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    1123 A.D Earth Government proposes Formation of the Coalition of Off-World Colonies

    1126 A.D Civil War begins, Independents verse Loyalists, with millions of soldiers dying, the Loyalists are far more superior in numbers and technology

    1130 A.D Loyalists win and their commander General Quinton Hayes dissolves Earth Government, unite the colonies and begins his dictatorship and adapts Roman culture

    1448 A.D several generations later the Human Empire is one of the most powerful civilizations in the universe.

    In the long distant future in a galaxy far, far away lies the colonized planet of Aagegemn. In the capital city of Roentuv, live the governor and prominent Senator Marcus Antius Cinnianus who waits in his luxurious palace expecting news from his nephew. He sits on his golden throne in his villa drinking fine wine and eating succulent fruit in which the tropical planet has to offer. While consuming the delicious fruit, the large wooden door at the entrance of the villa opens and in comes through his human slave.

    The slave said “Master sorry to interrupt your feast but your nephew General Flavius Antius Aemilianus has arrived.”

    The slave then turned to the side and the governor’s nephew came marching through, holding his helmet his uncle walked up to him and welcomed him.

    “Oh my most favorite of all nephews Flavius it is a pleasure to see you on this fine day.”

    “Oh my dear uncle how it is great to see you, oh and the pleasure is mine.”

    The uncle then asked, “You are in a glorious mood I see, from the sound of your cheerful greeting, I’m under the impression that the military trial went to plan?”

    His nephew replied, “Of course Uncle, the final verdict in the trial was what we planned.”

    “He is to be executed?” Marcus asked.

    “Well the trial didn’t go to the exact plan that we had, but the council did find him guilty.”

    “Why didn’t the council put him up for execution?” The senator asked curiously.

    “Well the head council member stated even though his crimes of treason are of the most serious matter, the triumphs and victorious the Emperor’s army has had under the command of him, had soften his sentence.” Replied the General.

    “So if he wasn’t executed, what was his sentence?” Asked the soldier’s Uncle.

    “Well he has been sentenced to life to the mining colony on the planet Kraelusse.” Flavius replied.

    The Senator turned around and walked while laughing “This is great news! That planet is millions of light years away from the closest colonized planet.”

    The young General was curious and asked his Uncle “But what if he escapes Uncle? We both know he will come looking for us.”

    The senator turned around and walked to his nephew and put his hands on his shoulders and smiled “Do not be afraid my dear nephew, I have been to that mining colony during my last electoral campaign, it is a fortress which he can’t escape. Even if he does the planet has yet not been terraformed, his human lungs couldn’t handle the atmosphere and he would die in a matter of seconds.”

    “What about the guards Uncle, are they to be trusted, how are we not to know that they will believe him and let him escape?” Asked Flavius.

    “Do not worry, I have heard stories that those guards are but former soldiers who will kill any man who betrays the Empire.” The Senator replied.

    “Well technically he didn’t….” But before he could continue his Uncle put his hand across his mouth, looked around staring at his slaves and said, “You must learn to hold your tongue nephew, some of my slaves are not to be trusted and it wouldn’t be a good idea if you exposed them of our plan!”

    He took his hand of his nephew and walked backwards and Flavius said, “Sorry Uncle, I’ll make sure that next time I’ll hold my tongue. Now what about the other criminals sent there, I fear they may help him escape.”

    The Senator laughed, “That I’m sure would never happen. That mine is full of alien rebels, I’ve heard stories that humans sent there do not last long and it’s not the guards killing them. The other miners either kill them or drive them to the point of suicide. Especially if they hear that his name is Decimus Claudius Silvanus, they would eat him alive…………

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