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    So, first off, Encyclopaedia: Mystici et Fabulosam Entia translates to Encyclopedia: Mystical and Mythical Beings. I’ve been wanting to make a little collection of different magical creatures. You know, faeries, sprites, orcs, goblins, that sort of thing, all with my own personal take on each species. I was just wondering if anyone would like to suggest something for an entry. Here’s the unfinished first draft for the Faerie race:

    The Faerie Race: Comprised entirely of females, Faeries do not technically reproduce; rather, they form from the first laugh of an infant, and die only when a human- for the first time –that they do not believe in Faeries. Faeries typically stand any from six inches to one foot tall, depending on their region of origin. Technically speaking, a Faerie could live forever, and should therefore be classified as Immortals. When Faeries form, they form fully grown, and it takes well over a thousand years for them to show any signs of aging. There are no Faerie children, although Cherubs or Sprites have often been miss-classified as such. Faeries are everywhere, and are as unique to their homes as humans are. The largest Faerie clans are classified into sixth groups: the Aphrikan clan, the Oriental clan, the Quebecan clan, … clan, … clan, and … clan.

    If they so wished, Faeries could subside on the pollen and nectar from flowers alone, but they prefer to supplement their diet with fruits, honey, and squirrel milk. They are strictly vegetarian, except for the Aphrikan clan, which hunts small mammals for the meat and pelts.


    Herr D

    You might ask Jeff if he’ll hold a contest for pix for some of the entries. There is of course already a compendium available for citation in hm archives. If you believe one story, surviving dinosaurs are subspecies of dragons, and that means a large part of that section is covered under “companions” . . .

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