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    Hello, there, I am AvalancheMaster, and here you’ll can see my creations, mainly inspired by themes such as insanity and dreaming.

    Bear in mind that I do not enjoy creating characters as much as I enjoy creating a subtle landscape that can transmit a certain feeling. I prefer using less details as well.

    Also, I am quite new to the 3rd version of the HeroMachine, but I enjoy it a hell lot.

    To kick thread off, here’s a bleach landscape of Tsrnobog looming over a graveyard.




    Welcome to the forums. Be sure to read the rules, hope that you have a great stay here and have fun.


    Introducing Magh Danoz, a pirate captain in exile.



    Khan Kurban is vicious as any other centaur, and that’s why he rose as the heir of his father instead of his elder brother Karavel. He lost his arm in a fight between them two, but he replaced it with a golden blade.




    Nice stuff! I like the pirate captain, but closer inspection of the background reveals that the tree has no top! Surprised
    It doesn’t really look right, does it?


    Thank you! Indeed the tree is topless, but I do not intend to work on it anymore; not anytime soon.

    Here’s my submission for the weekly character contest. Bronsky could easily be called a working-class hero, if he didn’t hate the title. He worked at a foundry, before the civil war shattered his homeland. Rather than picking a gun and taking lives, he decided to save lives – especially from buildings and homes that have been bombarded. Behind the vicious tattoos and scary-looking bald head, Bronsky is a hearty man, who way beyond his 40s decided that there is more to a man than being a human – that you can always be a hero. No matter if you have supernatural powers and expensive gadgets or not.




    Great atmosphere on Bronsky! The shading works really well.


    In my opinion it still needs fixing, but enough hard work for a day.

    Here’s a little work with just black and white.




    B&W’s are always cool.


    Introducing a series of heroes, who do not possess supernatural powers or irrational gadgets (sorry, Iron Man), but rather are very skilful (and sometimes – rich).

    The first one of the crew is Marla Blade, your almost regular acrobat guy (or girl) Рonly that she can handle swords pretty damn well. Her last name is not an ironical coincidence. She was named Marla de Val̩e, but she changed it as she broke ties with her family. And what more suitable name than Blade, when you strike horror in the hearts of the criminals Рhorror AND steel?



    First, an update on Marla Blade, as she was really lacking shading.



    Next is her partner, BondaX.

    BondaX‘s real name is Jimmy Dent, a rather unimpressive one. When he decided to chase a career as a bounty hunter, he changed his name to mirror his liking of chains. He is fairly notorious for delivering his bounty alive and not seriously harmed, tough victims do suffer from psychological harassment (mainly because BondaX enjoys taunting his victims in a way that reflects their characteristics – or contrapasso, as Dante may name it.

    Marla is a close friend to him and they frequently work together, tough they quarrel a lot when it comes to leaving villains alive.




    If you need a doctor, make sure you don’t pick up Dwight Payne. He enjoys using laughing gas (hence the gas mask), and aims at collecting DNA samples from “patients”, so that he can clone them. However, he is not raising a clone army, as people might suspect. His goal is to conduct an experiment to check if there is a connection between cloned people similar to the one shared between identical twins. He believes that this might help in achieving scientific telekinesis.

    Of course, this means that he needs serious funding. He indeed receives funds from several organizations, but as he is outside the law for a long time, he finds a hard time finding equipment and resources. The solution?

    You can frequently read newspaper headlines about the Dwight Payne‘s last raid on a hospital or a research lab.

    Although Dwight Payne is quite vicious, he does not enjoy killing people. Still, he has already kidnapped 7 people to conduct his experiment.





    I love your shading, it’s so detailed! Cool


    Thank you! The shading of the bag is awful, though (But I really got no idea how to fix it, since the bag itself is awful for shading.)

    I forgot to credit GuyGenesis for the pose of Dwight Payne. Also, I think I’ll go without the front pipe, as he now directly breaths from his breasts.



    i love that!

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