the bat he had in the apartment he ducked from the big thug’s primary assault and suddenly as the bat appeared he jumped over the thug and smacked him in the head with the bat. The towering thug fell to the ground like a bag of bricks and all Travis could think was “I AM INVINCABLE!!” At that moment a knife was plunged into his leg by the first thug, the one who was supposedly knocked out by the garbage cans. His mind centring on the wound, the bat faded away and Travis was left screaming at the mercy of these three thugs.



    Enter the Mystic (Part Three)-The Burning Building Escape Act
    Waking up in a warehouse was not how Travis thought this night would end, hell he didn’t think that his life would end right after he got a superpower. The pain was already causing him to regret the decision he made to come out and be a hero. He then noticed not only was he tied up but his mask and amulet was on the desk but his assailants were staring at him and looking at the amulet. “How the hell does this thing work?” said the small guy who now had a bandage on his hand. “What about those bracelets?” said the guy who had the dumbest expression on his face that Travis had ever seen? “Forget that why don’t we just kill him?!” said the original thug. As he looked to his left Travis saw the woman who was chased down in the alley. As he thought this his eyes suddenly went pale and he saw something. What he saw was the whole room lost colour it was all white but one thing. As he looked behind him he saw a piece of metal sticking out glowing red, not only was it sharp but small enough to actually not be noticeable by those idiots. Without the amulet however he would have to find another way to take them out. “Let’s just burn the damn place down! The amulet ain’t worth crap!!” said the guy with the bandages on his hand. As they sprayed gasoline around the warehouse Travis got a better look at his fellow captive. She was probably in the High School, but he wasn’t sure, hell what was she expecting coming out this late. But this wasn’t the time to judge her as the thugs had their back turned Travis wiggled closer to broken piece of metal. As the thugs covered the place in gasoline Travis began rubbing the rope against the piece of metal. The girl finally realising the seriousness of the situation started screaming and shaking and crying for them to not kill her. “Let’s get some more gas guys I think there’s some upstairs” Said the small thug. “What about these guys? We gonna leave them here alone?” said the older thug. “They aint going nowhere” Said the big thug and they left to go upstairs. Travis got up straight away and limped over to the amulet to quickly put it on. The girl started shouting and crying “Please mister I don’t wanna die, I’ll never sneak out again I promise”. The Thugs ran down as they heard her shout and quickly one of them threw a match on to the gasoline. As the place shot flames around them Travis decided to try and concentrate his magic to make stop them but the thugs ran out of the door and smoke started filling the room.

    The flames were too powerful to try to put them out and this place was gonna be rubble soon. He found his ski mask and put it on in the hope that she didn’t get a good enough look of his face. He limped over to the girl and put his hands around her as he hoped this would work. He concentrated hard and saw the way out of the place and the danger that was slowly surrounding them. As the room went white and he looked around for the exit even if it wasn’t seen by the trained eye. He looked around frantically and then saw it at the right wall a window was glowing red and behind the wall was a stack of barrels someone could climb down. He had now found his way out. His leg was still in too much pain for him to concentrate to make them levitate or anything like that so he decided if he made his way out of this mess and saved the girl he would take up self defence classes. He untied the girl, lifted her up and limped through the fire getting burned on the way to the window. As he got there he climbed the crates with her following behind him, them both frantically coughing as the smoke was getting thicker and the flames were rising. He kicked and broke the glass of the window with his foot and shouted Jesus Christ due to the fact that now not only was there a stab wound in his right leg but there was glass punctured into his left leg. “Get out of here!!” Travis said to her. “Are you going to be ok mister?” she asked nervously. “I’ll follow you just GO God damn IT!!”He snapped back at her. She slowly climbed out and slowly stepped on the top barrel. As she climbed down he followed her bleeding allot and almost passing out half way. When they reached the ground he and her both moved quickly to a safe distance.

