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    Hey guys, JR here.
    I’ve opened up this thread because I’m rapidly running out of good ideas for themes for the blog character design contests. I think I’ve got themes for 3 more contests, and personally I don’t think they are all that great if I’m honest.
    SO! What I’m gonna do, is let you guys suggest topics that you want to see. I’m open to any suggestions, provide they stick within the blog and forum rules (i.e. nothing that could infringe copyright etc.). If we don’t get any suggestions, I’m gonna have to go back to the earliest contests Jeff hosted back in the mists of time and let people have a go at those themes again. I mean, if you’d prefer me to do that until I can think of some new ideas, then leave that as a suggestion, but at the moment the future of the CDC’s is in your hands.
    JR out.



    Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with repeating themes for the CDC. First there are people here now that were not here when the original versions of those contests were held, and secondly since most people are constantly improving in skill with the program and the program itself improving and evolving as more and more new items are added makes revisiting old contest ideas that allows the new skill/people/and items to shine.



    Always loved the public domain challenges – sometimes they even had a theme ie: fire based powers.



    I’m with djuby, public domain is a good route to go. Also, you could get a name from a random superhero character name generator and we build a hero based on that name. One last idea, I don’t think you’ve done a magic based hero; although, even if you have, there’s nothing wrong with repeating contests.



    True, the “create a character with this name” contest sounds real good.



    I’ve been brainstorming for a little while. Since I haven’t been along for that long so some of these suggestions may have already been done. Others might be violently stupid.

    Priests and priestesses:
    Clerics, preachers, schamans, lamas et cetera. Of real or fictional religions.

    Abstract or surreal stuff.

    Stetsons, sixshooters and straight whisky!

    Film Noir:
    Detectives, femmes fatale and contrasts like chocolate pudding on a cotton pillowcase.

    Cavemen, lost civilizations, ancient myths, mammoths battling dinosaurs… big clubs. You get the picture.

    Historical person:
    Take some cool guy or gal from history and immortalize them.

    Go nuts with gears, hats, goggles, soot and fabulous facial hair.

    A treasure map, a futuristic GPS, a sea chart showing exactly where the dragons are wont to be.

    Show us an epic battle between two brave combatants!

    In the deep jungles of the world there are… well, a lot of cool things. Pick one!

    Make us laugh!

    Creepy crawlies:
    Spiders, fireants, giant crabs. As long as it’s got its skeleton on the outside, it’s all good.

    Self portraits:
    Make yourself!

    Whip up something delicious!


    Summer/Autumn/Winter/ Spring is here! Give us something that screams of the long-awaited season.

    A motorcycle, perhaps? A spaceship? A motorcycle ramping a spaceship?

    Create a character who is completely bananas.

    Characters capable of aviation. Bonus points if the method of flight is creative.

    Blow stuff up!
    … Yeah, I ran out of ideas.



    Ok guys, I want your suggestions for this again. I’ve had a few suggestions from various people but, whilst they sound cool, I’m not sure how feasible they would be, so I want to quickly;

    a) hear your guys ideas for future contests and

    b) run two of the ideas by you guys to see if you have any ideas on how they could be made to work. The first idea was one left on one of the Geek Quizzes and suggested doing a Video Game themed CDC. Obviously we can’t do actual video game characters, but we could do a “create your own video game” style CDC, but then what would the requirements and stipulations be? The other was suggested by Iscarioto and it was to have a Action Figure CDC. Again the idea is cool, but what would it entail?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    JR out.



    I’ve looked through past contest when I first got here(to HM), jewelery struck me as a great idea…




    I was shooting some ideas by AMS… something we could do to make HM a little more interesting. I brought up a 3 Item Set challenge. (Users make their best whatnot using only 3 “subcategories”) I’m not sure how less skilled folks would feel about this, but at the same time it should neutralize the playing field so everyone might have a chance.

    I was contemplating also some kind of Reference pic challenge where everyone would try to recreate the same thing. Kinda like art class. 😛 Not sure on the specifics.

    You could also find someone good at posing and get .txt for a base figure everyone could decorate.   That’s all I got right now… Now that I know you’re looking for ideas I’ll keep my mind open for something better.



    Hey I can’t believe I didn’t notice this earlier, but I have a suggestion. My idea is similar to Nug’s final suggestion. Start a picture and then post the text for us to finish. I’m not sure quite how it would work but I thought I would suggest it anyway.

    Well I do have an idea of how it could work, but it would require a whole new kind of CDC.

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