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    State the name, emotion, color, oath, any weaknesses or special powers and even a origin and a symbol if you want! Here’s mine:

    Name/Color: Platinum Lantern Corps

    Emotion: Peace

    Origin: Some Lanterns from the Green, Blue and Indigo Lantern Corps, along with
    a few Guardians from the BL’s and GL’s, came together once to create a new
    Lantern Corp to help maintain order and justice. They combined the colors
    green, blue and indigo and the emotions of will, hope and compassion
    to get the Platinum power of Peace. The element was found, a battery was
    made and rings were forged. The Platinum Lantern Corp was formed. This Corp
    was not created to replace any other Lantern Corp and remains a friend and
    ally to the three Corps that helped create it.

    Oath: When hope burns bright through blackest night,
    No evil escapes our will’s sight,
    These combined with compassion’s might,
    Makes peace…Platinum’s light!

    Weaknesses: Although Peace is very strong due to it’s three components that
    create it, it is slightly weak to Rage and Greed.

    Powers: A Platinum Lantern ring has the same powers as Blue, Green, and Indigo
    Lantern rings but is much stronger than any one alone. The three emotions
    combination makes it so it is practically invisible since the three
    support and strengthen each other so well.


    Sorry it was so long…and sorry the symbol was so big I made it on the computer so I couldn’t make it smaller.Embarassed


    Pink/Dancing Corps:

    History: A former Inigo Lantern, a Former White Lantern, former Blue Lantern and a Former Violet Lantern. They were dying. A student of a Dancing class saw them. He’d tried to help them but couldn’t. So all of the four rings came together by the dancer’s imagination.

    Emotion: Embarrassment
    Entity: Fox

    Weaknesses: Rage, Greed, Fear and Death.

    In stormy nights.
    In peaceful sights.
    No one is free from dancing knights.
    Those that tries get away when they see my dancing might.
    Prepare to face my power The Pink Lantern’s light!



    Gray Lanterns: The ‘Bardo’ Lanterns

    Bardo: The intermediate stage between life and death.

    Oath: ‘Let the White Lantern’s Light,
    and Black Lanterns Might,
    I am a Grey Lantern,
    Time to Fight!

    Power: Has the Same abilities as the White Lantern ring and Black Lantern rings, but It can Only Temporarily give the dead life only once. It runs off the power of the amount of dead(Black Lantern) and the amount of Lively(White Lantern). More Balance equals More Power.

    Amount Of Users: 1 witch is passed down. After one dies after a complete life filled with Compassion, Greed, Love, Will, Fear, Anger, And Hope. One has Become the Grey Lantern.


    Owen Martin

    This is my own lantern corps and story:


    In blackest night, in brightest day,
    Our joyful lantern leads our way.
    And if you doubt us, hear us say,
    “We will prove you wrong, okay!?”

    The joker stopped being a villain. Now he just sold laughing gas all over the universe, but his goons started experimenting on other emotional gases. So, their first try was “joy gas”, a huge success. They were shipping it to Ogatoo(Larfleeze wanted it) but there was something wrong with the ship transporting it. The ship broke in half, the half with the gas landing on Sector 3152’s planet Agarukk. It landed in a village that happened to have a green lantern in it, Alan Scott. He and the village members started feeling elated and joyful. Also, Alan’s ring turned blurple.

    Being the only lantern there, the village members elected Alan leader of the newly-created Blurple lantern corps. The villagers joined as well.

    Also, after the joy gas ‘accident’, the Joker decided not to try out any more gases.


    My Lantern and Oath:


    We possess the power of DETERMINATION
    Weaknesses:No weaknesses
    Almost the same as the Blue Lanterns (Hope)
    In brightest day, in darkest night,
    We are determined to make justice right,
    Whenever injustice catches our sight
    We are determined, to shine golden light.


    My Lantern and Oath:


    We possess the power of DETERMINATION
    Weaknesses:No weaknesses
    Almost the same as the Blue Lanterns (Hope)
    In brightest day, in darkest night,
    We are determined to make justice right,
    Whenever injustice catches our sight
    We are determined, to shine golden light.


