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    This is just a place for me to store images for contests and the like. I do not mind if you comment, critique, or whatnot, just kindly keep in mind that this is a photo gallery. 😉


    Intended for the Element’s Contest.

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    I hope you have fun here =D



    Welcome Butterfly,

    I love your Gaia.

    I like how the long hair on her right and the off the shoulder toga counters her left covered shoulder

    And her plus size body with it’s curses is perfect for an earth goddess. Good work.




    Welcome to the forums!

    I like Gaia, she just perfectly represents what nature is, and how human representation of nature should look like. Here is (+1) for her.

    Hoping to see more of your creations!


    Intended for the “Alien Landscape” pop quiz.

    Not my best work, I admit. However the tight timing (12 hours to complete and having people coming to stay) and intense lag I experienced was a bit of a contributing factor.

    Anyway, lore time:

    Resrum (Rez-er-um) is a distant planet in the far reaches of our galaxy. It is a lush, rich environment whose landscape is comprised of many bright colors and intriguing places. Pictured here is the Emerald Lagoon, with the top of the Silver Glade in the background.

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    Intended for the Character Design Challenge.

    All required items are used, though not in typical form–it may take some searching to find them. (Locations posted at bottom)


    Morpheus, Lord of Dreams and Reality, has the ability to bend one’s perception in any way he chooses; he is not actually able to alter reality, as much as he boasts that he is. His hat contains a mirror that is able to reflect one’s thoughts, allowing Morpheus to project one’s worst nightmare; his necklace holds his favorite alterations of victims’ psyche; and his pocket-watch ticks down the seconds until a victim succumbs to insanity. He is cruel and calculating, but surprisingly sassy.

    (Chestpiece is hidden in the mirror; the polearm topper is his necklace; and the hair braid is the chain of his pocket-watch)

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    For the Character Design Challenge: “La Luz del Sol”.

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    A few entries for “Classic with a Twist”. Man, I really had to restrain myself; re-designing Death is something I love to do. First up is a supervillian I’d created ages ago, Reaper, who was created around the death motif. He can manipulate one’s mind to create hallucinations that are indistinguishable from reality, which he utilizes for various horrendous schemes. Reaper used his ability to keep his family ignorant and docile, though his daughter eventually figured out something wasn’t quite right. Long story short, he’s a despicable bastard (but I love him anyway).

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    Next is Captain Death, or Retirement Grimmy. Sick of all the mortals pleading for a longer life, Death hung up his robe and took to the seas. Now he takes the lives of the dying for fun and enjoys his much larger (albeit ill-gotten) salary.

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    And last but not least, Lady Death. Lady Death monitors the hourglasses of the living while her brother, the Grim Reaper, goes out and collects their souls.

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    Frank Douglas

    I wanna store the images that you shared. return man 3


    Frank Douglas: I am honored, but would prefer my images to stay on my computer and on this site. I have had a long history of finding my content reposted by people who fail to credit me as the author (or even claim to be the author themselves!) and wish not to risk becoming entangled in another six-year-long battle to reclaim my content. ❤


    Entry 1 for the Character Design Challenge.

    This is based off of one of my favorite fairy tales, Story of a Mother (by Hans Christian Anderson). It begins with a mother tending to her
    sick infant (whose sex changes depending on the retelling, as the original did
    not specify its sex). She falls asleep and awakens to find that Death has
    stolen her child away. She sacrifices much of herself to get her child back
    (bleeds for the brambles blocking her path, trades her eyes for safe passage
    across a lake,  and gives Death’s
    groundskeeper her hair so she may enter), and finally arrives at Death’s
    greenhouse, where each life is represented as a plant. She takes two plants
    hostage, pleading for Death to return her baby; Death reveals that one of the
    plants she is holding is the life of her child. Death returns the mother’s
    eyes, which he found in the lake, and shows her the lives in store for the two
    plants, one a horrible existence, the other a life of luxury. The mother concedes
    to let Death take her baby. In some versions, the story ends there. But in the
    version I prefer, Death takes the mother as well, as a gift for her
    selflessness, so that she may stay with her child in eternity.

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    Entry 2 for the same challenge.

    This is my take on Rumpelstiltskin. In my reimagining, Rumpelstiltskin is a man who was cursed. In his original life, he was unfaithful to his wife and spent what little earnings he had. As this is a time when women are property and divorce is seen as a defilement of the holy act of matrimony, his wife was stuck with putting up with him. However, she hears of a hag who lives in the forest and is thought to be a witch. So, off she treks to find this hag, spilling her troubles over a cup of tea upon finding her. The witch is a bitter old crone who takes sympathy with the wife’s plight and curses her husband, trapping him in a horrible impish state and rebranding him with a name solvable only by a riddle. Rumpelstiltskin is forced to serve needy girls until one of them gives him the correct answer (or if he and a girl mutually fall in love).
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