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    Hey folks,
    I am drummergirl4 and this is where I’ll be posting my creations. Some of you might remember me from the old ugo forums. If you do, some of these pictures might seem familiar, as I will be re-posting some of my old creations in addition to sharing new ones. By way of introductions I think a picture is worth a thousand words. So, for my first post, I’ll share an old self portrait that I’m rather proud of.selfportrait.pngselfportraitheadshot.png



    I do indeed remember you from the old UGO forum, and Let me welcome you to the new one!

    Now onto official duties, :) I’d like to take a moment to ask you to take a look at our forum rules if you have not already and after you do so, I hope you enjoy our little community here.



    Don’t worry, I already read them.




    In the interest of weirdness, I’m recreating my first post on the old forums. Warning, these characters are old. Really old.

    Original text begins here:

    The first image is of my roleplaying character, Dorcas the Sorceress. She was actually pretty fun to play. As for the name, it was the only one I could think of when I was gen-ing.


    Next, is a character I made in 2.5. She doesn’t really have any story behind her, but I really like the expression. She looks like she’s just been thrown into a situation that is way over her head. And I want those shoes.


    Third, I have an expiriment with posing. I’m not sure how well it turned turned out. Let me know what you think.


    Fourth, is an original character of mine. She is a genetically engineered freak who is part snake and is currently posing as a goddess. I’m not sure if I like the scales. I’ll probably post more pictures of this character later.


    Finally, we have a character I made for the fighter contest but was too chicken to enter. Sorry that he’s sideways. No, this is not the first male character I made, just the first that I want to share. I’m really proud of his pose and that mask was really hard to make.


    Original text ends

    So that was my first batch of characters. It is really interesting to look back and see how your way of thinking about a character has changed. For example, I decided to keep the scales and later images of the character are also green and bald. And I’m still really proud of Touche. Shame he’s still sideways, but that’s the way I made him.

    Anyway, enjoy.


    Herr D

    Sitting woman turned out well.Touche’s good too–if you want to turn him, Paint does that. Do a screen capture into Paint and rotate him. I don’t like that back ankle, but the mask is great. See ya ’round. Smile



    Welcome to the new forums Drummergirl!



    Welcome, Drummergirl! Have fun in the shiny new forums.



    Welcome to the new forums girl. It’s been a while, where have you been and what have you been up to? I’m glad to see that you here.



    White Lightning

    I’ve just been busy with school, and getting engaged, and cheating on HeroMachine with Doll Divine. Did I just type that?

    Anyway, here is my entry for the Speedster Contest: White Lightning!


    She can move at inhumanly fast speeds, but only over short distances. She’s a sprinter, not a marathon runner. In addition to being fast, she is a skilled engineer. Just don’t dump her on her birthday. That’s a good way to make her join the villains out of spite.



    Hello again! I do remember you from ugo; welcome to the new place!



    Silver Knight

    Real Name: Nigel Fisher
    Powers/Abilities: Acute Senses, Skilled Fencer, Skilled Hacker, Genius Level Intelligence
    Gear: Sabre, Cloth Armor, Microcomputer Interface Watch
    Genre: Superhero
    Affiliation: Order of the Griffin

    Nigel has always been perceptive, indeed, overly so, but the idea of becoming a superhero didn’t occur to him until he met other people with unusual abilities. Then he immediately started pestering them to form a superhero team. His friends didn’t follow his advice until years later after they accidentally created a supervillian (the scars on his face are from an early altercation with said supervillian). That was the beginnings of the Order of the Griffin.
    While he is probably the least powerful member of the team, he is one of their best when it comes to physical combat. He is also the most dedicated, having put in extra time and effort to set up the team’s secure communications network.
    All of Nigel’s senses run on overdrive. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. His suit is specially designed to keep tactile distractions to a minimum and he wears glasses because he is very farsighted.




    Very cool.Cool



    It’s always nice to see people that have a way with poses! Great gallery!



    I really dig the design of Silver Knight. Looking forward to seeing more from you.



    The most dangerous vampires are those who don’t know they’re vampires

    This is an old one. But one I still enjoy. I remember having way too much fun with the bloodstains in the second pic. I think I made them for a Halloween contest, but I can’t remember.

    Old text begins here:

    Nora Jones is a communication major at State University. She goes to class every day and is well liked by her classmates. She is an ordinary college student. At least she was until she received a blood transfusion. She can’t stand bright light and she started getting strange cravings for some kind of metal? She doesn’t really know what for. But lately, she’s been blacking out and waking up covered in blood. She knows that something weird is going on but doesn’t know what to do about because she doesn’t want to incriminate herself by asking suspicious questions.

    The police are investigating a series of five assaults that have occurred near the campus of State University. What makes these attacks interesting is that the assailant, which the police have dubbed “The Vamp,” viciously bites her victims, usually going for the wrist or the neck. All of the victims survived, but with severe blood loss. She is described as having blue eyes, brown hair, and very sharp teeth. The picture accompanying this article is an artistic rendering by one of the victims. If you have any information, please contact the State University Campus Police.

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