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    Hi everyone,

    Now I realise the majority of HM creators – certainly the most visible members – are from the (geo)cultural West, especially from the USA and Canada, but also Western Europe (e.g. the UK, Germany, Luxembourg) and the Pacific. And that’s all fine and dandy, but there comes a time when, as a diehard geek hidden in plain sight within your typical philistine community, you wish you actually had some like-minded fellows around that you could actually spend some quality time with — say, grab drinks with, check out cool places with, or who knows what else 🙂

    So I figured I oughtta head straight to the source and try to see if there were any geographically close buddies I could find. I’m Romanian myself, and, except maybe for ExtremelyEpic, I haven’t seen too many of my countrypeople around (which is a shame, coz we’re a creative lot, in most cases), and I can only remember Tarkabarka/Harlequin/etc. being Hungarian. As for anyone else in this part of the world, my mind is just drawing blanks (even though there’s talk of a sizeable HM Russian-speaking community somewhere on the internet). So this shout-out goes to everyone in Europe – especially those in the central and eastern parts thereof – let’s say hi and try to get to know one another 🙂

    (obviously everyone else can comment and say hi, too 🙂 This ain’t the Cold War anymore *cough* not officially, anyway 😀 )


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