    She stared at him as he rolled up his pants leg and began picking glass out of his leg. Wiping the tears from her eyes she said “So are you some kind of Super Hero?” “Ya I think so.UGH!!” He said as he pulled the glass out of his leg. She leaned over, pulled up his mask and kissed him. “Then the hero gets the kiss don’t they” she said smiling. Then blushing she said “Could you walk me home?”He decided he might as well walk her home so he could make sure she was going to be ok. As they walked he heard all about why she was out so late and how happy she was to have been saved by him. Apparently she was planning to go to some party but got last, after asking for some directions she was chased down the alleyway by the mad man. As he listened he knew he had to become a hero for more reasons than one her being alive and happy made him feel a lot better and watching her go into her house just made it sweeter.



    Enter the Mystic (Part four)-Training and the ring of Le Fay
    After getting a cab home Travis wished he knew more about these items and if it was possible to contact Merlin and Harry again. The pain in his leg had died down a bit and now he was able to use the amulet again. Then a thought came to his head, perhaps he could heal his own wounds. There was only one way to find out. Placing his hands on his wounded leg he concentrated on the wound and healing it. He felt a tingling sensation in his leg as the wounds began to heal. Just as the wound was about to close the phone rang and his concentration was broken. His wounds suddenly bolted back open causing him to scream intensely. He answered the phone gasping in pain “Hello?” The woman on the other side was Naomi a work mate of his and one of the best journalists in the city. “Hey there buddy what’s shaking over there?” Naomi said in a manner both confusing and entertaining Travis. “What’s shaking? What are you from the 90s?”Travis said trying to mask his pain. “No I’m just checking to see if you’re up for tomorrow. I hope you can make it.” Naomi said. “I’ll do my best here. I’m kinda busy at the moment so ill talk to you later” He said griping his leg. “Ok Travis Talk to you later” She said hanging up. Screaming once more he gripped his leg and tried to concentrate hard to heal it. Straining himself he felt a slight tingle and the pain started to leave. This allowed him to concentrate on the leg rather than the pain and as a result the wound quickly healed up. He suddenly felt a rush of power surround him.

    “Well, well, well looks like someone’s finally got around to using our powers Harry” Merlin said. When Travis opened his eyes he saw he was surrounded by what looked like space. Stars shone with a beautiful brightness and planets that looked like nothing he had ever seen before. It was amazing and in the centre standing next to a green sun was Merlin and Harry. “Hey guys I…” Travis said. “Need our Help and we will be glad to train you.” Harry said while checking his pocket watch. “Thanks…I think.” Travis said confused. “Harry’s Training will come before mine as his is not as dangerous.” Merlin said smiling. And with that Merlin and the world around Travis disappeared and suddenly he was in a void of white with nothing around him but endless white. Houdini suddenly appeared along a crate and began shuffling through it. Pulling out chains snapped his fingers and suddenly the chains were wrapped around Travis. “Escape from that my dear boy” Houdini said staring at Travis. Wiggling and struggling he attempted to escape his trap. Suddenly he was free at Houdini’s order. “The only rule of this skill is you cannot let fear or panic consume you.” Houdini said. Within the next few days Travis learned all the tricks he could about Escapology and how he could use it with the bracers. He learned the art of contortionism and enterology which would help him widen his escape routes. There came the point where Travis could catch a bullet with his teeth. “For the final test of your skill you must be able to escape the ultimate death trap.” Houdini said smiling. All of a sudden chains wrapped around him and broke his legs. Hanging him upside down he was suddenly surrounded by four glass walls with spikes on them closing in. Water and sand began flowing in from the top of the chamber and he also realised that he was not only wrapped in chains but in a straight jacket. “While you hang there in pain and looking like a fool, you have but 10 minutes to escape and survive this trap before the walls close in and 5 minutes before the water gets to your head if u continues to hang there. Better Hurry.” Houdini said in a rather sadistic fashion. Using his skills he wiggled out of the chains and fell hard to the floor. Upon hitting the ground he got a mouthful of water and sand and for a split second he allowed fear to overcome his mind and he panicked. Pushing himself up he spat the sand out of his mouth and saw the walls were closing in. He calmed down and wiggled over to the wall, while at the same time panic was still consuming him. He used the spikes on the wall to cut away at the jacket but was slowly getting stabbed as the spikes got closer to each other. Suddenly the jacket broke and his arms were free. He started to climb the spikes lifting all his body weight and as the spikes got closer he reached the top and then lost strength and fell down. Quickly he started climbing again the walls were getting closer and closer. His exhausted body was bruised and he could feel the spikes cutting his back. He hauled himself up at the last second as the walls snapped shut. “Bravo! Bravo!” Houdini said clapping. “That’s all I can teach you my boy.” Houdini said as Travis felt his broken bones heal. “Good Luck with Merlin, you’re gonna need it.” Houdini said while checking out his pocket watch.