    Elmer Carlfalk

    EMOTION: Suprise

    COLOR: Lime

    HOME PLANET: Niuturn

    PURPOSE: Just feel like causing mischief

    SPEACIAL ABILITIES/THINGS: Always know what enemies doesn’t expect them to do. has regular Citizens without rings on their planet. You have to be at most 20 meters from the ground to see all Buildings. The things the Lime Power Ring creates doesn’t make any noise ever.

    LAWS/RULES: A Lime Lantern can’t have a mate or Children. If they do, they get to choose whether they want to get thrown out in space, or get executed in front of the whole planet. If a lantern shows disrespect towards a civilian, his/her ring gets taken away. If a Lantern looses his/her ring, he/she won’t get a new one.

    SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Wielders have to be mischievous, or they can’t wield the ring. The ones that can’t will become citizens of Niuturn. The people who weren’t Green, Blue, or Indigo lanterns Before they were exiled are not allowed to be given a ring. These people will become citizens of Niuturn.


    In brightest day, in blackest night,

    Watch your back, so we don’t bite,

    We show no mercy, and not our light,

    Beware out there, Lime Lanterns Might!


    Once, one member from some of the lantern corps (Will, Hope and Passion) got exiled from their corps. They were dropped of at a vey far-away planet named Niuturn. When they had been there for about a year, they saw something crashing down in the distance. They Went to see what it was. It was some kind of rock. Something about it made them want to crack it open. And they did. Inside they saw Three blank lime-green rings and something that looked kind of like a Power battery. They put the rings on. And instantly the rings transformed into what looked like lime green Power rings. They felt like they had to go cause mischief out in the galaxy. So they were off. Almost every time they got back from a trip they saw that more people were coming to Niuturn. They stole a bunch of Power rings without any Power from the corps and gave it to the people of their own planet. When they were in battle, they just got in, suprised one or two of their opponents, and deafeating them, and then drawing back. And they repeated that all the time. So the  Lime Lanterns were first some exiled lanterns from seperate corps, and their prison had become their home.


    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Is this text long?



    Elmer Carlfalk

    EMOTION: Hatred

    COLOR: Tangerine

    HOME PLANET: Vuwhars

    PURPOSE: Hates and fears Everything in the universe, except his/her own ring

    SPECIAL ABILITIES/THINGS: Can disable red, orange and yellow Power rings for a short while. Can see which lanterns want to join their corp.

    SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: has to be from red, orange, or sinestro corps.


    In saddest day, or maddest night,

    We’ll bring you down, and show you our light,

    Through anger, greed and fear, wee’ll bring you a fight,

    Kneel Before, our Powers might!


    When the entities Parallax (fear), The Butcher (rage) and Ophidian (greed) came to the universe, they each lost a very small piece of their bodies. These pieces fell through space until they landed on Three different planets named Munov, Deulia, and Scaetis. After many millenium, the Three planets collided and created Vuwhars, a planet made only by solidified lava. When the planets collided, so did the parts of the entities. They created a tangerine rock the size of a small asterioid. The rock was called The Paratchian rock. Then about a Century later, a Koruagrian with the name Phril Sinthadan (I am terible with names) came to Vuwhars. He already wielded a red lantern ring, but decided to try to put som of the paratchian rock on his ring, and what came was unexpected. He suddenly felt even more angry than Before, and started taking the other lanterns as an even bigger threat, and feared Everything but his ring and the planet he was on. After some years jhad passed by, some red lanterns from Ysmault, came looking for him. He was afraid, but filled with determination and rage. And managed to take all Three down fairly easily. But he copuldn’t bring himself to kill them. He knew he couldn’t survive alone forever, so he told them that they could choose between joining him or dying. Two of them wanted to join him, but the tird didn’t. So he killed him. And that was how the Tangerine Lantern corps grew. lanterns from red, orange, and Sinestro corps started disappearing  nad most of them joined the tangerine lantern corps.

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