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    Hello fellow Machiners!
    It’s time for another Villainy and Valor Creation Contest. As before, I have written a description of a hero or villain and it is up to you to visually interpret that character using Hero Machine 3. After two weeks (Tuesday, December 18th) I will choose my favorite design and the Winner will get a Custom Item created by me (see rules below). I will then submit this item to Jeff for inclusion in Hero Machine.

    A few guidelines/rules:
    1. No limit of entries
    2. A full body design is preferable.
    3. Feel free to use backgrounds, but they will not affect my final choice.

    So here we go….

    Ms. Manga
    Ms. Manga is a teenage girl who loves being a villain, mainly because “Heroes are a snooze and villains get all the good lines!” Anna May Kim was a cosplayer who loved dressing up as villainous anime/manga characters. When Anna May’s reality warping powers manifested at a cosplay convention, her subconscious mind channeled the power and transformed Anna May into a living anime/manga being who was 2-dimensional, fully visible when seen from the front or back, but paper thin when viewed from the side. Ms. Manga carries a deck of cards that allows her to summon 2D creatures with various powers (dragonoids with fire breath, plant creatures with knockout dust, etc) but it is completely random and she can only summon up to 3 creatures at a time for a specific duration. The cards are a manifestation of her reality warping power and don’t work for anyone else. Madame Malevolent likes the chaos that Ms. Manga causes and uses her as wild card, figuratively and literally, when planning her heists.

    Villainy and Valor Item Creation Rules
    1. The Villainy and Valor Contest Winner can choose one new item to be created for any existing category in Hero Machine 3 with the exception of these categories: Backgrounds, Companions. I also reserve the right to exclude monster bodies, but you can try me on this one. Sometimes I will take the bait.
    2. The new item must be applicable to the default, front-facing body type. No specialized items for alternate body types (turned head, 3/4 torso, back view, etc…)
    3. I reserve the right to ask the Villainy and Valor Contest Winner to pick another item if the request is beyond my ability or inappropriate for Hero Machine 3.
    4. Reference images or a really good description must be provided so I can fulfill the request with the minimal amount of heartache and frustration.
    So there you have it. As many of you are familiar with my contributions you know I can handle a wide range of art requests so don’t let the guidelines scare you. I do have limitations (damn you, Human Hair!!) so please be understanding if I have to decline a request.

    As a special incentive anyone who does all 5 entries in this Femme Fattalion set of villains (Neurotica, Gigantica, Ms. Manga, Madame Malevolent, Evil M henchwoman) will get to request a Mask Custom Item.
    So even if you don’t win one of the 5 main prizes, you’ll be able to guarantee yourself a little something just by entering every one of the Femme Fattalion contests.


    Paper thin manga teenage girl? Oh boy, this is going to be a challenge!



    If she has reality warping abilities why doesn’t she make herself 3D again lol?



    Ms. Manga




    Ms. Manga







    My entry, with a black and white version because I quite like it.





    OK, I’ll play!



    My entry.


    Question – What cosplay i shown in the picture.



    Here is my entry

    Ms. Manga



    Herr D

    The paper-thin aspect sucked me in. I titled this: HerrD-WoreKevlarMeetingMsManga



    Ok, Here’s mine.

    Ms. Manga
    *I made a small but important to what I was trying to do adjustment(just in layering) so this is a different image than was originally posted.



    Well after reading through the directions a little more I realized I made a huge mistake haha! My mind is so shot from college finals.
    I thought I needed to just create a random manga style girl. Oops!

    Sorry DBlade please excuse my entry! :)


    My take on Mrs. Manga


    here’s mine it’s a bit basic but im new and don’t now all the techy thingies yet

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