    Across the world in England a women was at the edge of a lake near London. The Lady was Lilly Morgan Toten a girl who had just recently lost everyone dear to her and needed someone to be there for her. A ring suddenly shone in the lake and Lilly saw it as some sort of item of luck. It was so pretty and had a huge jewel in it. She took it out and cleaned it. “Someone threw you away too huh? Well I won’t ever do that to you” She said while she put the ring on. All of a sudden green mist surrounded her and a woman was standing in front of her. “I am Morgan le Fay and I believe me and you shall become good associates” the lady said with a dark smile on her face.

    Merlin was waiting for him and as soon as Travis arrived in the space like area, he was greeted with a lightning bolt to the chest. “Defend Yourself!!” Merlin screamed at Travis. “Use this world as you would use my amulet the affects are the same” Merlin said as he fired another lightning bolt. This time Travis was prepared and concentrated on a shield to defend himself. It worked but he was running across the space while Merlin shot bolts of energy at him. Every Bolt of energy that Travis shot was blocked by Merlin and nothing Travis could do was good enough. Concentrating on the shield again he reflected the bolt back and shot one of his own. One hit him and Merlin was not amused. Suddenly Travis was trapped in a bubble. “Lucky shot young one but never let your guard down” Merlin said. The Oxygen in the bubble started to drain and Travis Fell unconscious. When he awoke he was greeted by an angry Merlin. “Boy Meditate and when you have gained some sort of connection with the magic inside you, maybe then we can continue.” Merlin said. With that Travis began to meditate on his magic.

    Morgan Toten was born that day and she had a mission. She was to find her other half, the one with the amulet of Merlin and make him join her. But first she had to gain all the power Morgan had lost before her final confrontation with Merlin. If what Morgan had told Lilly was true she would have a bond with this new Merlin. She travelled to Stonehenge and put the ring in the centre of it. The ring began to glow a bright blue colour and it floated above the air. It was almost like Lilly was drawn to it. It was here that Lilly stopped being called Lilly and took the name Morgan. She felt Power run through her and knew now that her destiny was in SpiralCity.

    Merlin and Travis were ready for their final confrontation after days of meditating. The fight went very much like the first one, following the same actions as they had before. “HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING YOU FOOL!!?” Merlin said as Travis was once again in the airless bubble. The bubble suddenly burst and Travis was suddenly glowing. He shot at the ground and smoke flew up from it. “Are you trying to hide from me you coward?” Merlin said illuminating himself so as not to be attacked by surprise. “I am the greatest magician that ever lived and what are you? Some fool that found my amulet. A MONKEY WOULD BE BETTER TO HAVE IT!!” Merlin said with anger in his voice. Then out of the smoke jumped Travis and Merlin threw him to the ground. “Did you really think I was that easy to beat?” Merlin said. The young man struggled under the power Merlin was pushing down on him. Merlin was using a gravity spell to hold down his apprentice. “This spell can crush your bones and make you no better than a slug” Merlin said. Then out from behind him he was grabbed and a bolt of magic was sent through his body. “WHAT IN CAMELOT?!” Merlin said in pain knowing he had lost. “I used my magic to make a double of myself to distract you while I came up from behind” Travis said. “Smart boy. Congratulations on completing the training” Merlin said as Harry came out of a bright white portal. “That was it? You have nothing left to teach me? I am finished learning?”Travis asked. “No. You will have nothing left to learn when you are dead in the ground.” Harry said as he looked at his watch. “We will always have something to teach you, but at least now you are no longer a novice.” Merlin said. “So what happens if I need you guys?” Travis asked. “If you ever need us say these words ‘Malefici desidero opem’ and your mind will be teleported here.” explained Merlin. And suddenly the magicians faded away.

