Crowns and tiaras

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    I’ve worked out over the years that quite a few items can easily be repurposed into crowns that are slightly more interesting than the standard ones.

    Here is one of my characters wearing each of the three standard crowns from Headgear-Fantasy, at their default sizes. Doesn’t look great, does she?

    First, you can get a bit more variety just by altering these three slightly: resizing, flipping and adding other items.
    This one was just resized to make a mini-crown:

    The little jewel items from the 5th page of Hair-Female Standard make great additions:

    This one’s great if you flip it upside-down. I also added a jewel, just for fun:

    Also, some belts can be adapted into crowns or tiaras, if you flip them upside-down and resize them a bit:

    I’m not going to post text files, since it should be fairly obvious how to copy these. If anyone wants more specific instructions, please let me know. All the items should be fairly easy to find.



    I just realised this actually belongs in Tips & Tricks rather than Custom Items. Could one of the moderators maybe move it over there for me, please?

    Edit: Thanks, JR. Cool

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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