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    Here, ill post all of the stuff i dream up and rip out of the HeroMachine 3. Comment as needed, Flame as hard as you like, the word you will do is give yourself carpel tunnel :P. You might notice some of my stuff MIGHT be anime-influenced and heavily magical/medieval, sue me.

    5/26 Post: first 3 pictures: Druid of the Jungle, Warpriestess of the Light, And the Earthen Blood Priestess
    5/26 Edit 1: Added Fur-Clad Barbarian
    5/26 Edit 2: Added Liriu
    5/27 Edit 3: Added Snowpaw

    Druid of the Jungle: My first real ‘complete’ character with all the dangly stuff and a background. She was particularly interesting to make when it got around to the golden feathers and picking the right emblems for her staff. Originally she had a scepter with gold feathers hanging off of it like a flail, but the idea got scrapped in place for what is there now. There are a total of 9 texture peices uses to tattoo her body (2 Feet, 2 Legs, Body, Breasts, Head, 2 For her right arm) and one emblem on her left hand. For some reason, Textures lag my computer, so this was aggravating to work with after i put them in, but i made it work out alright!
    Warpriestess of the Light: I didn’t think this would turn out as well as it did. She really does look like an armored Priestess. Yeah i know they’re basically called ‘Paladins’ but you never see a paladin weilding a staff. they usually sword-and-board it like the crusaders. I know she’s standing on the Holy Pimp Rug as a friend of mine pointed out, the background was another slap-together that ended up complimenting her far more than i thought it would. Also was a tutorial for me to figure out the Alpha values of effects so i can stack them to show a more ’empowered near the middle’ type of look.
    Earthen Blood Priestess: For lack of a better name, honestly. My first inherently ‘Evil’ character. Half of her body has been augmented to become golem-like, along with having a larger magical shield-like coating over it. She looks really heavilly set to make it not look too unbalanced. The wings are also off-center, a fact i noticed much later, and am too lazy to go in and fix. The background was tossed together relatively fast, but does nice to compliement the fact that theres magic in the air around her. Yes that is a demon skull on her crotch, And yes, it can bite.
    Fur-Clad barbarian: Again, for lack of a better name. I had to throw some testosterone into the mix to combat all the ladies, so why not make it a barbarian, the skyscraper of manliness? I liked this one, Chains everywhere, and the Fur boots and gauntlets look nice too. You can see the cliff behind him, and the weather dosent look too happy either, which just adds to that ominous feeling of power. Tree is filler, cant say much about that. Was planning to have his sword impaled into the tree, but i ended up failing hardcore and scrapped that too.

    Liriu, The Spirit of the Mist: First ‘named’..’hero’… Ok its not a hero, but dude, its a decked out wolf with armor that doubles as a saddle. i tried to make use of the transparency on the decorations to actually show they were transparent and not just a dull cyan color, and it worked well. And of course, theres the mist, and all the mist… and the eagle and the hawk up in the starless night sky… and the moon has a symbol on it, gee where have i seen that before. All in all though, it was fun putting this one together, especially seince i put the background on first, which i haven’t tried before, but worked well. Also, look at his left paw. That was a PAIN to put on, but i got it to look decent after i used the moon emblem and the masking button and three minutes of shaping the emblem to fit close enough to the wolf’s chest

    Leora ‘Snowpaw’ Krasus: Basically my ‘everything i like’ character. I’ll go down the list later about what it is all inspired from. When i was making it, it took a bit to get the whole half-animal limbs part down, but eventually i did. The story prior to the picture now was that she was in combat with an enemy faction, and her squad got annihilated by the enemy, whom also had a Hybrid, and she was luckily faster than theirs, and was able to stop and bandage her leg up. Mountainous terrain, wind whipping by her, Yeah. So, My favorite weapons are the Warglaives (Warcraft universe, Forerunner to Amalur’s Feyblades), and she is sporting a pair of those. I <3 the fur, so thats why i made it to begin with. She is loosely based off of 'Snow' from The Hungering Saga, including the heavily green eyes. My favorite color is actually yellow, the green just looked so much better. Her last name 'Krasus' also comes from the Warcraft Universe, Krasus/Korialstrasz is a Red Dragon, Consort to the Dragon Queen, and got accidentally football kicked back in time with his human friend Rhonin and a well known orc (well, to the orcs), Broxigar, and had to help stop demons from pwning Azeroth. (That part is from War of the Ancients, the 3-book series that predates WoW :D) Theres todays' Block of text. enjoy the picture! And yes, she isn't wearing legplates, just guards. Chances are, Armor made for a hybrid isn't 'standard' for a blacksmith of any kind, Deal with it.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, Eno! Some real neat works. Save for the ears, I think that your druid is a solid character!

    Yes, Textures, Patterns, and Masking bog HeroMachine down. Best advice is to save those for the very end.


    Thats what i normally do, but its the going back and fixing things that sucks :D, And yeah. the ears part was kind of odd, of all of the ways i could put them on, that was the best looking for that hair style. The one on the right especially.



    Nice work, welcome to the forum.


    You’re of to a good start. Welcome to the forum.


    Thank you and thank you. i have all weekend to work on them, so ill try and pump out some good ones… mostly honing my skills at it before i decide to jump into the contests. Cool


    Le Bump. Added Snowpaw, critique where necessary, on both her and Liriu. I’ll be grateful for it. An Artists best reward is being told sincerely how to be better at what he or she does. Laugh



    Nice start. Welcome to the forums. If you haven’t already, please read the forum rules and have fun posting. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.



    Welcome and you’re off to a great start. I love the warpriestess, the barbarian, and most of all Snowpaw, who is awesome.



    Welcome to the HM3 community!!Good stuff so far!Best advice…,ask anyone here for anything from tips to tricks and anything for that matter,A GREAT bunch of crazy creators here!Good luck and cheers!

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