    He had reappeared at the city’s park. He was shocked to see the amount of policemen around the park. Something was different but how much could have changed within a month. Looking at the ground he saw the date. It had been over two years since he left and he was not aware of the evils that he was about to face.



    Enter the Mystic (Part 5) – The Reappearing Act

    It had not been a few months since he stepped into the magician’s realm and trained his skills; it had been two years and now from what he could see the city had changed. In shock of what he had just discovered he sat down on a bench. What was he to do? He wanted to go home but what if home was gone? He put his head between his lap and started thinking. He decided he’d ring up his landlord to see if his place was still there. “Hello?” came a strange woman’s voice. “Um Hi is this The Alo Apartments?” Travis said. “I’m sorry that place burned down last year during a horrible accident” said the women on the other line. Thinking about all his belongings probably being thrown out a month after he didn’t pay the rent so he hung up. Realising he probably had none he could call then it hit him. Naomi West. He dialled her number and waited for an answer. “Hello” she said sounding exhausted. “Um hi Naomi…Remember me?” Travis said nervously hoping that paper was a fake. “TRAVIS?! OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE… YOU HAVE SOME DAMN NERVE GOING AWAY FOR TWO DAMN YEARS AND NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD!!!Where have you been?” Naomi said in anger and relief. “Look Ill come over and we can talk about it ok?” Travis said as he knew he was dealing with a hysterical woman at the moment. “That’s fine” she said as Travis hung up. What was he gonna tell her he wondered. He looked at his cloths and decided he would need some new cloths if he hoped to pass as a pedestrian.
    He walked into a suit shop and looked around. The clerk came over and asked “Is sir sure sir has the money for these kinds of suits?” Pulling out a few hundred dollar bills he had materialised in his pocket. Leaving with a suit he hailed a taxi and got it to drive him to Naomi’s apartment in the city centre
    The taxi ride was weird to say the least, he started thinking of what he was gonna say to Naomi , his parents and his daughter if she was God forbid still alive in this city? “This city’s really going to hell huh?” said the driver. “Really?” Travis said questioning the driver’s logic. “Where the hell have you been bud? Don’t you watch the news?” the driver replied trying to seem smarter than he really was. Thinking on his feet Travis gave the only excuse he could think of to explain his lack of information and appearance. “I have….been in a coma for the last two years so I’m kind of lost when it comes to recent activities” Travis said to the driver as they turned the corner.”Wow sorry sir well here I can tell you what I know. About a year and a half ago some government types really took interest in this city and sent a special team of soldiers to sort it all out. Little did they know that the mob now owned it since Mayor Victor Belial was elected. Its worse that people seem to put on the fake smiles saying oh no we are fine here. But hell what can ya do about it aye?” The driver did in fact know a fair bit about what was going on in this damn city.”Well here we are sir” The driver said as they finally reached Naomi’s house. Paying the driver and picking up his suit he stepped out of the car and walked towards the door.

