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    I thought London Fog would make a good comic cover.

    GF is for Graphic Fantasies a company name I’ve had since 1980s?

    What do you think?


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    $4.00! …totally Β worth it



    Longdon? Is this a typo or a hint at something else?






    ^ lol



    Cool pic ! i want to know about Longdon ,was it a mistake ? or on purpose ?



    head desk THUD!!!

    SO! Typo

    I mean there is probably a gay joke there, ad knowing me, but no .. it was my fat fingers and bad eyes.
    Will correct.
    Thanks for pointing it out so quick.

    Ummm errrr ahhhhhh I was seeing if you all were paying attention?



    Well it warms my heart so many stopped by today and got a laugh πŸ™‚

    I’d fire John as my proof reader, if I paid him anything LOL πŸ˜€

    Here is the corrected Cover.


    hope ya still think it’s worth the $4 πŸ™‚


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    Since I went Sci Fi/Noir for London Fog, I researched Noir, found out it’s not JUST what I thought it was.
    But decided I should start watching some Noir Movies.
    So finally, for the first time ever I watched the Maltese Falcon.
    I never avoided it, just never ran across it. But found a link, (Thanks John!) and watched it.
    I really liked it, and was surprised a young Peter Lorre was actually kinda cute back then.

    That was when I decided I wanted private detective Cyrus McCloud to have a receptionist .. ahem “assistant”
    So started building a Lorre-esqe guy.
    I wanted him to be a bit dapper, fastidious and slightly effeminant as Lorre’s character was.

    I personally think my HM3 character looks pretty darn handsome.
    He is in the office of McCloud Investigations.

    And even though Peter Lorre’s Joel Cairo was a criminal,
    I decided to pay him homage and named the character

    Lawrence Peters.


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    @Cliff- I just noticed you’ve spelt Edinburgh and Newcastle wrong on the Tate McCloud picture. Whoops.



    Thanks again JR, And I apologize for the error, the weatherman pic I used, was a bit small for my eyes, but I thought I had it right, I should have double checked with another source.

    Will correct after my post-dialysis nap.
    Pretty drained right now.

    If I have questions about England, do you mind if I ask you?
    And if it’s OK how would you prefer I ask, email, your Forum or mine, or something else … although no0t sure what that would be heh.



    @Cliff- Go for it. As for where, where-ever is convenient, I check the forums and my emails regularly.



    OK first things first
    Here is the corrected spellings for weatherman Tate McCloud’s map.
    Newcastle had just been a case of my fingers getting dyslesic, Edinburgh was just me being ignorant.


    AMS Aviator
    Everything is outstanding … but then it was AMS! So go figure. Bowing before the master!

    And can I just say I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’m on a Character Of The Week post! WOOT!
    And that wasn’t even the corrected map!
    Thanks JR! Glad ya liked it!
    And what distinguised company to be in too!!

    Geno- Haunted
    OK not even counting the spooky atmospheric vibe there.
    The pose just had me checking it out, those side by side sneakers … NOT easy to do in HM3 and make them look right. added with the hair covering the face, the arm and knees, AND the monsters in the dark and of course said dark, and nice creepy work there.

    Linea24- Story Lyric and Flower Lyric
    and I love the colors, and I can see them without trying to strain to look, always a plus for me.

    MadJack- Fighting Yank
    Very kewl patriotic hero and kewl update.

    Skoul- Starchild
    Another star themed patriot, clean and simple design, kewl blue/red duality going there.

    Ubiquitous Pixel- Huntsmen Revamp
    Very kewl imposing/frightening look to him. I wish I could do clothes and metal that good. And of course the flaming head just makes my head explode! heh heh πŸ™‚

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    The planet Mercury is out of retrograde and has gone direct again! YEA!

    That means communication issues can straighten out, electronics can stop acting up, and legal snarls and unsnarl.

    The sale of our house was supposed to close on the 1st get the money and be out by the 12th or the buyers charged US $150 a day till we moved out,
    but due to them needing a paper from Wells Fargo saying it was paid and clear, we had to wait and wait and wait, and everyone kept asking when we were moving, my dialysis people, doctors, the buyers, the new apartment people, family and friends …
    And of course we can’t do anything till we close and get the cash,
    then we have to tell the apartment when we are coming, hire movers (We’ve been talking to them for weeks now), get the car in the shop to work on the transmission and AC, hire a rental car, tell dialysis when my last day here will be, call new dialysis clinic to set up treatments there, get the cat’s teeth fixed, pay off the old utlilties we didn’t pay last month thinking we would get paid on the 1st (we haven’t had running water since the 1st), get a new mattress for Bre (we aren’t taking our old one) get my hospital bed picked up and then call to get a new one in Sherman, buy a new couch, buy/rent a stackable washer and dryer,
    Bre had called and called and called Wells Fargo, been told the sale of the house in 2006 was out of their current computer system, yes somehow did know it was cleared, BUT needed to get the notifications from some mysterious place and would take 24-48 hours, that was two weeks ago.
    Bre talked to SO many different people, getting the run around. She had also been told that it took 24-72 hours, that it was being handled, that it had to go through there legal department so they wouldn’t be liable for anything the letter might say, the vice president of the company , if that was who she really was, said that she knew the woman who had the case and if she said it would be there this Friday, it would be there Friday, Mondy it STILL wasn’t there, then of course someone say “OH for them to get that it can take up to 30 days” “well why were we told we were to get it originally in 24-48 hours?” we don’t mind if we are told up front it takes a friggin month, but we someone says 2 days, someone somewhere had not got it together.

    Today Mercury went direct, and lo and behold someone said they would send it before the day closed and by 3PM the sellers had the email saying the house was free and clear to close.
    SO! got a friend from Jack In The Box (my fave pre-dialysis breakfast spot) who said she would come over Saturday and help bring boxes from the back 2 rooms, another friend Jeff is coming over Sunday to help box and pack, Monday we close on the house, and Wed we MOVE!!!!!

    If anyone read all that, you are a HUGE masochist!
    But you deserve a pat on the back.
    Or a spank on the butt,
    if you really are a masochist. πŸ˜€



    Here is Cyrus McClound/London Fog’s maternal grandfather who he lived with after his parents Tate and Wendy McCloud were murdered.

    Admittedly he has a vague Sydney Greenstreet (Maltese Falcon) vibe going on,
    but once again as a good guy.

    Capt Cyrus Gale.


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