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    This is where I’ll post some of the bad movie title mash-ups and bad movie concepts I’ve come up with.
    Most of my posts will consist of only one line (with the exception of this one), and feature only the title and, optionally, the cast of the proposed fake movie.
    To kick this topic off in honor of the ABC network’s upcoming “Shark Tank Week,” I’ll start with a mash-up of all the SyFy Channel Original Shark Movies out there.

    *Takes a deep breath*

    Mega Two-Headed Ghost Sharktopus-nado Attack In Venice



    This one was inspired by an old MTV Movie Awards skit:
    Spider-Ham, starring Jack Black as Spider-Ham and Bob the Money-Tree Caterpillar as Scorpion



    @Timedrop23 said:

    This one was inspired by an old MTV Movie Awards skit:
    Spider-Ham, starring Jack Black as Spider-Ham and Bob the Money-Tree Caterpillar as Scorpion

    Hate to break it to you, but it wasn’t just an old Jack Black skit, it was actually a Marvel comic from the 70’s: Peter Porker is Spider-Ham. It was a funny animal- superhero crossover thing.



    @JR19759: I knew about the Spider-Ham comic book before writing that. Didn’t say the movie concepts were my own original material. Just that at random points in my life, I’ve spat things into the computer via my fingertips that I hoped were so ridiculous that they would never, ever, ever, etc. happen outside my brain. Speaking of, read this….

    OK, I lied about the whole one-liner thing. The following is a bit of a display of psychic power on my part. If you go back through Yahoo! Groups (does anyone use that anymore? Does it even work like it used to? Probably not), you will find that on December 2, 2004, I wrote this as an addendum to my critical preview of the horrendous sequel, Son Of the Mask:

    Terminator 4: Rise of the Washed-Up Action Stars With No Personality starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, Jean-Claude VanDamme, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Vin Deisel, Patrick Swayze, Jesse Ventura, and Ben Affleck.

    If you don’t recognize the concept, it’s the 2011 action movie flop The Expendables. True, Van Damme and Norris didn’t sign on until The Expendables 2 and I missed the mark completely on Deisel, Swayze (RIP), Ventura, and Affleck, but that still makes my Psych skillz twice as awesome (and seven years in advance, too).

    I also singled out So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 winner Melanie at her first audition.

    Don’t fear, folks. Like Lady Gaga, I was born this way.



    The Bourne Ad Nauseum, starring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Kevin Smith (to be followed by the epic crossover, Batman VS Bluntman: Revenge of the Chronic)



    A few hours ago, I posted a comment on the latest “What Were They Thinking” article, giving a list of Amalgam Comics characters I think they missed out on. Since this is a mash-up thread, I thought I’d post it here so I can expand the list as more ideas come to me. So here again (with more ideas) are the characters they missed out on Amalgamating that would’ve been cool (or not), and a few I’ve found have already been done but needed better names:
    Songbird – Black Canary & Mockingbird
    Redbird – Robin & Mockingbird
    Solomon Verde – Grundy & Hulk (“Grulk Crash!”)
    Fantastic Plastic Man – Plastic Man & Mr. Fantastic
    Zatanna Maximof – Zatanna Zatara & Scarlet Witch
    Arrowhawk – Green Arrow & Hawkeye
    Iron Eagle – Hawkman & Ironman
    The Master – Sportsmaster & Taskmaster
    Chance – Roulette & Domino
    F.I.V.E. – A.M.A.Z.O., Brainiac, and Ultron 5
    Night Vision – Batman & Vision
    Vulcan – Thor & Steel
    White Martian – Miss Martian & Emma Frost
    Crimson Storm – Red Tornado, Crimson Dynamo, & Whirlwind
    King Kobra – Kobra & King Cobra
    White Tigress – White Tiger (Ava Ayala) & Tigress (Artemis Crock)
    Wild Panther – Wildcat & Black Panther
    Nighthunter – Nightwing & Falcon
    Spider – Black Spider & Spider-Man (since both were voiced by Josh Keaton in Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man respectively)
    Fearmonger – Scarecrow & Hatemonger
    Fatale – Catwoman & Black Widow
    Cheshire Cat – Cheshire & Black Cat
    The Particle – Atom & Ant-Man
    Super-Scarab – Black Beetle & Super-Skrull
    Marvel Girl – Supergirl (Linda Danvers) & Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    Touch – Parasite & Rogue
    Venosite – Parasite & Venom
    Victor Cage – Cyborg & Power Man
    The Killing Joke – The Joker & Deadpool
    Lethal Lizard – Killer Crock & The Lizard