    A feeling of arousal went down Morgan Totens spine and shivers now embraced her. What was this feeling she wondered as she dropped the man she was getting information from. Since she arrived a year ago she had changed considerably but her main goal was not dead yet. She was searching for her other half, the man who now controlled her rings counterpart. She had the ring of Morgan le Fay, had mastered it within a day and had come to this scum pit of a city so she could find the man who had Merlin’s amulet. Since her arrival, however, the city has become more habitable and it was thanks to the corrupt mayor and her boss Mayor Belial. It was funny he was nothing but a low time gang boss when she found him and his men, well one had shards of metal in his hand which he blamed on some freak in a ski mask. She had been advanced on by Victor before but every time he got close to her or he tried anything she would make sure he learned his lesson. She had also improved his gang since he had gotten into power. Skid, who in fact was the name of the man with metal in his hand, had now a hand that if he chooses to use could release spikes made of metal from it. Mike was the biggest of the three thugs and Morgan decided to give him the power of enhanced strength, not that he needed it of course. Larry who was the brains of the three and the most perverse was given a different power. He was capable of sensing those around him hiding or not and tell his friends where they were. This made leaving no witness’s his specialty along with torture. Thinking of this got Morgan off her train of thought and she then realised, what if this was a sign that the one close to Merlin had returned to the city? This thought made her giddy with anticipation of what he was like and would he live up to the legends of Merlin’s power. If he didn’t meet her required expectations, well he was dead pure and simple.

    Walking up to the door was the hardest thing Travis ever had to do. He hoped he could rebuild what he had and take on this new reasonability of being a Magician. Knocking on the door once, he breathed, but none answered. He knocked again and this time Naomi answered in a towel and not looking happy. “So the prodigal son returns and man does he have a lot of explaining to do” Naomi said as Travis stepped in. “I’m glad boundaries still mean nothing to you Naomi” Travis said. “Oh they mean something but see this idiot who disappeared two years ago decided to show up and …oh how would he put it? GUNK UP THE WORKS?” Naomi said in anger before running over to hug him. Travis felt her tears running down his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder.”I’m sorry Travis it’s just been madness since you left. And I missed you ya big dummy” Naomi said in one of the saddest displays Travis had ever seen. “Auntie Naomi?”A small voice said from the corner of the room. Travis turned around and saw the innocent little face that was his Daughter. “Candace!!!”



    Enter the Mystic (Part 6)-The Order of Magic and A Magicians Secret

    Stepping into the council chamber of the once great Order of Magic, Connor Ryan saw what a table of stone was once and of great importance to the council was now almost old and covered in dust. This chamber was once used by the great council in order to settle matters of grave importance to the order. His steps echoed as he walked closer to the table. The knowledge Connor knew of this place all came streaming back to him as he ran his hands over the stone chairs.

    The Order was originally set up by Great Magicians led by Merlin, who was King Arthur’s court wizard. Their mission was to make sure Order was maintained in the world and that people who used magic for sinister means were brought to justice. The magicians that were part of the original council were experts in different sorts of magic, but they were welcomed into the council without prejudice towards their race, where they are from, or their form of magic. As years went by the council grew in members and forms of magic. Alchemists, Shaman’s, Wizard’s, Warlock’s, Witch’s, Necromancer’s, Illusionist’s, Pyromancers, Geomancers, Hydromancers, along with many others who were experienced in the magic arts had joined the Order. Even Fortune Tellers were welcomed into the Order of Magic. The Order made it their mission to recover and control magical items that were considered dangerous to the world. The most dangerous item they ever came across was that of the Infinity Sphere. It was an item of unlimited power and unlimited possibilities. The order of course saw the danger in item and decided to recover it and hide it from the world. Of course within the Order spawned jealousy and Greed and the Order was disbanded. The items were taken over the years by different members and used in the secret war between the magicians. The Infinity Sphere was never found by any member or used. It simply faded out of existence. The ancient Fortress still stands but its existence is known to very few people in the history since the breakdown of the order.

    Connor sat in one of the cold stone chairs as he looked around the room and saw nothing but spider webs, old portraits, and tapestries. There was not a spot in the room that was not covered with over four layers of dust. On the table there were pieces of parchment spread out, however like everything else they were covered in dust. The pages were so old that Connor felt like he was doing them great harm by blowing the dust off of them. “What are you doing Druid?” came the familiar voice from the doorway. The Priestess walked into the room her hands glowing bright. “I’m doing what we were sent here to do Priestess. Make Base and contact the others, but I don’t see the point in all this. Not everybody in the world is born with the ability to use magic, and the relics of the great magician’s cannot be unlocked unless it’s by someone who is worthy of the power.” Connor said as he stared out the stain glass window. “But Corruption still survives and the order is the only way to return the world to order. When my master trained me…” The Priestess stopped and Connor stood up. “Do ya sense that?” he said as they looked around the room. “Something evil is approaching us. Is there anything you can draw power from?” The Priestess said as she looked at The Druid. “I don’t know if I’ll have enough to fight, but I’ll have to try” Connor said.

