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    hey cybergerm here with a RPG
    to start post a charicter that you think would look like one of these hacker, mercinary ,tech mage ,or bounty hunter. this charicter will then be yours , you can add only 1 weapon

    story : the year is 3041 after the great war between the imperials and the sons of corthall the wourld was a scard wasteland the two sides unable to fight any more sinde a treaty to sastain peace but not all people wanted peace. underground goupes known as data jakers fight both in this world and in the cybernet for money.

    the begining : you walk into a bar but the bouncer stops you as usual you tell him your here to see the rex
    the bouncer leads you through a hallway to a large wooden door “go on in he’s waiting inside “
    as you go in you see a large man “im Rex ” ill get to the point i want you to jack some data for me its in the its in the cy-tech factory i dont care how you get it but if you come back with it ill pay you all $50,000,000 each just enough to retire early



    this is my tech mage for examplehero-2.png

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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