    More Amalgam characters for you:
    Hymlocke – Poison Ivy & Psylocke
    Ultraman – Ultraman (anti-Superman) & Ultraman (Ultraforce)
    Laughing Goblin – Joker & Hobgoblin (since they were both voiced by Mark Hamill in the ’90s)
    Heracles – DC & Marvel Universe Hercules’
    Rescue Bird – Hawkgirl & Pepper Potts
    Beast-Boy – Beast Boy & Beast
    Claything – Clayface & The Thing
    Dr. Victor von Fries – Mister Freeze & Doctor Doom



    Amalgam List continued:
    Vein – Bane & Venom (he already uses a steroid called Venom, so why not pump the real thing through his body?)
    Fallen Son – Orion & Archangel
    Apokolips – Darkseid & Apocalypse
    Captain Proton – Captain Atom & Proteus
    Resistor – Guardian (Mal Duncan) & Shocker
    Shadocat – Shado & Kitty Pryde
    Thunderfist – Thundermind (The Great Ten) & Iron Fist
    Lady Deathstroke – Deathstroke the Terminator & Lady Deathstrike



    Madame Grave – Mercy Graves & Madame Viper
    Gamma Lantern Corps – Green Lantern Corps & The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.
    She-Lantern (Jennifer Hayden Walters) – Jade & She-Hulk
    Gamma Lantern (Bruce Rayner) – Kyle Rayner & The Hulk
    Atomic Lantern (Rick Jordan) – Hal Jordan & A-Bomb
    Red Lantern (Thaddeus Rrab) – Red Hulk (no Green Lantern counterpart, but serves as the father of Betty Rrab, an Amalgamation character as follows)
    Yellow She-Lantern (Betty Rrab) – Arisia Rrab & Betty Ross



    OK, back to bad movie titles….
    If you didn’t get enough bad acting, poorly structured opening credits sequences, made-for-TV 3d effects, unrealistic chase scenes, misused sound effects, and predictably shallow plot twists, you’ll love the latest fake sequel in the Die Hard series. But which should it be?

    Bruce Willis, Paul McCartney, Axl Rose, and Roger Moore in Die Hard 6: Live and Let Die Hard: The Musical


    Bruce Willis and Snoop Dogg in Die Hard 6: Let Sleeping Doggs Die Hard (Please For the Love Of God Because This Series Is Starting To Suck)


    Bruce Willis and Curtis “50Cent” Jackson in Die Hard 6: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Harder-er-est.

    You be the judge.



    Back to the Amalgam list for a pair of Gamma Corps villains:
    Sinistro – Sinestro & Mr. Sinister
    The Ringleader – The Leader (no DC counterpart, but has a power ring)



    More amalgamations:
    Super Metalloid – Metallo & Super Adaptoid
    Stinger – Bumblebee & Wasp

    And now I’ll do something I’ve been wanting to start a discussion about for awhile: Interesting symbiote hosts.
    Feel free to comment here with any characters in the Marvel (or DC) universe that you think would make interesting symbiote hosts and why. I’ll kick things off with my top favorite for being a symbiote host, Rogue.
    First of all, I think she’d look awesome (by which I mean sexy) in a Venom costume. I’m thinking something like the green-and-white goth version of Rogue from the Evolution cartoon but in black, with Rogue’s hair grown wild like the Scream symbiote’s.
    Power-wise is where the bonding gets interesting. Both Rogue and the symbiote race are capable of stealing and replicating the powers of those they touch. So would Rogue bond completely with the symbiote and become one herself? And why hasn’t Marvel addressed this possibility?



    Another amalgamation:
    Mxyzpossible Man = Mr. Mxyzptlk & Impossible Man

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