    All of a sudden a giant spider dashed through the entrance. At that moment the Priestess leapt of the way, but the Druid was rushed by the arachnid. Connor hit the wall hard and as the spider walked closer to him, he stared into its eye’s. As the spider got closer The Druid kicked the spider in the head and rolled across the ground. “Christ” Connor said as he saw that he had annoyed the spider. “Spiders aren’t supposed to be that big, no matter what the environment” The Priestess said as she placed her hands on the back of the Druid and healed him. Raising his staff Connor decided to use all the power he could summon from the area. The spider snapped out of its daze and started charging towards them as the Druid gathered all the magic in his body and transferred it into the staff. The spider ran closer and closer and the priestess leapt out of the way of the closing Arachnid. The spider rammed into Connor and sent him flying across the room. Struggling to get up Connor raised his staff again and started again. Breathing hard he saw the spider charge again. “If I screw up again I’ll be a dead man” Connor thought as the spider got closer. “NOW!” The Druid shouted as he released his magic and a green net wrapped around the spider and started to squeeze the spider. “Druid!!”The Priestess shouted as she ran over to Connor. As the Spider screamed it disappeared into a puff of blue smoke.

    Victor Belial stood in front of his window as the lights of the city reminded him of his life only two years ago. He was a gang leader of a few men and women but it was nothing to brag about. Then he met Morgan Toten, beautiful and powerful women. She had some sort of ring that allowed her to use magic at her own will. She agreed to help Vic if he gave her a room and the supplies she needed to find some guy she was convinced she was suppose to be with. “Why this guy? Why not me?” Vic would often think to himself as he stared at her. He remembered seeing that interview the other day with that woman, Naomi Gomez; she is an editor of that magazine Flamingo. She had sadness in her eyes, but when she was asked about her opinion about the mayor she refused to answer. As she put it “My mother’s always said if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”. This of course didn’t please him what so ever, he didn’t know what to do with her until she mentioned that she didn’t like a street gang by the name of the Sirens. This was his opening to make sure she kept her opinions to herself permanently. He lit a cigar and pushed the button on the intercom. “Sally can you call Skid and Mike for me and send them up here?” Victor said as he spoke into the intercom. “Right away mister Belial” Sally said as the intercom turned off.

    After what could have been an hour of tears and hugging, Candace had left to go to her room to do her homework. “Have you been looking after her all this time for me?” Travis asked as he sat down in the comfortable leather chair. “Well the orphanage you put her in was shut down by the ‘honourable’ mayor Belial and his goons. Coffee?” Naomi said as she had placed the coffee in front of him. “So what do you tell your dates?” Travis said as he started drinking the coffee. “I am looking after her for a friend while she’s out of the country” Naomi said smiling. “So about your little absence?” Naomi said. “I don’t know I’ve been through a lot.” Travis said as she looked at him in disbelief. “It was a drug wasn’t it? You can tell me anything you know that.” Naomi said looking at him. “Fine. I found some magical items that gave me magical powers. I was then transported to a realm where I was trained to use my magic” Travis said and then he noticed the old judgement look Naomi gave. “So…drugs…ok tell you what stay the night and we can talk about this in the morning” Naomi said as she picked up the coffee and walked into the kitchen. “I’ll just go to the guest room” Travis said knowing she wouldn’t believe him. “Yeah sure” Naomi said sounding disappointed. Travis stepped out of the room and looked at the amulet. “Thanks a lot guys” he said as he stared deeply into it.

