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    Did any body else watch Comicbook Men on AMC last night? I don't think I have seen any of Kevin Smiths movies, but I'm liking the show so far. I saw a review that called it the “Pawn Stars” for nerds, which does fit it some what. I do like the part where they talk comic stuff with each other. Don't really care all that much for the dogging each other and the customers, but I'll deal with it for the comic talk. Bring me back to the days when I would get into talking about comics. I like the information they are putting out about comics and other stuff. When I sold off all 2000+ of my comics, it sadden me to see them go, but more so the price I got for them. Just goes to show you that your value for something may differ from other peoples. I hope the show stays for a while. I hope it don't go bad like some of the shows out there.Laugh

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