    As Skid and Mike pulled up outside of their targets house, skid lit a cigar. “Where did you get that?” Mike asked. “I lifted it off the boss when he wasn’t looking.” Skid answered. “So what are we gonna do here?” Mike said as he looked at the house. “We kill the people inside, Burn some of the Sirens Symbols into the ground and then we leave” Skid said in anger. “What if I want to have some ‘fun’ with Miss Gomez?” Mike asked. “Do what you want as long as the result is the same” Skid said as they got out of the car.




    Enter the Mystic Part 7- Old Enemies and Rivals
    Travis sprung up from the bed as he heard a crashing noise from down the hallway. He was only lucky that he didn’t want to take the items off before he went to bed. Something was telling him to not take them off tonight; there was something foul in the air. Pulling up his pant’s he walked down the hallway with caution. Candace stepped out of the room and looked at her farther while rubbing her eyes.
    “Daddy? What was that noise?” she said in a tired voice.
    “Nothing dear goes back to bed” Travis said while pushing her lightly back inside her room.
    Travis peaked around the corner and looked at the shadowy figures that were looking at the pictures. Travis ducked into the closet so he could hide from the men. This wasn’t the time or the place for him to use his powers.

    Skid and Mike looked around the dark room with a sense of mystery and sadistic excitement. Skid looked at the photos on the wall and was suddenly captured by one. He stared at this picture of the Naomi women and some guy he thought he recognised. His hand began to twitch as he stared at the man’s face.
    “What’s up? What are we looking at?” Mike asked as he approached his friend.
    “I don’t know something about the guy in this picture….seems familiar” Skid said.
    “Old friend?” Mike said as he looked at the picture with his partner.
    “No…It’s nothing like that. I feel like I have something against him” he said as a door opened from the other side of the room.
    “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” Naomi said shocked at the stranger’s in her house.
    “Time for work” Skid said as they walked closer to her.

    Naomi started backing away in fear and all Travis could do was watch. Why couldn’t he be strong like a hero? Why couldn’t he save her? These were the thoughts running through his head but he knew he had to try.
    “HEY DIRTBAG!” Travis said as he came out of hiding.
    “Let go of her! NOW!” Travis said trying to sound intimidating.
    Skid and Mike looked at the man who was standing up to them. Skid shot some spikes from his hand into the phone and stepped closer to Naomi. He gripped her in his arms and smiled at the hero.
    “Mike. I’ll hold our little job here take care of Wonder boy here.” Skid said as held onto Naomi.
    “Right. But don’t kill her till I get a crack at her.” Mike said as his muscles had expanded to near monster size.
    “Oh I love doing this Skid. Too bad it ends so fast.” Mike said in a now deep rasping voice.
    Mike charged towards Travis screaming. Travis concentrated his magic on a shield in order to stop the charging behemoth. As Mike got closer he fell back hard as if he had just run into a lead wall. Struggling to get up Mike rubbed his head and looked at Travis.
    “Mike!! What the hell was that?!?!” Skid shouted as Naomi panicked in his arms.
    “I don’t know it was like I ran into a wall! MY DAMN HEAD!” Mike said as he stood up.
    Travis smiled and concentrated on a making his fists feel like cement blocks. He looked at Mike and ran towards him. Mike shaking off his fall ran towards Travis more angry than comfortable at this point. Travis punched him in the face and sent him flying across the room, landing on the coach and snapping it in two.

    The Druid didn’t like the stronghold of the order and really missed Ireland. He knew that this was a very important mission and that was the reason the rest of the New Order showed up. The infinity sphere was perhaps the most dangerous of any object that the Old Order ever discovered. His mind wandered as he stared out the window and watched the birds fly. He knew that the other members knew what to do now that the stronghold had been secured, but the one thing he didn’t like was that of Geoid, a magician who was an expert in a form of Geomancy. He was obsessed with gems and jewellery, but his talents were incredible. The man could drain power from a gem and make it into a form of energy, as well as controlling the earth at ones feet. But that was nothing compared to the Alchemist. He looked over at the priestess and the Alchemist wondered what they were talking about. His mind then thought about just how much, but at the same time how little, he knew about everyone from the Order.

    His partner the priestess had powerful magic; unfortunately her power’s were only for healing purposes. Her gauntlets only serve to heal and not to harm. While this is a very useful power to have in battle for her allies, she was also very dangerous in hand to hand combat. She received her gauntlets after she trained with man in Japan in the art of Reiki. For four years she trained with this elderly master in a dojo isolated from any other human contact. After she mastered her training, her Master Shang Kiw, handed her the gauntlets and sent her back to America. There she met the Alchemist and joined the new Order.

    The Alchemist never talks a lot about his life before he became who he is. He was once the greatest alchemist of ancient Italy and was hired by the pope to create that of which should never be created. If he had only knew that then, maybe he would have been able to create it and still be alive today. To be dead, that is where the Alchemist believed he truly belonged. The Alchemist was ordered to make a philosophers stone in order to make the whole world see the power of Italy. The philosopher’s stone was a power source that could do almost anything, change lead to gold, repair that which had been broken permanently, or even grant immortality. His family came in as he was putting the finishing touches to what he thought would be the stone but he didn’t know what the stone really was. An explosion occurred and when he woke up he felt something in his body, he felt the philosopher’s stone in his chest and his wife and child were nothing but charred corpses. He was unable to pull the gem from his chest and was considered a criminal. He was put to death and hung in the square of Rome, but he didn’t die. They slit his throat, he didn’t die. He healed and realised he was immortal. He had gained increased magical abilities and along with immortality came eternal youth. He spent the years following travelling the world and watching as men of greed rose to power and nearly destroyed the people that worshiped them. He mastered plenty of languages so he could learn more about different cultures. He then decided midway through the 20th century to bring together magicians and try and revive an old Order that he only ever heard of in legend.

    Sight was perhaps the only member The Druid didn’t agree with. She was only a teenager but the Alchemist insisted that she was vital to the team, but how she wasn’t a fighter or a healer, hell her powers were only sensing strong waves of magic and on occasion seeing the future. While The Druid could see why her power’s would come in handy in the battle against those who use magic for evil, but the fact still remained she would see plenty of death in her time here. Was it really worth ruining her innocence just to get a step ahead of their enemies? She was born with those powers but the Alchemist unlocked them, so she could use them. She liked to hang out with The Druid and see all aspects of nature which the Druid drew power from. Her real name was Lucy and she was originally from Canada. She once told him she wanted to be a vet when she got older, but he wondered would she make it to veterinary school.

    “Druid!! I’m sensing a strong magic aura erupting from Spiral City.” Sight said.
    “We checked there. The only one that we found there was Morgan Toten and she searching for some fella for her own needs.” Druid said as he looked out the window.
    “No it’s stronger than that. It’s more concentrated than Ms. Toten’s. I’m getting orders that we have to check it out.” The Alchemist said.
    “Fine get us there” The Druid said as he turned to look at the other magicians.
    “Don’t screw this up Druid!” Geoid said in a cold manner.

    Skid looked as his friend was tossed around like he was nothing. He gripped Naomi tight and started to panic. Skid looked around and threw the women at the man that looked like he was going to break Skid in two. He ran for the door and suddenly saw that he wasn’t getting any closer. Looking down he saw he was levitating in the air. For a moment he almost remembered what was so familiar about this man.
    “What are you!?!” Skid said as he floated.
    Skid hit the wall and felt his body break. Travis looked at the men’s faces and remembered these men from two years ago. So there was the chance that he could have no secret identity because the men had seen his face. Naomi was in shock as she was not aware whether this reality or a dream. It was time for answers. As she opened her mouth a flash of light appeared and she was blinded. Travis saw three human shaped shadows in the blinding light before it faded.



    End to Enter the Mystics first set of stories.
    As soon as I start writing About him again i will mention it.



    nice. gotta read the whole story soon. are you a magician too?

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